Office Chair Sourcing And Buying Guide

Numerous ergonomics studies have been conducted, and it has been demonstrated that a supporting office chair boosts output and maximizes the efficiency of an organization. On the other side, a poor office chair can induce back pain, leg discomfort, and carpal tunnel syndrome, all of which can result in missed work time and a consequent decline in productivity. Moreover, it is significant to purchase the chairs as per the business requirement.   

This office chair buying guide will help in getting an in-depth idea about the various kind of chairs and their importance in a business set-up, and how you can help your customers to provide the best office chair.

What Is An Office Chair? 

Leather Swivel Office Chair
Source: Keekea

An office chair, also considered a desk chair, is mainly placed along with the desk to create a perfect and comfortable working environment in an office. It is typically a swivel chair with wheels for mobility and an adjustable height. 

The wheels of those chairs will allow workers to remain seated while reaching a variety of positions inside their workspace. Further saving both time and energy.

Therefore, it can be said that the office chairs were purposefully built in order to boost the productivity of clerical employees by allowing them to sit at their desks for extended periods of time. Revolving chairs are a more modern version of this concept that allows for a more relaxing work environment.

Why is a Good Chair Important?

Black Leather Boss Office Chair
Source: Keekea

A good office chair manufacturer offers several advantages beyond just reducing back pain. A strong, supportive office chair eliminates weariness and discomfort caused by sitting in the same chair for long periods of time.

According to studies, individuals who are comfortable at work are more productive and help to foster a more favorable workplace culture. Finally, having the proper, comfy office chair decreases the number of breaks the employee may need to take owing to the discomfort.

What Makes A Good Office Chair?  

Curved Mesh Office Chair
Source: Keekea

There are certain features that make a chair perfect for official purposes. Some of them have been mentioned below. 

Ergonomic Features: A good office chair will feature lower back support. Some of the better ones will even have lumbar support that can be adjusted to accommodate the user’s lower back. This is crucial to avoid back pain that could intensify and develop into sciatica, a potentially crippling ailment.

Wheel Base: All office chairs have a wheelbase. However, if the office is carpeted, it may be required to purchase a chair with carpet-specific wheels. Keekea is known for its rolling chairs that help in avoiding tension caused by reaching across a desk to get items that are out of reach. Thanks to Keekea’s precise and custom manufacturing, their chairs offer a practical and comfortable application in offices where employees have to sit for hours. 

Swivel Base: To give easy access to various portions of the desk, all office chairs should rotate freely. An ideal office chair can avoid arm fatigue that could come from overextending to reach various items if the chair cannot swivel freely.

Adjustability: Lumbar support, arm breadth and height, seat back width and height, back angle, and tension management are significant elements that should be customizable. Many of the supports are dial-controlled, but others use a hand-held bulb pump, akin to a blood pressure cuff pump. Without the adjustability feature, the body can find it difficult to maintain a good posture, leading to spine problems. 

Style Design: To prevent the chair from getting warm and uncomfortable after several hours of sitting in it, the fabric should be breathable. It should also have enough padding to support the user without allowing them to feel the chair’s frame through the cushion.

Seat Materials: Strong, long-lasting material is required for a decent chair. Additionally, the seat and back should have enough padding, particularly where the lower back contacts the chair. The greatest materials are those that can breathe and release heat and moisture.

Swivel chair gas spring: Work is more comfortable on a swivel chair with gas springs. As it has adjustable height and softly takes the weight of the occupant. It consists of a pressure tube as well as a guiding tube.

Tilt Control: Tilt control allows the employee to sit in an upright position. It helps the employee to type on the keyboard. Its reclining position also allows the employee to sit comfortably while resting his spine. An employee can also put down the chair and lie on it for maximum comfort.

Seat Dimension: Seat Dimension typically enables the employee to know the length and breadth of the chair. And proper dimensions are extremely crucial for the employee’s comfort. This as a result gives an idea about how the employee can utilize the space at his will, and provide maximum comfort to employees.

