Semi-Finished Product Inspection

Quality Table Tops, Tested and Inspected by Experts

Meeting your standards in table top durability, appearance, and function involves strict QC processes listed below. Keekea’s compliance with SGS, TUV, CE, REACH, and FSC standards ensures your table top bulk orders satisfy your target market’s demands.

A worker is touching the table

The dimension of the tabletop must be accurate to the design specifications.


Each tabletop surface is checked for scratches, scuffs, and defects.


The back must be relatively flat. We also ensure there are no cracks, burrs, defects, rust stains, and other flaws.


We test the sturdiness and durability of our tabletops with drop tests, which involve dropping a 160 pound object onto the furniture.


There must be enough packaging to prevent the table top from moving violently during transport. The packaging must also make the tabletop easy to load and unload.


Table Leg Inspection

All table legs for our tables are thoroughly checked for any flaws or defects that can bring down the aesthetic value of our furniture.

Stapling nail into the furniture
Frame Spray

The sprayed surface must be flat and free of impurities or defects such as scratches.


Inspectors check on the electroplating area condition for signs of flaws such as yellow, rusted, or pitted areas as well as leaks.

Steel Tube

Keekea ensure the leg’s size and tube wall thickness are consistent with the production specifications.


 Color of the iron pipe is checked if it matches your order requirement.

Wrapping Film

Inspections are done on the proper application of wrapping film on the table leg’s surface.


Chair Top Inspection

With our complete QC system, we ensure all of your chair tops meet SGS, TUV, CE, REACH, and FSC requirements for your target market.

Fabric Surface·

QC inspection ensure there are no stains, blisters, seepage, perforations, threading, jumpers, or uneven colors on the fabric surface.

PU Surface

All chair top PU surface are free of scratches, discoloration, perforations, marks, color difference, and odors when compared to a sample.

Stuffing and Filling

PU must be full and elastic while the symmetrical components have the right orientation.

Plastic Parts

Every plastic component of the chair top have a consistent surface texture and brightness. They must also be free of bubbles, watermarks, discoloration, and other deformities.

Seat Cover

Car lines and edges must be properly aligned and matched. Stitching lines should also be straight without any thread leakage, needle jumper, and other flaws.


Chair Frame Inspection

To meet market requirements, we thoroughly inspect any defects on our chair frames and ensure they work optimally for your market’s applications.

A worker is testing load-bearing capacity of a chair

We ensure there are no edges that can cut or cause injury when in contact with the human body


To prevent unevenness and distortion, we guarantee the overall shape, seat, back, and armrests are coordinated and symmetrical.

Armrest Boards

Made from wood, leather, plastic or other materials, the armrest board must be matched with its surface and avoid making the ends tilt.

Chair Legs Inspection

Since improving the condition of our chair legs enhances the strength and stability of our chairs, we carry out thorough inspections before packaging.


We prevent yellowing, scratches, rust, pinholes, mottling, decoating and other defects on the surface

Wrapping Film

The wrapping film is guaranteed complete.

Frame Spray

 Our inspections see to it that the spraying frame is flat and free from impurities and scratches


Our team checks the assembled chair by hand to ensure they are smooth and do not have any stubborn parts or welding slags.

Steel Tube

We check if the size of the leg and the thickness of the tube wall are consistent with the order

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