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Dining-Focused Banquet Chair Manufacturer

Keekea banquet chairs come in a wide variety of styles and designs that appeal to wholesalers, distributors and retailers. With the dining experience in mind, our banquet chairs are professionally constructed from machinery and craftsmanship to fit restaurants, diners, and fast-food establishments. Each chair is made from quality PU/fabric and steel tubes for durable and luxurious qualities.

Thorough tests are done on all banquet chairs to ensure their strength, durability, and safety aspect. Keekea is also open to third-party auditors to provide an unbiased testing result as well as a test report on our chairs.

Quality-Built Banquet Chair

When creating high-grade banquet chairs, we ensure they are functional, stylish, and comfortable to make them appealing to businesses in the food industry. Utilizing our experience in the industry allows us to create chairs with a number of advantages.

Banquet Chairs Catalog

Red banquet chair
  • Heavy-Duty Construction

    This allows our chairs to handle daily usage in a heavy-traffic area.

  • Rubber Mat Footing

    Prevents floor scratches by covering any sharp surfaces on our banquet chairs.

  • Stylish Shell Fabric

    High-quality upholstery elevates the interior design of commercial dining spaces.

  • High-Grade Dining Chair Cloth

    Comes in a wide variety of colors to achieve various styles or interior atmospheres.

  • Quality Molded Foam

    The soft and ergonomic backrest provides a comfortable seating.

Bolstering Your Market Standing

Brand-Elevating Custom Banquet Chairs

Take the hassle out of finding a tailor-made banquet chair solution with our OEM/ODM services. Select from a wide array of finished products and add your personal touch too them, or select specific materials, shape, and size for your chair.

Do you have a specific concept in mind for niche audiences? Let us bring that concept to life with our full-customization service.

Top-Grade Business Benefits

Keekea can bolster your business through the added value of our quality banquet chairs and through various services such as our after-sales services.

  • Dependable Production Process

    Our fully equipped factory with qualified personnel allows us to create high-grade banquet chairs and to fulfill wholesale orders that meet your specifications.

  • Complete QC Process

    The quality management system we implemented throughout our production floor, including ironwork inspection and hardness performance, ensures your banquet chairs are delivered in excellent condition.

  • Client Oriented Services

    Fulfill your cafe & restaurant chair branding goals through our complete OEM/ODM services. We also offer an approachable MOQ of only 50 pieces for this type of chairs.

Versatile Application of Banquet Chairs

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