Types of Office Chairs

1. Ergonomic Office Chair

Ergonomic Executive Reclining Computer Chair
Source: Keekea

Ergonomic chairs are created specifically to promote a neutral posture. A trustworthy ergonomic office chair factory, such as Keekea offers high-quality office chairs that provide adequate support while workers spend long hours at the office. Even though they are slightly more expensive than other types of office chairs, it is worth purchasing since it ends up saving more money over time. 

It is also designed with the goal of preventing conditions like cervical spondylosis, back discomfort, bad posture, and poor blood circulation.

Ergon, the original ergonomic chair, was created in 1976 by William Stumpf. It was created with the intention of giving support and comfort, unlike other office chairs of the time. It included features such as height adjustability and spine support.

Features of Ergonomic Chairs :

  • Lumbar support
  • Adjustable headrest, armrests, and seat height
  • Easy swiveling
  • Stable base
  • Padded seat and back
  • Sliding seat pan
  • Adjustable tilt tension and lock

Why businesses can invest in this type of office chair?

  • Enhanced Productivity: Ergonomically designed and comfy can have a significant impact on user happiness and productivity.
  • Reduce Pain:  Lower back and neck discomfort are two of the most prevalent types of body symptoms experienced by most individuals. These chairs are so designed that they reduce body pain. 
  • Posture Support: After spending hours sitting in one place, posture is the one thing that needs to be concerned about. These chairs provide an upright position while sitting, thereby leading to a better posture. 

Keekea’s Ergonomic office chairs have comfortable seats. The height of the seats is easily adjustable. Before selling, the gas lift has been checked several times. The ergonomic chair makes one feel confident as the chair improves posture.  

2. Task Chair 

Task Chairs
Source: Keekea

A task chair is made primarily for performing all kinds of office-related duties. This includes reading, talking on the phone, and using a computer. Task chairs are often more compact and lighter than office chairs, making them perfect for confined spaces. A task chair typically has adjustable armrests and height to provide the best support in any position. One can request an OEM task chair with the business’s branding information, as per the desired needs of the brand.

Features of Task Chairs:

  • Adjustable height
  • Adjustable tilt
  • Adjustable armrests
  • Lumbar support
  • Swivel base

Why businesses can invest in this type of office chair?

  • Improves Physical Health: Task chairs are any day more comfortable than traditional chairs. It reduces neck and back problems. It is also very comfortable.
  • Boost Productivity: Task chairs reduce muscle fatigue and increase productivity. It is also a huge stress reliever. The task chair cost is not a significant factor in front of the benefits it provides.

Keekea’s task chair has high-quality PU leather fabric. It has high-density thick foam, It is at the same time comfortable and has good elasticity. It also has easily adjustable seat heights.

3. Executive Office Chair

Modern Executive Computer Desk Chair
Source: Keekea

The executive chair is typically the most sumptuous of the numerous sorts of workplace chairs. The executive chairs manufacturer produces chairs that are typically utilized by higher-ups, as their name suggests. 

It has a high back, plenty of cushioning in the back, seat, and headrest, and is often built of excellent materials such as fine wood and genuine leather. Executive chairs are also ideal for big and tall staff.

Nowadays, the distinction between ergonomic and other types of workplace chairs is frequently blurred. Executive chairs typically have overstuffed seats, heavily cushioned armrests, and PU or genuine leather upholstery. Some even include amenities such as a recline function or a massage head.

Features of Executive Office Chairs:

  • PU or real leather material
  • Thickly padded armrests
  • Wood finish
  • Waterfall edge
  • Thick contoured or layered cushions

Why businesses can invest in this type of office chair?

  • Improves Health: Sitting all day might have detrimental effects on one’s health. This is due to the fact that prolonged sitting can decrease blood and oxygen flow, especially if adequate posture is not used. Thus, these chairs alleviate such problems and improve health.
  • Increase Attention Span: The greatest executive office chairs may even aid in boosting workers’ concentration and focus levels. It as a result helps in the growth of even small businesses.
  • Work Longer Hours: The most comfortable executive office chairs will allow employees to work longer hours.

Keekea’s Executive office chair has a curved backrest and the angle of the backrest is adjustable. Executives benefit from executive office chairs in terms of personal wellness.

