Chair Tops

Your Bespoke Chair Top Manufacturer

For quick assembly and replacements, check out our selection of chair tops made to match our line of chairs. Along with attentive manufacturing and testing, we offer and consider a wide array of options and develop your design ideas through our consultation process.

Before delivery, we test our chair tops for spots or corrosion to ensure they are safe for long-term use. Whether with upholstered soft fabric or PU covering or a sleek construction, our chair tops come with solid frames that provide support under constant usage. Our chair tops are available at MOQ 100 pcs.

Handy Features

To ensure easy assembly and disassembly of chair parts, we accurately produce chair tops that bring form to your designs. Conducting thorough testing also helps ensure our chair tops can meet all of your requirements before delivery.

Chair top
  • Customized Cushion

    We use fabric, PU velvet, or leather to provide maximum comfort.

  • Easy to Assemble

    A manual provides clear instructions for hassle-free installation.

  • Easy to Use

    With a stable structure, our chair tops retain great quality for long periods.

  • Long Service Life

    Anti-corrosion properties ensure our chair tops do not easily deform or crack.

  • Widely-Applied

    Our chair tops meet the needs of various complex chairs and applications.

Crafted With Care

Providing Bespoke Chair Tops for Any Application

To match the style you are after, we provide you with different size, structure, logo design, and packaging options for our chair tops. Selecting the right material for making your chair tops is easier with us thanks to our network of trusted suppliers.

We consult with you while planning and designing our chair tops to reduce your hassles and ensure the right quality. From traditional to minimalist styles, we provide inspiring designs that can help you with your decisions.

Instilling Care in Every Service

We aim to give you the most comprehensive services available as we manufacture your orders with consideration to your requirements.

  • High Production Capability

    In producing various chair tops, we reach up to 75,000 pcs a month to satisfy diverse markets and consistently follow on your design ideas.

  • Tested To Excellence

    To ensure their long-term applicability, our chair tops go through tests for spotting corrosion and other defects to ensure their compatibility with different chair parts.

  • Instilling Care in Every Service

    Through our support, we help you in every step of the process, along with giving free samples and replacements to ease your experience.

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