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Resilient Wholesale Table Tops

A leading table top manufacturer, Keekea produces table tops with the finest wood veneer for restaurants, homes, and shopping malls. Our table tops can be adapted to repair or improve any table. With 5 layers of piano baking varnish and other treatments, our table tops will not change shape under 200°C flame while maintaining clean, polished surfaces.

Our table tops are now easier to maintain due to their resistance to wear and tear, which is verified through consistent testing. By connecting table tops and legs with a strong screw, we ensure table stability and make it easy for customers to assemble table parts.

Table Tops Wholesale Selection

Get in touch with us for unique table tops solutions as we have a team of highly-skilled designers who create custom options for various applications. We are a tabletop manufacturer with exquisite taste and understand what our clients need.

Durable Table Top Features

Our table tops can withstand heavy pressure, resist stains, and maintain their form even through prolonged outdoor exposure. With materials processed thoroughly on our production lines, we aim to minimize damage throughout the process and present reliable table tops ready for assembly.

Wooden table top
  • Eucalyptus Plywood

    We use high-temperature hot pressing plate technology to ensure a stable structure.

  • Refined Corners

    Each corner is well polished, providing a simplified table top design.

  • MDF or Particle Board

    MDF desktop with melamine scratch-resistant laminate.

  • Polished Surface

    Honed, leathered, and treated to resist rust and wear and tear.

  • Quality Finishes

    We utilize high- and low-gloss paints, as well as veneer paints for protection.

Designed By Experts

Custom-Made Table Tops

With our long experience in the industry, we make table tops that fit any table brand and ensure their endurance under stressful conditions. Our experts can assist in recommending different table bases to match with your chosen table tops, as well as provide advice on the overall presentation of your table tops.

Available in varied bespoke sizes and shapes, our tables can meet any of your design and industry requirements. To inspire your designs in the future, we invite you to see our examples of stunning bespoke table tops that are passionately crafted in our workshops.

Reliable Table Tops Materials for Customization

We prefer using tabletop materials such as metal, wood, glass, and plastic to make tables. These materials give us room to create the designs we want and cater to the most of the market needs.

Table Tops PTT010004 3
manufacturing wood tables

Expert Table Top Production in Keekea’s Factory

We are among the best tabletop manufacturers who process wood, metal, glass, and plastic furniture parts. We have gathered experience over the years, and we guarantee our clients precision and quality in all our tabletops. Our main processes involve injection molding for plastic products, iron and steelwork for metal products, and woodwork.


We have the machinery that permits us to manage the most complex OEM projects and deliver them according to the initial plan. Work with Keekea to create first-class furniture and components to gain more customer trust and a larger market share.

Impressive Benefits

Collaboration with the right suppliers has enabled our factory to produce durable and functional table tops while providing you with responsive services.

  • Factory Capabilities

    From materials processing to assembly, our factory takes care of full production of over 90,000 table tops monthly under one roof.

  • Results-Oriented Quality Control

    Hardness and appearance tests are among our methods of determining the strength of our table tops and how well they match with other table parts.

  • Serving You With Care

    From unique designs to fast delivery, we help with brand building while setting our table tops at MOQ 100 pcs.

  • Short Lead-Time

    With our experts and advanced equipment in-house, we can complete projects in the shortest time possible and deliver your furniture parts on time.

  • Profitable Wholesale Pricing

    Our furniture components have high quality and a profitable price since we get quality materials at a cost-effective cost.

  • One-Stop Furniture Manufacturing Solution

    We are a fully-equipped facility with capabilities and expertise to complete projects without outsourcing. We are a one-stop furniture solution.

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