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Keekea is your trusted office desk manufacturer, bringing tables that improve any work environment with their aura of comforting relaxation. We are accustomed to meeting growing demand, and we consult clients on every project to accurately develop new designs for our office desks so that they best suit the market needs.

All our tables are made at affordable costs due to our efficient material processing, detail-oriented craftsmanship, and top-grade production lines. For safety considerations, we review our materials consistently and monitor the quality of our production through constant testing and inspections.

Refreshing Features of Our Office Desks

Using FSC-approved materials, we make durable desks efficiently while ensuring they are affordable, sustainable, and suitable for wider audiences. Our office desks have the structure capable of accommodating items of greater weight, including computers, monitors, organizer sets, task lamps, and similar things. We thoroughly test our desks for stability before delivery..

Office Desks & Office Tables Catalog

Wooden Office Desk
  • Quality Desktop

    Selected raw materials offer high stability and good pressure resistance.

  • Four Post Mount

    Reinforced and thickened corners ensure stability and cannot be easily deformed.

  • Adjustable Desk Foot

    Desk feet keep desks stable on uneven floors.

  • Powder Coated Metal Frame

    Rust and scratch resistant frames help ensure desk longevity.

  • Varied Installation Options

    Install our office desks in unique ways to customize your space and enrich everyday use.

For Cleaner Workspaces

Try Our New Bespoke Office Desks

Accentuating a home office and workplace with our desks helps with organizing important items and equipment thanks to the open space and added fixtures featured by our desks. Try our line of bespoke office tables that are customized into any shape, size, color, and design.

Using advanced technology, our experienced team can design a host of unorthodox and trend-setting office desks to give you varied selections. Through expert craftsmanship, we shape our MDF boards with wood veneer into office desks that emphasize your quality and your brand’s appeal.

Let Us Advance Your Vision

Keekea’s experienced designers bring to life your ideal furniture parts with advanced production processes, a consistent testing regime, and value-added services.

  • Efficient Mass Production

    Producing up to 60,000 pcs/month, our factory makes reliable office desks through high-precision carpentry, injection molding, and robotic welding machines.

  • Thorough Inspections

    With raw material inspection, strict process control, and full inspection of finished products, our team explores every detail of our desks to ensure they perform optimally in the long term.

  • Quick and Responsive Service

    For your ease of mind, you can make orders already at MOQ 50 pcs, but we produce orders of any volume with lead times shorter than those offered by our competitors.

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