Bar Stools

Stylish Bar Stools for Sleek Establishments

Creating a welcoming restaurant, pub, or diner is easier with our aesthetically designed bar stools. As an experienced furniture manufacturer, we use branded materials to produce bar stools that provide superior comfort and durability..

Thanks to our robust production and mature supply chain, we offer competitive prices for your wholesale orders.. With a monthly output of 75,000 bar stools, we can complete high-volume orders during peak periods.

Feature-Rich Bar Stools

Keekea elevates a bar stool to a new standard by incorporating marketable features that address the needs of your target audience. These features come from our use of high-grade materials that give each stool superior durability and comfort. In addition, we incorporate our market insights into the design of our bar stools to give them attractive aesthetic appeal.

Bar Stools Catalog

Grey bar stool
  • Built-in Footrest

    A high-quality metal-plated and ergonomically designed footrest makes our stools comfortable.

  • Comfortable Seats

    Choose from durable fabric, PP and PU leather to match our stools with your environment and maximize comfort.

  • Soft Cushions

    This material provides a soft and comfortable cushion to our bar stools.

  • Metal Base

    Made from spray-coated iron or layers of fabric, our racks provide great support and corrosion resistance.

Bringing Your Brand to New Heights

Market-Oriented Custom Bar Stools

Bespoken bar stools help you stand out from your peers. Keekea has a robust OEM/ODM service that lets you refine our stools into furniture that your target audience demands.

Having trouble with finding a bar stool for your niche markets? Let our professional consultants assist you in finding a design or refining your concept for your unique bar stools.

Services that Hones your Brand

On top of quality barstools, Keekea is all about elevating your business within your target market with our robust products and services. Drawing on years of experience, we have specialists who can find the right materials, design, style, upholstery, and various aspects that resonate with your clients.

  • Cutting-Edge Manufacturing Equipment

    Keekea’s certified factory’s production line ensures all components, such as the steel tube and fabric/PU, are properly processed for functional bar stools.

  • Professional QC Inspections

    From complete inspection of all properties of each workpiece, such as their appearance and size, to the final inspection of a finished stool before shipment, we ensure your orders meet your specifications.

  • Business-Focused Services

    As one of the leading bar stool manufacturers in China, we help you stay ahead of your peers through our consultations, suggestive marketing support, and friendly MOQ policy.

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