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Designed to accommodate desktop computers and other hardware, our gaming desks can fulfill the needs of residential or professional target audiences. Keekea is capable of producing 60,000 gaming desks every month. Each gaming desk is made from quality MDF and steel/iron materials for superior durability and long service life.

As a leading gaming desk manufacturer, we offer a low MOQ of only 100 pcs to prevent inventory pressure while tapping into emerging markets. Keekea also has extensive after-sales service to give you ease of mind for each purchase.

Marketable Gaming Desk Features

Only screened and branded materials are used for our gaming desks, giving themfeatures that appeal to your target audience.

Gaming Desks Catalog

Gaming Table
  • Carbon Fiber Panel

    The carbon fiber panel on our gaming desk provides a waterproof and wear-resistant surface.

  • Sweet Cup Feature

    A built-in cup holder prevents spilling or overflowing of beverage on our gaming desk.

  • Headset Hook

    A built-in hook on our gaming desk provides an easy storage solution for headphones.

  • Large Gaming Surface

    Each gaming desk offers a large space to accommodate keyboards, multiple monitors, mouse, controllers, and more.

  • Z-Shape Design

    The Z-shape design of our gaming desk keeps the furniture stable to prevent damage to gaming gear.

Giving Gaming Desks More Personality

Custom-Made for Your Target Audience

Gamers, casual or professional, are buying desks that fit their taste. Keekea can give your gaming desk wholesale order more flair to attract your target audience through our OEM/ODM services.

You can appease hardcore gamers through our extensive customization options including the pipe diameter, wall thickness of the table leg’s iron pipe, sticker materials and sticker patterns, and more. Through our tailor-made solutions available with our gaming desks, Keekea helps your brand stand out from the rest.

Gaming Desks that Benefit your Business

Keekea surpasses other gamer desk suppliers thanks to its extensive services that fulfill your needs such as, for example, high-grade furniture for your target market. One such benefit you can enjoy when working with us is our competitive pricing on marketable gaming desks. Thanks to our advantageous geographical location, we can source high-grade materials at a low cost.

  • Cutting-Edge Manufacturing Process

    Through our professional metal furniture, woodworking, and MDF, we can achieve any gamer desk specifications that you require. We also offer an optional surface layer made of carbon fiberboard and melamine boards.

  • Complete QC Inspections

    Trained staff carefully goes through all finished gaming desks to ensure their glass surface, MDF board, and other components comply with global standards.

  • Client-Oriented Services

    All of our services, such as our custom packaging and design consultations, are intended to advance your business in your target markets.

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