Chair Legs & Chair Bases

Stable Chair Base Suppliers

Providing strong support for the seat, our wholesale chair legs are built with durable materials that can hold any weight and maintain balance consistently. Through automatic machinery and careful craftsmanship, our chair legs are made easier to install and thus more reliable for use with any of our chair types.

With sleek design selections and advanced surface treatments, we customize our chair legs to entice the market and ensure their overall durability. In every stage of production, we examine every inch of our chair legs to avoid any defects and improve their overall performance.

Chair Leg & Base Wholesale Selection

Being the best chair base supplier, we offer a range of products in different styles to suit our clients. You are free to choose products in bulk and enjoy wholesale prices.

Strength in Every Feature

A keen crafting process helps us produce chair legs that can readily replace broken furniture parts while helping to reduce friction and increase the life span of any furniture. Through advanced metalwork and coating, we provide additional protection and support, such as anti-slip studs and other treatments, which improve balance and overall performance.

Metal chair legs
  • Stainless Steel Base

    Our bases come in gold, rose gold, and chromed colors.

  • Fine Paint

    Smooth, odorless coating is rich in layers.

  • Adjustable Footrests

    Footrests add comfort and prevent any noise on the floor.

  • Powder Coating

    We coat our chair legs to ensure sustainable, long-term use.

  • Stable Design

    Our table legs are tilted outward by 7°.

The Power of Your Ideas

Cost-Effective Customized Chair Legs

Decorating our metallic chair bases with refined protective coating attracts clients and informs them of the overall durability of our chair legs. Choose from a selection of color or material customizations to match them with your brand’s design preferences and increase customer loyalty.

When you are in need of new chair leg designs, you can consult with our experts, whose experience will guide you through the process. Find your footing with Keekea’s bespoke options and appeal to diversified market demands with brand-new, cutting-edge chair leg choices.

Reliable Chair Leg & Base Materials

Our material selection is meticulous to ensure we get the best in quality. We are located in an area with access to quality material that we incorporate in chair leg designs. Be confident in the product you are selling to your customers by ordering from us. We use quality materials such as;

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manufacturing painting 1

Professional Chair Leg & Base Production in Keekea’s Factory

As a leading chair legs manufacturer, we have invested in state-of-the-art machinery in our chair base factory to support manufacturing chair legs of all materials.


Our chair legs and bases undergo certain processes that render them effective in any setting, such as injection molding for plastic base production, woodwork for wooden legs & bases, and metal chair leg manufacturing. Welcome to visit our factory and work with us to supply quality chair legs. 

Making Every Order Count

Looking for ways to strengthen your supply of chair bases? Work with Keekea to get large-volume orders at affordable prices.

  • Accurate Manufacturing

    Manufacturing our chair bases from strong metal material, we design over 75,000 chair legs monthly and make sure to treat them with durable, anti-corrosion coating.

  • Tested and Refined Thoroughly

    While we check our materials to ensure consistent supply of quality resources, our laboratory checks the performance of our chair bases in various settings.

  • Quality Service

    After confirming your design choices, we provide fast samples and handle custom packaging to ensure easier delivery of your orders. Available at MOQ 100 pcs.

  • Ensuring a Short Lead Time

    We finish projects quickly because we have a team of experts with extensive experience in furniture design and lean manufacturing.

  • Profitable Chairs and Parts

    We are fortunate to be in a position where we have access to low-cost raw materials, allowing us to produce high-quality but economical office furniture.

  • One-stop Chair & Parts Solution

    We are a chair base factory equipped with cutting-edge machinery and expertise to offer you complete chair and chair parts solutions.

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