Table Legs & Table Bases

China’s Creative Table Leg Manufacturer

Produced with accurate form and stability in mind, our wholesale table legs are the right option to make the tables stand firmly and to make them fitting centerpieces in any room. Carrying table tops of varying weights and heights, our selection of table legs can be used in various settings and offers a good choice for a range of designer tables.

With over 60,000 pieces produced monthly, we make our table bases from durable steel tubes while our powder coating makes them last longer under constant use. In measuring our table bases’ capabilities, our skilled workmen conduct tests on their durability, color appearance, and other features through advanced machinery.

Table Legs & Table Bases Wholesale Selection

As a manufacturer of table legs in China, we offer a range of table parts that cut across materials, details, and styles, such as wholesale metal table legs and wholesale wood table legs.

Table Legs Made Strong for Your Application

Processed through injection molding machines, we produce precise table legs and bases that can match any type of table—courtesy of our hardworking craftsmen. Our table legs demonstrate great resilience and keep tables standing with a high level of stability.

Table legs
  • Convenient to Install

    Assembly is user-friendly with manuals.

  • Environment-Friendly

    Green materials are used to reduce carbon footprint and ensure safety from toxins.

  • Save Space

    Disassembly helps to reduce freight charges and clear room space.

  • Sturdy Construction

    The base is thickened to prevent the table from flipping over.

  • Widely-Applied Design

    Popularly used in restaurants and other venues due to their low cost.

Masterfully Crafted To Your Expectations

Trusted Bespoke Table Bases

Balancing style with solid carrying strength, our table legs are a must-have for gorgeous tables in dining rooms, restaurants, and other spaces. Custom options include size, shape, and leg distance, which will help you save space and ensure easy arrangement in any location.

With metal, hardwood and plastic materials available, we can supply table bases that express any theme or design and bring out the most of your brand’s quality. Try out our selection of table legs to see which styles appeal to your market the most.

Reliable Table Leg Material for Your OEM & ODM Project

We have a thorough material selection procedure that allows us only to source the best quality material. We have an added advantage of geographical location accessible to low-cost quality material. Furthermore, our table legs factory is equipped with the latest technology to handle different material processing better. 


Our material options include;

Table LegsBases PTL020003 2
A row of automatic welding robots

Expert Table Legs & Bases Production in Keekea’s Factory

As a table leg maker in the furniture market for a long time, we focus our resources on not only tables and chairs, but also creating matched table legs and bases to satisfy our clients’ needs. We have woodworking, injection molding, and metal furniture manufacturing capabilities for all OEM projects and contract manufacturing needs. 


The expertise and machinery in our facility are superior and capable of handling from material selecting to mass production and quality control. All of our B2B clients enjoy working with us as they get a chance to receive top-notch services and reliable table legs supply.

Reliable Partners in Business

As your one-stop factory for table legs and furniture parts, we offer responsive solutions to ensure you receive your orders without delay.

  • Trusted Manufacturing Capabilities

    With the delicacy of our craftsmanship, our table legs are etched with clear attention to detail and coated with long-term protection.

  • Tested For Wide Application

    Along with carrying out durability and stability tests, we also conduct test that guarantee our table legs meet size and other design specifications before delivery.

  • Serving Brands Faithfully Range of Services

    Should you face any quality problems, Keekea is ready to provide assistance 24/7, along with professional consultations and technical expertise. Available at MOQ 100 pcs.

  • Short Lead Time

    The time we take from the start to finish of projects is quick as we have expert teams to handle your project quickly from design to manufacturing, packaging and delivery.

  • Profitable Table Legs & Base for Sale

    We produce table legs and bases at an affordable price since our material sourcing is cost-effective, leading to low-cost production.

  • One-stop Furniture & Parts Solution

    Our facility is fully equipped with machinery to take care of all tables and parts without assistance from other contractors.

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