Drive Brand Awareness with our Enriching Packaging

The packaging does not only protect your chairs & tables, but it also instills your brand into the minds of your target audience and impacts their buying decisions. Your logo, company name, and graphics are professionally printed onto your custom packaging for your furniture.

Keekea has a robust packaging solution that is fit-for-purpose for various furniture. In addition, the utilization of suitable, high-quality materials makes our packaging cost-efficient and sustainable.

Different Ways of Packing

Choose from a wide range of our value-added packaging options that are compatible with all kinds of specific furniture for superior protection during delivery.

Folded packaging


Foldable furniture, such as our folding chairs, is contracted and stacked together within a single packaging.

Knockdown packaging


Suitable for disassembled short furniture, coffee tables, and chairs.

Packaging for set


Large packaging that fits a set of chairs & tables in one box.

Packaging for whole


Packaging for complete chairs and tables that do not require any assembly on the end-user side.

Stacked packaging

Nude Packing

Plastic packaging or bags cover your furniture to save space and enable you to utilize your boxes or other types of packaging.

Nude Packing


Stacked packaging is used on stackable chairs that are loaded onto cardboard packaging.

Complete Furniture Packaging Protection During Shipment

Utilizing layers of corrugated paper, bubble bags, corner protector, PU boards, and other packaging protection options ensures your pieces of furniture are safe during transport.

QC Inspection on Packaging Protection

To guarantee your chairs & tables reach you in excellent condition, we conduct thorough tests on our packaging’s protective qualities.

Heavy objects are dropped onto our packaging to determine their resistance against impact damage.

Impact resistance tested on packaging

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