4. Home Office Chair

Leather Home Office Chair
Source: Keekea

A properly established home office is crucial for long-term health and well-being. Unfortunately, the lack of necessary tools, such as a comfortable home office chair, desk, lighting, and monitor may adversely affect health. Home office chairs offer the user the highest level of comfort. It at the same time also increases blood circulation and reduces pain.

The home office chair is more important compared to an office chair because one will probably sit on the home office chair even after the work is completed.

Features of home office chair:

  • Height Adjustment
  • Backrest Angle Adjustment
  • Lumbar Support
  • Moulded Foam Seat
  • Headrest
  • Castors or Wheels

Why businesses can invest in this type of office chair?

  • Provides comfort: The home office chair will provide comfort and there will be minimum back problems. It prevents family members to put a strain on their lower body while getting up from this chair.
  • Reduction of Pressure on the hip: Without this home office chair, the pressure on the hips cannot be decreased. The main reason behind this is that typical chairs don’t have the right amount of seat depth to support the hips.

Keekea’s home office chair provides a breathable mesh back. It has an electroplate metal foot which is not easy to shake. It also has a graceful curve.

5. Office Visitors Chair

Visitor Chairs for Waiting Room
Source: Keekea

A supportive office visitor chair lets the spine slouch and relax.  As an office visitor chair manufacturer, Keekea produces chairs that are unique in design, encourages proper posture, offers good lower back support, and assists with back pain relief. This aids in keeping a person in a balanced position that keeps them awake and at ease.

Features of office visitor chair:

  • Better productivity
  • Support for the natural posture
  • Easy maintenance 

Reasons why Business Should Invest In Office Visitors chair:

  • Easy to Maintain: Office visitors’ chairs have a breathable air mask and it is made up of a soft cushion. It is easy to clean.
  • Optimum Safety: These seats are ideal for business needs for a variety of reasons. As the chairs have undergone laboratory testing and certification to provide the maximum level of user safety.

Keekea’s office visitors chair has a breathable air mask that allows the air to circulate. It has excellent durability and also has electroplate legs.

6. Conference Chairs

Conference room chair
Source: Keekea

The conference room is where a team brainstorms, key decisions are made, and guests are entertained. Conference chairs are typically constructed in a conference chair factory with a low or mid backrest to create a more open atmosphere and prevent obstructing people’s lines of sight. 

Contrary to typical office chairs, numerous conference chairs encourage a forward-leaning posture by tilting the seat forward a bit. This is done to entice attendees to contribute to the conference and participate.

Features of conference room chairs:

  • Adjustable seat height
  • Low or mid-height backrest
  • Forward leaning chair
  • Adjustable tilt tension
  • Swivel
  • Nylon casters

Why businesses can invest in this type of office chair?

  • Injury Prevention: A conference chair eliminates the need for staff to stretch and strain during a meeting or conference. It is easy to unconsciously stretch and have a bad posture if they have trouble comfortably reaching the table. Each of these factors lowers the likelihood that employees will suffer long-term damage.
  • Comfort: Individual demands can be accommodated by adjusting the chair’s height, armrests, headrest angle, etc. The increased focus during meetings and presentations may be the outcome of improved comfort. This is why firms should spend money on ergonomic seats to lower health risks for their workers and guarantee improved job efficiency. 

Keekea has come up with another variety of Office Chair which is the Conference Chairs. It has lumbar support. Moreover is of very high quality with metal legs and electroplated parts to ensure quality.

7. Leather Office Chair

Leather Computer Office Chair
Source: Keekea

Leather office chairs are a subset of the executive office chair. As the name implies, these are any leather-covered office chairs. A leather office chair supplier oozes refinement and commands respect, but they are frequently more expensive than seats made of mesh, vinyl, or fabric. 

If you like the texture of leather but there’s not that much budget, the following two types of artificial leather may be the best alternative choice for you.

PU leather is often known as imitation leather. They are the least expensive of the three types of leather office chairs and are often fade-resistant, waterproof, easy to clean, and long-lasting.

Bonded leather, often known as reconstituted leather, is created by fusing leather leftovers with polyurethane. Compared to genuine leather, bonded leather peels and does not last as long. Direct sunlight should also be avoided as this can make it dry and fade.

