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Stackable chairs are designed in a way that allows them to be easily moved around by both consumers and staff to save space and improve cleanliness. Addressing growing demand, Keekea produces the latest wholesale stackable chairs in large volumes through its advanced machinery and skilled workforce.

Attentively crafting each part, we focus on making our stackable chairs long-lasting and more durable using strong plastic, wood and metal materials. Following EN1250, REACH and other standards, we guarantee our chairs are clean from toxic substances and maintain their durability for long periods under stressful conditions.

Stacking Chairs Wholesale Selection

As a leading stacking chair manufacturer, we offer an array of stackable chairs bulk that represent different styles, details, and custom options that are applicable in various venues.

Ergonomic Features

We make each chair part with great precision so that they match and fit perfectly with each other. We also guarantee that our chairs can easily be arranged in stacks without compromising their durability and quality. By making our chairs easier to store and carry around, we provide greater convenience to your customers, and this encourages them to purchase in larger volumes.

Stackable Chairs Catalog

Stackable chair
  • Corrugated Backrest Design

    Supports the lumbar spine and disperses pressure, helping your health.

  • Stackable

    Our chairs can be stacked without effort, allowing your end-users to easily save space.

  • Stainless Steel Chair Frame

    The chair frame includes a quality stainless steel tube that can support heavy weight.

  • High-Tech Welding

    Using advanced machinery to weld our chairs gives them a seamless, solid structure.

  • Electrostatic Spray Paint

    Evenly distributing the paint on the chair surface provides added rust and wear protection.

Realize Your Brand’s Potential

Customized Stackable Chairs for Any Venue

We are a stacking chair manufacturer that has an understanding of what the market needs, hence, we offer custom options to our clients according to their ideas. We focus on the application, styles, and initial concept of our clients. Our experts will be at your disposal to discuss how you can make your stackable chairs align with your market’s preferences.

A thorough planning process helps speed up your project’s progress and ensure that large-volume orders are fulfilled properly and on time. You can count on us diversifying our selection of existing stackable chairs by including your desired models and putting your vision at the forefront.

Bespoke Stackable Chairs Selection

The current trend in the furniture market and e-commerce is versatility in goods. Build your brand with customized stackable chairs for any venue. Whatever your dream stacking chair is, we are here to realize it for you. 


As a stacking chair manufacturer, we provide custom options such as;

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Plastic Chairs CPL060008 13

Stacking Chairs Manufacturing in Keekea’s Factory

Over the years, Keekea has been a trusted stacking chair manufacturer in business with various retailers and distributors.


Keekea’s versatile stacking chair production lines cover all your needs in metal, wooden, and plastic stackable chairs processing.


Trust us with your OEM projects as we have both the experience and machinery to manage wholesale and custom stacking chairs.

Benefits to Collaborating with Keekea

Thanks to our advanced facilities, we produce, source, and deliver our stackable chairs at a faster rate while offering many value-added services.

  • Factory Capability

    Our large-volume production capabilities allow us to meet even the highest demand. By dividing labor and tasks among our different workshops specialized in varied materials and injection molding techniques, we’re always able to honor deadlines.

  • Controlling Quality with All Relevant Tests

    Testing the strength and durability of our chairs throughout the process ensures their consistent performance in any application.

  • Value-Added Support

    From start to finish, we provide services that save your budget and move your project forward, with timely deliveries and MOQ of 100 pcs.

  • Fast Turnaround Time

    Our operations take less time since we have the expertise backed by the vast experience to oversee projects to completion without needing extra time. We do our products in bulk for the first forty days assisted by our advanced machinery.

  • Well-controlled Stackable Chair Cost

    We have access to quality raw materials due to our geographical location which has exposed us to access them at an affordable price. The economical production translates to our products being cost-effective.

  • One-stop Stackable Chair Solution

    We are a fully equipped facility where you will get all your furniture needs in one place without the need to find other contractors for additional services.

Various Stackable Chair Designs on Display

Our stacking chairs with various designs on display are applicable in different ways and venues from commercial purposes, residential uses, and outdoor events.

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