Chair Frames

Widely Applied Wholesale Chair Frames

Keekea designs unique chair frames in bulk and makes them ideal for repairing vintage furniture and replacing damaged parts. Due to their durable structure, our chair frames are made to last and are suited for homes, restaurants, and offices.

To meet the growing demand for chair parts, we maintain a large stock of chair frames ready for delivery to your premises. As a leading chair frame manufacturer, we use the latest technology to craft over 75,000 quality chair frames monthly and process them through strict quality control before delivery.

Chair Frames Wholesale Selection

If you want chair frames for sale, then getting chair frames wholesale is the wisest decision. We offer a wide variety of chair frames that suit your business.

Key Features of Our Chair Frames

As we make our chair frames, we bring all the components together to fully assemble chair frames and prepare them for upholstering. Alternatively, we can provide flat pack components for easy assembly in any area.

Chair frame
  • Vacuum Metallized Material

    A layer of coating increases the strength of the chair frame.

  • Advanced Welding

    A beautiful structure keeps our frames together for long-term use.

  • Stable Base Design

    A high-quality metal is used for a thickened base to ensure safety.

  • Corrosion-Resistant

    Additional treatment of metal surfaces improves their strength.

  • High Durability

    We craft chair frames from quality metals to ensure their stability.

More Than An Ordinary Chair Frame

Fresh Ideas for Bespoke Chair Frames

Keekea is more than capable to design and manufacture leading metal frames that can be applied to chairs, stools, benches, and other similar furniture. Moreover, you can bring forth your ideas and benefit from our creativity throughout the design and construction process.

To increase their market appeal, we coat our chair frames with lacquer, powder coat, or paint finish so that they can appear like solid wood. Among other custom options, we provide different sizes and styles to choose from in order to reach your quotas and diversify your selections.

Reliable Chair Frame Material for Your Project

We only source reliable materials that provide quality and are long-lasting. Partnering with Keekea will benefit you since you will be sure that your products will be of high quality from the start of production to its completion.

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Professional Chair Frame Production in Keekea’s Factory

Our production capabilities enable us to process chair frames made of a variety of materials that other chair frame makers may find challenging. Our facility is equipped with advanced machinery, ensuring that every chair frame is precision to match chair products and your specifications.


Woodwork for wooden chair frames, injection molding for plastic chair frames, and metal manufacturing for metallic chair frames are some of the procedures that make our products effective in any context. Partner with Keekea to deliver quality chair frames to your market timely. 

Grow Your Business with Keekea

Increase your profit margins with our selection of affordable chair frames that will be delivered on schedule.

  • Constructing Strong Chair Frames

    Advanced metal and wood work have enabled our factory to design chair frames that are fit for reupholstering any type of chair.

  • Quality Testing In Every Stage

    As we check our materials regularly to select only trustworthy suppliers, we consistently identify any defects in our finished products at an early stage.

  • Turnkey Services

    From design and packaging customization to free samples, we ensure your experience throughout the project is cost-effective and engaging.

  • Short Lead Time

    We can complete projects swiftly since we have a team of experts with considerable experience in furniture design and lean manufacturing.

  • Profitable Chair Frame for Sale

    We are lucky to have access to low-cost raw materials due to our location, which allows us to make high-quality office furniture at a reasonable price.

  • One-stop Chair & Parts Solution

    We are a chair base manufacturer with state-of-the-art gear and experience to provide you with complete furniture solutions, from design to manufacturing and delivery.

Reach Greater Business Heights by Partnering with Keekea

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