Supplying Tables & Chairs for Trendy Malls

Keekea designs chairs and tables that can withstand heavy use in high-traffic areas in shopping malls. The attention to detail and global design for all ages makes our solutions suitable for various commercial centers. Furniture in open areas, such as lobbies, public transport shed, or outdoor dining areas, must be able to handle frequent daily use. The chairs and tables we create have an iron frame and strong construction to handle heavy daily usage.

Experience and imagination allow us to create a contemporary style of tables & chairs that match urban shopping malls. Do you think we can do better? Keekea’s professional designers work with you in finding the right furniture style for your special clients.

Custom Shopping Mall Contract Furniture Solutions

Thanks to our versatile design and engineering team, we are able to develop OEM/ODM tables and chairs for shopping malls and other commercial areas. We aim to help create a comfortable shopping environment, build a relaxing area and reduce the cost of furniture maintenance for mall operators.


Our furniture designers are capable of balancing the craftsmanship and cost to work out the most cost-effective and creative commercial fueniture. Just tell us your project needs and our team will help your project start from scratch.

Cafe Furniture

Various Options for Custom Shopping Centre Furniture

A diverse choice of materials is required to create a unique chair and table set that meets the needs of your target market. You can use any of the custom options listed below to create your own custom commercial furniture at Keekea. We can make your idea a reality, whether it’s a modern mall chair or a restaurant table.

Pink velvet arm dining chair CDN410073 3

Your Trusted Furniture Manufacturer for Shopping Mall Projects

Check why Keekea is a trusted mall furniture for many furniture businesses.

Quality Manufacturing In-House

Keekea closely monitors the raw materials provided by their dependable suppliers, and they have extensive knowledge of the materials that are appropriate for your business or area. This allows Keekea to create long-lasting mall furniture that meets your needs while still being affordable.

Short Lead Time

Keekea manage the production in-house that enables them to deliver your product as soon as possible. Keekea can deliver bulk orders within 40 days.

Wholesale Prices

Keekea offers wholesale prices without sacrificing quality to its customers, which is a much reasonable deal than any other commercial furniture manufacturers.

Tables and Chairs Ideas for Shopping Mall

Shopping center seating

Shopping center seating

Living room Tables coffee Tables TDN110018 12

Waiting lounge furniture

Commercial cafe furniture

Commercial cafe furniture

Outdoor Tables and Chairs for Cafe Restaurant

Outdoor Tables and Chairs for Shopping Areas

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