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Keekea is a pioneer in the creation of memorable experiences, with a wide range of stylish tables and chairs aimed at assisting brands in realizing their full potential. Keekea, as one of the leading residential furniture makers, provides chairs, tables, and stools that are mindfully designed to reflect a warm, comfortable atmosphere for any home. Through our customization choices and wide array of impeccable designs, we can match what the market is looking for.

Keekea works to offer the latest residential furniture by combining a world-class team of design professionals and years of experience. Our well-established service system allows us to make you feel at ease throughout the entire working process to ensure that you uphold your brand’s image.

Custom Residence Furniture for Dining Room & Living Room

Keekea has established the standard for sleek and stylish furniture. Every customized piece we create is a work of art created by our skilled craftsman. Keekea is a household name when it comes to producing modern and contemporary residential furniture.


Keekea offers custom design for various applications, styles, and details, which is a necessary consideration for residential decoration. Our design team and capabilities for OEM/ODM projects give us the ability to deliver perfection in just 40 days, even with bulk orders. 


We can supply the final solution for your residence furniture at Keekea. We produce bespoke furniture and luxury furniture for you, and we can meet your fit-out requirements.

plastic arm chairs for dining room

Various Options for Custom Residencial Tables and Chairs

Keekea is a popular high-end custom-made furniture manufacturer in China that offers various options for customized residential tables and chairs. The most significant advantage of purchasing customized furniture is, of course, the appearance and functionality of the furniture. These are the two main reasons why individuals seek out custom furniture makers such as ourselves. 


Keekea not only offers high-quality furniture but also unique products that help enhance your brand value. You can any one of these materials to customize your residential furniture:

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Your Trusted Residential Furniture Maker in China

Curious why Keekea is the trusted residential furniture maker in China? Well, below are the main reasons.

Quality Manufacturing In-House

Keekea's potential to exceed, rather than just meet, your expectations stems from the fact that it has passed the quality requirements of a number of reputable organizations.

Short Lead Time

Our global supply chain allows us to deliver customized bulk orders in only 40 days without compromising on quality.

Wholesale Prices

Keekea can get high-quality materials at a low cost and with exceptional speed and that helps us give reasonable prices to push your profit margins.

Wide Applications of Our Residential Furniture

Keekea’s residential furniture has various applications as listed below.

Living room Tables coffee Tables TDN110018 12

Living Room Furniture

Dining Room Furniture

Dining Room Furniture

Bedroom Furniture

Bedroom Furniture

Patio Furniture

Patio Furniture

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