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Your One-Stop Furniture Parts Manufacturer in China

Keekea produces the latest furniture components meticulously using advanced machinery and fine craftsmanship to ensure they accurately match various finished furniture products. Whether it is tops, frames, or bases for tables and chairs, we manufacture everything precisely according to your preferences.

Constructing wholesale furniture parts in large volumes and with short lead times, we readily help your business save on time and costs. Additionally, we offer custom options and thoroughly test our furniture components to ensure they perform optimally for any furniture brand.

All Furniture Parts Selection

We are a one-stop furniture parts manufacturer based in China with the capabilities to supply different wholesale furniture parts for sale with various designs and outstanding features.

Informative Customization

Stand Out with Bespoke Furniture Parts

Hear from our experts, who will readily walk you through all the details related to the process of designing the right furniture parts with our wide pool of custom options. Apart from size and design choices, we also have a selection of different, quality-tested raw materials that you can choose from to make parts that are fit for any furniture.

Should you choose to have products made based on your ideas, we have the facilities and the machinery to help you conceive fully bespoke furniture parts. You can look at our selection of recent designer furniture parts made in our workshop to help you decide on your orders.

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Keekea’s Furniture Manufacturing Capabilities

Keekea has built a reputation as a reliable furniture parts manufacturer in the industry. 


Ironwork, woodwork, and injection molding are our key capabilities to greatly ensure the quality and efficiency of bulk furniture parts. We guarantee to deliver furniture parts to match all types and styles of tables and chairs. 


With our experience and machinery to produce precision metal, wood, and plastic furniture parts, you can have a strong supply and support for your furniture production and business.

Committed and Responsive Collaboration

The way we build and test our furniture parts shows our commitment to quality performance that addresses the wider needs of your market.

  • Optimal Manufacturing

    Each furniture part requires meticulous care. From the right materials being processed to the protective finishes, all is done in-house within our advanced metalwork, woodwork, and PU furnishing facilities.

  • Stringent Testing

    From durability and performance tests to packaging checkups, we control the quality of our furniture parts in every aspect of production.

  • Long-term Services

    At low MOQs, we guarantee an easy purchasing experience while responding to quality concerns with our professional solutions.

  • Short Lead Time

    Our team of specialists have experience in OEM furniture and parts projects to meet your short lead time needs, assisted by the modern technology in our facility.

  • Profitable Furniture Parts for Sale

    Our production cost is low since we source quality materials at a reasonable price; hence our products become economical for your to improve profitability.

  • One-stop Furniture Parts Solution

    From tables, chairs, and furniture parts design, production, quality control, and delivery, our team is your most reliable partner to strengthen your furniture supply.

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