Our History

Keekea's Milestones

Developing Our Management System

A few years since the inception of Keekea, John Tian steps in as the workshop director of our furniture facility. This allowed us to have a better management system in terms of furniture manufacturing, supply of materials, and order completion.


First Factory Established

Establishing our presence in the domestic furniture market, the Bazhou Qijia Hardware Factory was completed in 2002 with a capital of ¥20 million. With an area of 1,600 m² , the factory is manned by 7 workers and handles the manufacturing of metal and folding chairs.


Ten-Fold Expansion, Satisfied Clients

As we continued to receive large-quantity orders, we gradually increased our manpower tenfold, now having 70 talented employees handling furniture requests. We also began expanding our production facility, now scaled to 5,000 m²  and ready to take in more orders from satisfied clients.


Penetrating the Global Market

Seeing potential for growth through international trade, we participated in the China Dalian International Furniture Fair in 2008. The fair introduced Keekea to the global market, which helped us improve our numbers and mark the year with ¥20 million in sales.


Product Line Expansion

Further expanding our product line, 2011 saw the start of our new offerings, including soft-coated dining chairs and glass dining tables, while maintaining our high quality standards all throughout. The new products were positively received by the market, which has been evidenced by a continued rise in sales and consistent demand from global partners.


Greater Exposure through Exhibitions

In 2012, the company participated in the CIFF Shanghai Furniture Fair, the world’s largest furniture exhibition, capturing the attention of wholesalers, distributors, and retailers around the globe. The following year saw our first purchase of a spraying line, which improved our production capabilities while reducing spraying costs.


Continuous Growth and Development

Growth was the word to describe our 2015, as Sindy Zhang and Michael Jehn became partners of Keekea and joined our endeavors. To accommodate the addition of 3 automatic cutting machines and 4 Panasonic automatic welding robots, we expanded our production plant to 30,000 m².


Participation in Global Fairs

To further grow our brand in the international market, we participated in the Mexico Exhibition in 2016. As our sales exceeded ¥100 million that year, we also visited the furniture fairs in Milan to stay in touch with what the global market was looking for.


Soaring to New Heights

With a continued drive for excellence and passion to provide fast and unparalleled service, we acquired 8 additional automatic laser cutting machines and increased our automatic welding robots to 30 units. Sales continued to increase in 2019, seeing an all-new high of ¥250 million at the end of 2020.


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