Functional Tables & Chairs for Corporate Settings

In any office environment, chairs and tables must be able to prevent employees from feeling fatigued or stressed throughout the day. Keekea’s incorporation of an ergonomic design to all of its furniture ensures all employees can comfortably complete their tasks while preventing any strain on their lumbar region.

Apart from furniture for employees, we also create chairs and tables for visitors and guests. The chairs we create are built with high-grade ironwork and steel frame, allowing them to sustain heavy usage.

Types of Office Furniture in Keekea

As a leading manufacturer of office furniture types, we offer a range of ergonomic products in various custom styles, from office desks, chairs, and tables applicable in an office setting.

Office Furniture Customization

As bespoke office furniture suppliers, we are equipped with the skills to create extraordinary designs that will blow your mind. Our office furniture customization focuses on application, details, and styles according to your request. Our design team studies your ideas and gives suggestions on the things to include to develop the original concept.


Our capabilities such as design, quick sampling, mass production, and packaging & delivering allow us to manage OEM projects that are keen on details contributing to the efficiency of the furniture. We do this through our facility’s proper material sourcing and state-of-the-art machinery.


If you want to start your project, reach out to us to direct you on the office furniture custom projects.

custom solutions from Keekea's design team

Custom Options for Office Desks and Chairs

Tell us your custom needs and our designers will help bring your custom office furniture ideas to life. We recommend some bespoke office furniture design ideas and advice on the way to go. We offer customization services that benefit your brand. Our custom options include;

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Office DesksOffice Tables TOF110009 2

Your Trusted Office Furniture Factory in China

Keekea has been a reliable chair & table manufacturer trusted by distributors and other businesses since 1995. You can count on Keekea to proceed with your OEM furniture project since we provide;

Wide Application of Our Office Furniture

We build our furniture to be applicable in many scenes. Just tell us your needs.

office waiting room tables chairs

Reception Waiting Room Tables & Chairs

conference room

Conference Room Tables & Chairs

Workstation Tables Chairs​

Workstation Tables & Chairs

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Home Office Tables & Chairs

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