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Trusted Folding Chair Manufacturer

Keekea offers a rich selection of folding chair wholesale pieces that have lower prices than our peers’ thanks to our mature supply chain. As a trusted folding chair factory, we follow sustainable practices in our production process and material sourcing to ensure a low carbon footprint.

Keekea has been at the forefront of commercial and residential seating in China. Manufacturing folding chairs that meet global industry standards in design, ergonomics, and quality has allowed us to form long-term partnerships with reputable brands around the world.

Folding Chairs Wholesale, Factory Direct

We are a top folding chair supplier offering a wide range of products from metal folding chairs, wooden and to plastic ones. Our folding chairs in bulk have a variety of applications, styles, and essential details that make them unique in the market.

Durable Folding Chairs

The experience we accumulated over the years allows us to offer the best possible folding chairs in the market. All chairs are designed to fit various interior spaces for residential, commercial, and corporate uses.

Folding Chairs Catalog

Plastic rocking chair
  • Space-Saving Design

    All folding chairs have a lightweight construction and stackable qualities.

  • Stable Structure

    The design on our chair minimizes vibration for better stability.

  • Superior Stability Performance

    Keekea folding chairs have a superior weight load capacity.

Full-Customization Services

Bringing Marketable Folding Chairs Concept to Life

A folding chair with your unique touch can elevate our branding position among your peers. Keekea offers hassle-free OEM services that make it easy for you to have tailor-made folding chair wholesale orders.

By remaining on top of furniture design and color trends, our designers may include our valuable market and industry information into your specific folding chair design idea. Each processing stage and the material used to produce the chairs have a lasting quality that reflects the work we undertake. Start your custom folding chair project with us, and we will help you with your sustainable business.

Diverse Options for Custom Folding Chairs

Our customized folding chairs are according to our client’s specifications. Our designers study your idea and offer solutions and the best approach towards achieving it. We have chairs that are diverse in application, efficiency, and style. 

Some of the custom folding chairs options we have are;

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Folding Chairs CFD100001 9

Folding Chair Production in Keekea’s Factory

Keekea is a folding chair manufacturer with vast experience over the years, producing premium folding chairs and furniture made of metal, plastic, and wood. 

Metal Folding Chair Manufacturing 

Our metal furniture-making process is precise since we use accurate automatic laser cutting technology that ensures the chairs have fine edges. The metal folding chairs from Keekea have excellent stability due to the metals we use and their technology.

Wooden Folding Chair Manufacturing 

We have invested in MDF cold-pressed boards because they offer better consistency in wooden furniture. We can produce creative patterns on the wooden surface to make the final product appealing and long-lasting. 

Plastic Folding Chair Manufacturing 

Our cutting-edge technology on injection molding allows us to make plastic folding chairs that are strong and durable. You can trust our products as they have proven reliability and stability in different conditions. 

Emboldening Folding Chair Business Advantages

Working with us, you have a team of folding chair manufacturers with extensive experience in building furniture along with an extensive service lineup.

  • Reliable Production Capabilities

    Proper processing of our materials, including steel bar preparation, bending steel, and woodworking procedure, leads to sturdy and functional folding chairs.

  • Trained QC Personnel

    Dedicated inspectors conduct raw material and ironwork inspection as well as hardness performance tests to ensure your folding chairs meet your target market standards.

  • Beneficial Custom Folding Chair Services

    Make your target audience pay more attention to your folding chair through our extensive custom packaging service and design consultation.

  • Fast Turnaround Time

    We finish our products quickly because we have a highly-qualified team with extensive furniture production experience and assistance from our cutting-edge technology.

  • Competitive Wholesale Prices

    We are located at a great location where we get inexpensive raw materials, allowing us to produce folding chairs at an affordable rate. We offer wholesale prices for folding chairs.

  • Detailed Project Follow-up

    Inspection and monitoring are mandatory for all our projects. Our staff understands that every project is unique and needs special attention to create quality furniture to wow our clients.

Flexible Applications for Our Folding Chairs

Keekea’s folding chairs are built to meet all the requirements clients have on furniture with an extra strength to withstand indoor and outdoor applications.

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