Office chairs made of those artificial leather has the same elegant appearance as real leather chair. However, the cost of purchasing those chairs is much lower and all those products are eco-friendly.

Features of Leather Office Chair:

  • Provides comfort
  • Sturdy
  • Can be cleaned easily

Why businesses can invest in this type of office chair?

  • Helps Relieve Stress- Stress in the corporate sector is one of the most common factors. The material of the chair is so soft and fluffy that employees can lean back just to catch a breath and can relieve stress and tension.
  • Offers Better Quality: Office chairs made of leather appear stylish and stunning to visitors. Nowadays, Leather is processed in a way that makes it seem luxurious and prevents sagging and odor.
  • Comfortable: Another reason leather is appropriate for workplace chairs is that leather easily distributes heat and cold. As a result, they won’t be clingy or sticky like other materials used to build office chairs.

Keekea Leather Office chairs have thickly padded seats which provide comfort while sitting. The seat heights are easily adjustable. The gas lift has also been checked for reliability as well as with all safety measures.

8. Mesh Office Chairs

Flexible Mesh Office Chair
Source: Keekea

Mesh office chairs along with the office desks are the pinnacle of breathability, which makes them a fantastic option for someone who frequently perspires while working. The backrest, which is coated with this net-like fabric, is matched with cushioned seats for comfort. High-quality mesh office chairs are also ergonomically constructed, with features like waterfall edges for greater blood circulation and lumbar support to lessen lower back strain.

Features of Mesh office chairs:

  • Backrest Height 
  • Rich in style as it provides Low Back, Mid Back, and High Back
  • Adjustability
  • Rotatable

Why businesses can invest in this type of office chair?

  • Ventilation: Mesh office chair manufacturers while manufacturing the chairs keep the ventilation in consideration. It’s one of the key advantages. Office chairs with fabric or leather upholstery trap the body heat between the chair, leading to perspiration. 
  • Low Maintenance: Compared to chairs made of cloth, mesh chairs require relatively little upkeep and are much easier to wipe out. Additionally, since the material won’t discolor, less cleaning will be required overall. Increased airflow also has the added benefit of keeping body odor and sweat from seeping into the upholstery. 
  • Modern Style: Mesh desk chairs look fantastic with modern office furniture because of the elegant fabric that is commonly combined with chrome or molded plastic frame, providing a fashionable and modern appearance. 
  • Durability: These chairs’ densely woven mesh material is remarkably robust and long-lasting. Mesh will maintain its appearance and performance while padding and cloth will deteriorate over time. For the chair to meet the business demands, look for product guarantees on the fabric and chair mechanism.

Keekea’s Mesh Office Chairs are of a classic shape. It at the same time has a long-lasting structure and excellent durability. Like other chairs, the mesh chair from Keekea has adjustable seat height. If anyone sits on this chair then he can feel the comfort and softness of the spongy seats.

9. Swivel/Revolving Chair

Revolving Manager Office Chair
Source: Keekea 

A swivel or revolving chair is one with a single central leg that can revolve 360 degrees to the left or right. A revolving chair manufacturer makes chairs typically regarded as ergonomic since they are made in a way to offer the user the highest level of comfort. A chair can be purchased at a swivel office chair factory with a variety of specifications depending on the buyer’s usage and financial constraints.

Features of swivel or revolving chair:

  • Allows for flexible mobility
  • Prevents long-term lower back problems
  • Lightweight design
  • Small profile

Why businesses can invest in this type of office chair?

  • Posture Support: The posture won’t be a concern when sitting on a rotating chair for an extended period of time. Normal chairs, on the other hand, lack even the most basic ergonomic elements, making it impossible for them to support the back and cause them to lean forward.
  • Significant Reduction Of Backache: The majority of physical pain problems can be rectified with a rotating chair. Revolving ergonomic chairs have a different structural design than regular ones, which do not support prolonged periods of sitting.
  • Increased Productivity: It is simpler for employees to feel comfortable when a chair has numerous features, such as a revolving feature and other ergonomic features. Employee comfort and productivity are both increased.

Keekea’s Swivel/Revolving chair has thickly padded seats which are comfortable for office use. It is made up of premium quality durable leather. Most interestingly, it is easy to maintain as it has a fading resistance. 

