Injection Molding

Modern Plastic Chairs Constructed by High-End Machinery

A row of automatic dosing equipment

Cutting-edge automatic batching machines ensure an accurate amount of small plastic pellets go through the feed hopper. These pellets go through a heated barrel, where they are melted into malleable materials and are pushed forward to a reciprocating screw ram. This results in optimized production speed and efficiency.

Professional consultants can offer expert advice on the formula of PE for your chairs. Keekea is capable of creating plastic furniture with a specific toughness, strength, and weight that resonate with your target audience.

Injection Molding Work on the Conveyor

Advanced injection molding conveyer systems automate the process of our plastic chair production. The conveyor system also includes maintenance-free dual-sealed bearings that lower both labor and repair costs.

By utilizing our full-automatic injection mold, we optimize our production efficiency and accuracy while minimizing costs. This allows us to provide competitive prices on our market-leading plastic chairs. The efficiency of our injection molding conveyor system also ensures a steady supply of quality plastic chairs throughout the year.

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