Flexible Stool Solutions for the International Market

Keekea stools are made to satisfy demands in different markets in terms of comfort, safety, durability, and style. Backed by years of experience in manufacturing various furniture, we ensure all of your stool wholesale orders help you bring in clients to your business.

We’re all set up to complete stool bulk orders during peak season through our certified factory equipped with the latest manufacturing tools. We have the capacity to create 75,000 stools every month. Your stools can also come in attractive packaging to catch the attention of your target market.

Bolster Your Marketing Campaign

Satisfy Emerging Demand with Custom Stools

From uptown bistros to residential apartments, Keekea’s extensive OEM/ODM service helps you find the right stools for your clients. Choose from a wide array of finished products or have a stool built with your preferred materials, colors, and shapes.

When you have a concept for a custom stool that can attract your target audience, we turn that concept into reality with our full customization service. Professional designers can work with you on refining your stool idea into marketable furniture.

Creating a Long-Lasting Business Partnership

With its extensive lineup of furniture and helpful services, Keekea is a reputable stool manufacturer that can boost your market position to new heights.. We can help you get ahead of your competitors and take a leading position in your target market with Keekea’s tailor-made solutions and after-sales support available with your stool orders..

  • Strong Manufacturing Capabilities

    All workpieces and components are processed in our workshops for consistent quality. Steel pipe punching ensures the stability and firmness of our stools while our deburring process smoothens the surface.

  • Strict Quality Control System

    Complete ironwork inspection, hole positions checkup, hardness test, and other QC procedures ensure every stool complies with international standards.

  • Business-Building Services

    Keekea walks you through our customization services in each step to ensure your custom stool can accomplish your business goals.

Wide Application of Stools

Reach Greater Business Heights by Partnering with Keekea

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