Consideration Of Sourcing And Buying Office Chairs

Office chair for manager room
Source: Keekea

1. Pricing

Price is always the biggest issue if a chair has an unreasonable price tag. It won’t matter if it makes lofty claims about eliminating back pain and being indestructible. The idea here is to think about creating a budget, leaving some room for extras or unexpected charges from shipping or installation. It’s crucial to avoid taking the easy route and looking for something that will “do the job” for a few weeks before inexorably breaking down or causing pain.

An office chair is more than just a piece of furniture. Making the right investment can pay for itself by preventing accidents and withstanding daily use in a hectic office setting.

2. Features of Office Chairs 

Swivel Tilt: This function allows periodic body relocation. As several injuries arise when long-term incorrect positions are repeated, the swivel tilt eases back strain and enables fluid movement.

Lumbar Support: An added bonus, especially for chairs with many users is the availability of adjustable support in several chairs.

Sliding seat: This function is rarely found in mainstream stores, despite the fact that most women benefit from it. Women’s shorter legs compel them to lean forward in their seats, leaving their backs unsupported. The movable seat reduces seat depth and hence provides additional lumbar support.

Adjustable Height Arms: This enables the armrests to support the forearms and elbows. Numerous repetitive wrist and hand injuries can be prevented by appropriately positioning the elbow and, by extension, the wrist on the keyboard.

The chairs sourced from any supplier should have the above-mentioned features. Only then, the customers will be inclined to buy chairs from the business. 

3. Lead Time

The “lead time” specifies the time within which the purchase will be completed. Starting with the time the order is placed and ending with the delivery followed by the installation of the item at the buyer’s residence. This lead time varies ranging from 6 to 10 weeks. However, the overall manufacturing lead time is estimated to be 5 days and 4 hours for office chairs.

4. Qualities of Office Chairs 

Adjustability: A good office chair should be easily adjustable, allowing the user to tailor the chair to their specific needs. Although the degree of adjustment varies, armrests, chair backs, and chair heights should all generally be movable.

High Back: Office chairs are generally made with high backs so that people can rest their backs while working. This reduces back strain and at the same time provides comfort.

Cushioning: The cushioning is an important part of the office chair. As the user can sit comfortably and can move about a lot from its place.

5. Certificate

The Certified Chair Executive Program is a one-of-a-kind qualification that assists in the evaluation, implementation and chairing of advisory boards, executive committees, councils, panels, or board-level meetings. Having this certificate ensures that the chairs you get are of the best quality and in no way harm the hard-working employees that an office needs. 

Where To Buy Office Chairs?

Guest Reception Office Chair
Source: Keekea

Buying Office Chairs Online

There are numerous platforms online that are willing to showcase their unique collection of different types of office chairs. All the chairs displayed online deem to be comfortable and at the same time cost-effective. Furthermore, these office chairs offer various health benefits that will suit regular lives in the business world.

Furniture Trade Show

A Trade Show is a gathering of people from a specific industry where they can showcase, demonstrate and talk about their most recent goods and services. Major trade fairs typically span for several days. They are generally held in bigger cities and at the convention center. 

Consequently, numerous furniture trade shows are organized which serves as a great platform for wholesalers and manufacturers to interact and showcase the best of the products. 

Keekea: The One Stop Shop 

Keekea furniture also showcases a variety of office chairs that are unique and comfortable. Since employers work for a long period of time at the office, sitting at a stretch in the same position can lead to various health problems. But Keekea furniture has come up with different types of office chairs which have various health benefits as well.

As compared to other manufacturers, Keekea has added benefits such as a short lead time, certified products, customization, and best-suited applications. Keekea’s favorable geographic location gives access to branded, premium quality materials at affordable prices, which results in competitively priced furniture and quick manufacturing cycles. Connect with a Keekea associate today for a quotation!  


White Velvet Office Chair
Source: Keekea

Office chairs can play a significant role in productivity. Moreover, it creates an appropriate official setting for the business requirements. Hence, it’s important that as a business, you should source only the best quality office chairs for your customers.

At Keekea, you’ll get a variety of options and OEM/ODM facilities too. Contact Keekea now.

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