Affordable and Durable

MDF Board Cutting

Made from collected chippings and waste products, MDF is an affordable, recyclable material that can be formed into boards of any size. With smooth edges and surfaces, MDF boards feature strength in all aspects, ensuring easier cutting of details for furniture parts.

MDF Board Felting
MDF Cold Pressing

Ensuring Perfect Edges

MDF Cold Pressing

Keekea utilizes MDF cold pressed boards to harness the advantages of their flat and consistent panels. These boards have flawless edges thanks to the compression of soft and hard wood. The MDF cold press method can create boards of various colors and sizes and with an array of decorative features.

Lowered Costs for Greater Beauty

Wood Grained Paper Veneering

An economic finishing process, veneering comes at lower costs as it gives a strong, wooden texture to your furniture without using hardwoods. Along with different color patterns, our wood grained paper veneering increases protection all over the surface of our MDF boards, making them applicable for our tables and desks.

Worker is sticking wood grain paper
Finish Foil

The Final Polish Makes the Difference

Finish Foil

Along with wood grain paper, we also provide finish foil that appears more real and evokes an effect different from the one offered by paper. Choose from a selection of paper with marble patterns to provide your tables with your desired look.

In addition to giving life to furniture design ideas, and integrating the created furniture into the overall concept of a specific space, our finish foil also adds greater durability to any wooden surface to protect the quality of our chairs and tables from aging and scratches.

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