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Comfortable and Versatile Ottoman Manufacturer

Ottomans we create exude elegance and functionality for living rooms, hotel lobbies, and various spaces. Keekea is capable of producing quality ottomans and foot stools that have desirable aesthetics and durable construction.

Keekea is an ottoman supplier that follows a sustainable production practice. By using green resources and controlling wastage, your ottoman wholesale orders leave only a small carbon footprint during production.

Market-Leading Ottoman Qualities

Branded PU/fabric and wooden legs are incorporated into our ottomans to give them marketable qualities such as superior durability and luxurious aesthetics.

Ottomans & Foot Stools Catalog

Foot stool
  • Space-Saving Design

    Our ottomans can easily be stored in various spaces when not in use.

  • Bottom Insert Board

    The MDF insert board with a non-woven fabric wrap gives our ottomans superior structural integrity.

  • Solid Steel Frame

    The bottom double sandblasted iron provides our ottomans with artistic aesthetics.

  • Comfortable Cushioning

    The cushion provides a soft and padded surface for the seating or footrest.

Set Your Market Position to a Leading Position

Professionally Made Custom Ottomans

A one-size-fits-all ottoman can only take you so far, while our OEM/ODM solutions can take your brand to new marketing heights—where your new clients are waiting. Choose from our finished foot stools to include your personalized touch or customize our ottomans with your preferred material, leg distance, and other specifications.

In addition to our extensive range of foot stools, we have facilities creating bespoke ottomans made with your specifications. Keekea provides design consultations and extensive customization service to bring your unique foot stools into reality.

Benefits of Working with Keekea

Apart from our quality ottomans, Keekea offers a wide range of services that can bolster your business and help you bring clients to your business. The services we provide improve your business image, making you relatable to your target audience. Enjoy the benefits we offer with our ottomans such as our friendly MOQ of 100 pieces and after-sales support.

  • High-Grade Production Facilities

    Keekea produces up to 30,000 ottomans per year from properly prepared steel bars, fabric/PU chair seats, and high-quality cloth to give its foot stools their marketable features.

  • Strict QC Process

    Dedicated QC teams perform several tests on the materials and workpieces of our ottomans to ensure their durability is within the industry standards.

  • Value-Added Services

    As a leading ottoman manufacturer, we offer an extensive service that includes fast sampling and protective packaging.

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