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Keekea’s table solutions address various niches and decorate spaces with vibrant designs that express your brand’s understanding of quality. With the latest technology and innovative craftsmanship, we can make a catalogue of durable, eye-catching dinner, office, and coffee tables, among others.

Sustaining fast production of large volumes enables us to meet growing demand through the efficient use of raw materials and workshop specializations. With new products launched twice a year, we take your design ideas into consideration when creating new chairs. We present market-leading tables suitable for any occasion on a regular basis.

Tables and Desk Supply

We are a table factory dealing with a wide range of tables wholesale applicable in various settings and made with different styles and details. We export overseas to our wide array of clients who have put their trust in our abilities.

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Keekea’s Well-Designed Bespoke Tables

We have the ability as a table manufacturer to produce amazing ideas that will wow you. Our table customization is focused on application, details, and styles that you specify. Our design staff looks through your ideas and makes suggestions for how to improve the original concept.

Our strengths in design, rapid sampling, mass production, packaging, and delivery enable us to manage OEM table and desk projects that are meticulous in their attention to detail and contribute to the furniture’s efficiency. We assist you in finding table solutions best fit for your market while minimizing any potential issues that may arise during our collaboration.

Diverse Custom Option for Your OEM Table Project

Keekea’s table designs are your advantage over your competitors in the market. Our table customization will also suit the contract furniture projects, which will integrate the theme on the furniture. 


Some of the custom options we have are;

Office DesksOffice Tables TOF110007 1
manufacturing wood tables

Table and Desk Production in Keekea’s Factory

Keekea is a table and chair manufacturer that has been in business for over twenty years. We have vast experience in table production, desk manufacturing, and another functional furniture engineering. We are committed to providing marketable tables to our customers through the production of high-quality and cost-effective furniture.

Wooden Table Fabrication

Our strengths in wood table fabrication include MDF cutting, cold pressing, wood paper veneering, and finishing. Working with us will guarantee you wooden tables that are durable have perfect edges, quality finishes, and are affordable.

Metal Table Fabrication

Our factory is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery to support the production of metal furniture. Our metal tables are well-fabricated with the latest trendy, durable, and practical designs. Your metal tables are guaranteed to meet your time to market and quality requirements.

Plastic Table Fabrication 

We use high-quality plastic such as PP, PC, and PET for table fabrication. Our team is good at the injection molding process for making precise plastic tables and furniture. You can count on Keeka to get your reliable plastic table supply.

A Wide Selection of Tables and Chairs Wholesale

Tables and chairs for sale wholesale with a variety of styles, applications, and details are popular in the market. At Keekea, we offer chairs to match tables well for furniture selling and contract projects, catering to all style and function needs.


Keekea’s tables and chairs wholesale are at reasonable prices to ensure our clients get access to bulk products that will improve profitability. We have the capability to manage OEM projects and create custom chairs that work well in any table setting. 

Plastic ChairsCOT810002 19

How We Meet Expectations for Every Project

Keekea offers you hassle-free support and appropriate advice on how to make the most of our manufacturing strengths and services.

  • Production Line Capability

    With numerous pieces of machinery handling metal and wood, PU/fabric work, and other tasks, we manufacture up to 60,000 tables monthly and make them ready for regular delivery within schedule.

  • Certified Quality Control

    Our factory has successfully passed FSC, EN 12520:2015, REACH, ISO, and BS 5852 certification and tests are conducted on our tables to measure their performance consistently.

  • Responsive Services

    We are available 24/7 to respond to your inquiries and offer immediate assistance and free technical guidance on any concerns.

  • Short Lead Time

    Because we have a team of professionals with extensive experience in furniture design and lean manufacturing, we can finish projects quickly.

  • Profitable Wholesale Pricing

    We are privileged to have low-cost raw materials thanks to our bulk purchase, allowing us to produce high-quality tables at an affordable price.

  • OEM/ODM Project Management

    Our abilities, such as design, mass production, packaging, and delivery, permit us to offer valuable one-stop table solutions in the market.

Wide Application of Tables

Our tables can be used in various scenarios and venues. Helping your clients create a more comfortable environment.

Table and Desk Blogs by Keekea

Our experts are sharing their expertise in table design, production, and industry insights. Keekea is your trustworthy professional table manufacturer.

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