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Guaranteeing Sustainability in Every Process

Throughout production, we assess the environmental impact of our operations and minimize the use of materials to reduce waste. Adhering to ISO9001, 14001 and 4500 requirements, our quality control guarantees the cleanliness and safety of our production facilities while ensuring our chairs and tables are safe to use.

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Sourced From Trusted Suppliers

Certified Wood for Table Tops

Coming from sustainably managed forests, our supply of wood is documented to display our honest commitment to protecting the environment. Using new FSC certified wood for our table tops and other furniture parts minimizes waste of resources and ensures that our products have high-quality properties that last for years.

Cut down tree trunks
Virgin Foam

Virgin Foam

In upholding our high quality standards, Keekea insists on using virgin foam for the production of our fabric chairs. Despite costing more than recycled foam materials, virgin foam offers not only better quality and durability but also the reduction of environmental waste in the form of air-polluting adhesives.

Virgin Board

Virgin Board

Keekea opts for virgin Poplar wood in creating the boards we use for your world-class furniture. Considered as a fast-growing and high-yielding variant among wood species, Poplar allows us to produce multi-layer solid wood panels that ensure the quality and durability of our products. This also cements our role in proper resource utilization and environmental protection.

Organic Glue

Whether for packaging or holding furniture parts together, using biodegradable glue reduces the carbon footprint and ensures safe use as there are no toxins present. By sourcing glue made from organic materials, we save on costs and also save enough materials for consistent production of affordable furniture.

Female workers use glue to stick cotton


Clean Reclaimed Tops for Your Selection

Keekea prevents wastefulness and keeps a stock of custom-made reclaimed wood table tops that are provided at your request. Through strong finishes and strict quality inspections, we make sure our reclaimed table tops always look good.

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