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Raw Material Sourcing


Workers measuring the thickness of MDF board

To ensure the consistency of our chairs’ and  tables’ structures, we source workpieces through our reputable local metal and MDF board manufacturing suppliers. Utilizing reliable third-party sources for various components allows us to offer a stable furniture supply at any time of the year.

What We Never Compromise On


Worker is  measuring MDF board

Keekea’s ability to surpass your expectations, and not just meet them, comes from passing quality standards of various respectable organizations. These standards include the EN12520:2015 certificate on the strength, durability, and safety of our products. Keekea’s firm conviction in providing only the best possible service enables us to comply with international standards.

Hard to Beat When It Comes to Pricing


Staff checking quotes

Your ROI is important to us. At Keekea, we have the advantage of a unique geographical locationthat brings the cost of our chairs & tables down without any impact on their quality. Keekea can source high-grade materials at a low cost and incredible speed since our supply chain consists of factories that are upstream and downstream of our location. With our competitive prices, we drive your profit margins.

Order Management


Staff using CRM system

Managing your orders is made easy with our CRM and ERP systems that allow us to trackshipment, offer communicational records, and run the decision-making process much smoother. Keekea’s order management system ensures that delivery of your orders is completed before the deadline and that you have a clear line of communication with our support team.

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