Affordable Materials for Any Kind of Furniture

Keekea is dedicated to manufacturing furniture that looks great and will stand the test of time. We have an abundance of raw materials, from iron pipes and wooden boards to plastics and fabrics, giving you multiple custom options for furniture design and construction.

As we strictly monitor the raw materials provided by our trusted suppliers, we possess detailed knowledge on the right materials you can use for your industry or sector. This way, we can produce durable furniture that functions well for your applications and comes at lower prices.

  • Consistent Supply of Metals
  • Long-lasting Wood Supply
  • Flexible Foams
  • Eco-friendly Plastic Pellets
  • Using Durable, Tough Glass
  • Classy Leather Upholstery
  • Title (PU)
  • Title (Fabric)
  • Title (Velvet)

Making Metal Furniture More Affordable

Consistent Supply of Metals

Through their corrosion resistance and clean surface, metal is a long-lasting and appealing material for producing furniture in any venue. With easy access to four local steel mills, we get our stainless steel and metal materials at lower prices, resulting in more affordable production.

A pile of steel pipes
Wood plates storage area

Meeting the Required Moisture Content

Long-lasting Wood Supply

FSC-certified and quality-tested, our MDF boards, wooden legs, and other wood materials possess a high environmental protection grade to fit any adhesive and meet safety standards. A moisture content of 13%-15% for our wood ensures that our wooden parts and products resist warping and cracking and can acclimate to the humidity of any location.

A Mainstain of the Industry

Flexible Foams

Our foams give furniture greater comfort and seating support to ease fatigue due to their soft, spongy feel. Impressively flexible material, our foams can be made into any shape to enhance the overall functionality of our furniture.

With our customization service, you can set how much foam or batting goes into your chair. Flame-retardant foams also ensure our chairs withstand fires and high heat, preventing hazards in the long term.

Raw cotton
Hand holding plastic pellets

Secure Plastic Furniture

Eco-friendly Plastic Pellets

For making durable furniture parts, we choose plastic pellets that are packed and processed to provide great strength and stability. Our plastic pellets are made from PE, PP or PET material that is non-toxic and thus safe for use while being a sustainable solution for mass production.

Made For Maximum Safety

Using Durable, Tough Glass

Made through heat treatment, tempered glass is designed to prevent accidents as it does not break into sharp pieces. As such, our toughened glass is used for our tables and other furniture due to its high thermal resistance and reliable strength.

A piece of tempered glass
A collection of upholstery leather

Easily Maintained

Classy Leather Upholstery

Coming with a natural shine, leather material ages well and retains its overall quality for many years. Resistant to staining and spillage, our leather upholstery is easy to maintain with regular cleaning, providing added convenience to your customers.

Low Cost and Clean

Glossy PU Material

Granting our chairs a glossy appearance, PU is mechanically pressed to be a less thick and more affordable substitute for leather. We use our PU material for quicker production and for making our chairs waterproof and moisture resistant, which allows for them to be cleaned more easily.

PU Material in black
A set of colorful fabric

Safe and Protective Covering

Varied Colorful Fabric

We use breathable cotton, linen and velvet fabrics for our dining chair upholsteries that are breathable and comfortable even under extreme temperatures. Wear and tear resistance improves their performance under constant use. Additionally, the fabrics we use are hygienic and resist mold and mildew, ensuring the safety of your customers.

High-end Upholstery

Rich Velvets

Used for upholstery, our velvet material is made from nylon, silk and cotton fibers, which add a lot of comfort to our chairs. With an overall rich texture, velvet gives dining rooms and other formal venues a luxurious, high-end look.

Different colors of velvet material

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