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OEM Fabric Chairs Factory in China

We at Keekea offer a range of custom upholstered chairs that embody the definition of ultimate sophistication and elegance, thanks to over a decade of experience and a staff of exceptionally skilled craftsmen. We provide luxury fabric chairs that are expertly crafted at our factory using cutting-edge technology and machinery, ensuring that the cloth chairs are durable enough to last longer and serve in every living room and dining area.

We offer our clients, such as wholesalers, furniture brand owners, importers, and project contractors, various customization options, and OEM services. Our professional sales team will walk you through the newest trends, materials, and color palettes to make the chairs complement the function or area they are intended for. 

As a veteran supplier in the production of custom upholstered chairs, we ensure that the chairs are of the best quality and have a long lifespan through different tests and processes. You can count on Keekea to strengthen your fabric chair supply chain in China.

Wholesale Upholstered Chairs Selection

When it comes to timeless elegance, Keekea has a wide selection of wholesale upholstered chairs in stunning designs and custom solutions for any wholesale or OEM needs.

Elaborate Fabric Chair Features

Depending on your purpose and target audience, we offer guidance and valuable insights to our clients and hear your ideas to create wholesale upholstered chairs that surpass your expectations. When it comes to fabric chairs, we offer the following options,

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  • Various Design Styles

    Fabric accent chairs in various styles such as modern, antique, and vintage of exceptional quality are available.

  • Wide Selection of Quality Fabric

    A wide range of high-quality fabrics are available, including velvet, linen, leather, vinyl, faux suede, tartan, and many others.

  • Comfortable Padded Seat

    Every chair's seat is meticulously crafted to provide maximum comfort.

  • Superior Chair Legs and Frames

    Made of high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship, the chairs' legs and frames are strong and long-lasting.

Versatile OEM Fabric Chairs

Custom Upholstered Chairs for Your Business Growth

Upholstered chairs are nice to sit in, rest in, and complement the background of any room in which they are put. Fabric chairs enhance the ambiance of every space, from residential to commercial.

We understand the sophistication and business benefits of upholstered chairs for wholesalers and businesses needing office chair solutions at Keekea. Clients only need to specify the design, purpose, material choice, and other customization options when using our OEM/ODM services. Our skilled staff will handle everything from start to finish.

Diverse Custom Options for Fabric Chair Design

If you were on a hunt for a versatile upholstered dining chairs manufacturer, you have arrived at the right destination. At Keekea, we provide a variety of customization options as well as expert guidance on how to manufacture fabric chairs that excel in both comfort and quality.

Our custom chairs are available with a range of choices, such as:


Our customers are free to select whatever color they prefer.

Chaur frame material choice:

Our selection of materials includes wood, metal (stainless steel, aluminum, iron), and plastic (PP, PET, PC, etc.). (ash, pine, MDF, elm, etc.).


Contemporary, modern, antique, vintage, etc.


Velvet, leather, linen, faux, etc.


We design chairs based on the size requirements provided by clients.

Custom logo

Printed logo representing your brand.

Professional Fabric Chair Factory: Quality Upholstery At Quantity

Our velvet chair factory is endowed with cutting-edge gear and a proficient craftsman crew that works diligently to ensure customized upholstered chairs of unrivaled quality, gorgeous designs, and optimal comfort.


We have innovative sewing equipment that can precisely sew intricate artistic designs and logo patterns on vast volumes of fabric chairs while ensuring a firm connection between the foam, fabric, and furniture.

Working with Keekea as your upholstered dining chair manufacturer allows you to have a fret-free fabric chair supply.

Nailing boards

Keekea’s Wholesale Upholstered Chairs Bring You Success

Customer satisfaction was, is, and always will be at the soul of Keekea. We carefully listen to our client’s preferences and ensure that they are perfectly incorporated into the production of high-quality upholstered chairs with the immaculate design, timeless style, and long-lasting sturdiness.

  • Experienced Upholstered Chair Manufacturing

    With over a decade of experience in the furniture manufacturing industry, we provide high-quality upholstered chairs that exude quality and fulfill all standards.

  • Strict Quality Management System

    The durability and quality of the chairs are thoroughly assessed through various quality tests to ensure that the chairs will appeal to your target audience.

  • One-stop OEM/ODM Services

    From design to manufacturing to completion, our skilled specialist teams ensure that the chairs are of the highest quality while remaining reasonably priced.

  • Short Lead Time

    Our skilled team of industry experts and craftsmen takes planning seriously and ensures that the chairs are completed in a timely manner. We need 40 days to skillfully construct excellent quality chairs for large orders.

  • Factory Wholesale Prices

    The materials for the chairs are sourced from high-quality suppliers at the most competitive costs, making it easier for you and us to provide high-quality chairs at the most competitive prices.

  • Detailed Project Follow-Up

    Our skilled team rigorously supervises each process of production to ensure that the finished product is of excellent quality and durability.

Practical Application of Our Fabric Chairs

The custom fabric chairs from Keekea are expertly and exquisitely made to complement indoor, outdoor, home, and business settings.

Upholstered Chair Blogs by Keekea

We are happy to share our insights in fabric chair design, production, and trends. Keekea is your trustworthy professional fabric chairs manufacturer.

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