Cafe & Restaurant Furniture Supplier in China

Keekea is one of the suppliers to get high-quality cafe and restaurant furniture in China, from little restaurants and cafes to huge fine dining facilities and even global companies. Carrying out different roles, our cafe furniture is stylish for both indoor and outdoor use as it provides a high level of comfort for guests. Our furniture saves space and is easy to move around, adding convenience for restaurant customers and cafe owners alike.

Matching different needs and spaces, we deliver flexible solutions that appease our clients’ design preferences. From tables for four people to luxury chairs for the best dining areas, we deliver with our diverse custom options.

Cafe & Restaurant Furniture OEM & ODM Solution

Furniture by Keekea is suitable for any cafe or restaurant because of the custom options that we provide. Our cafe furniture serves a variety of functions and is durable for both indoor and outdoor use, helping all applications save cost of maintenance. 

Our custom designs for various applications, styles, and details, are crafted by our in-house design team that bears years of experience in OEM and ODM projects. 

restuarant tables and chairs

Various Options for Custom Cafe & Restaurant Furniture

As one of China’s leading custom cafe furniture manufacturers, we provide a wide range of high-quality furniture, ranging from tables and chairs to beautiful, contemporary, and industrial restaurant furnishings, to assist you and your customers in creating the ideal environment. 


You can choose from any of these materials to customize your cafe furniture:

green velvet dining chair restaurant chair

Your Trusted Cafe & Restaurant Furniture Manufacturer in China

Below are the primary reasons why Keekea is a trusted partner for many furniture businesses.

Quality Manufacturing In-House

We have a competitive advantage over competitors because of our years of company experience and industrial competence in terms of high quality.

Short Lead Time

We serve our customers through a comprehensive distribution network that has gone a long way toward providing the market with high-quality outputs in only 40 days.

Wholesale Prices

The main advantage of employing Keekea as your cafe furniture supplier is that you get high-quality products at wholesale prices.

Cafe & Restaurant Furniture for Indoor and Outdoor Scenes

Keekea’s cafe and restaurant furniture is customizable for various applications.

Dining Chairs tables Restaurant Chairs CDN420009 17

Tables and Chairs for Restaurant

Commercial Bistro Tables and Chairs

Commercial Bistro Tables and Chairs

Cafe Furniture

Cafe Furniture

Outdoor Tables and Chairs for Cafe Restaurant

Outdoor Tables and Chairs for Cafe & Restaurant

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