Machinery & Craftsmanship

Elite Craftsmanship from Advanced Facilities

Whether for bespoke commissions or mass production, Keekea crafts an array of furniture combining traditional methods with modern technology in order to meet your specifications. Along with crafting furniture parts from MDF boards and timber, we use plastic materials and handle ironwork, painting, spraying, and soft packaging processes under one roof.

The Latest Technology

Efficient Production within Our Facilities

Each of our facilities is equipped with numerous welding, cutting, printing, punching, and leg shrinking machinery for production under one roof. Advanced machinery makes regular production in large volumes much easier and reduces hassles.

To increase the efficiency of the large-volume production of our chairs and tables, we adopt a clear division of labor within our major workshops, dividing injection molding, printing, hardware, and other processes between different specialists and work units. With teams of workers paying attention to specific processes, we’re able to save time in production, oversee more accurate operations, and ensure we deliver our chairs and tables on schedule.

Accurate and Affordable

Skillful Manual Welding

Aimed at precision, our manual welding service ensures greater control from our skilled artisans, resulting in more durable furniture. As a budget-friendly option fit for products that are not mass-produced, we have 20 manual welders ready at all times to customize chairs and tables at your request.

A worker is welding with helmet on
A male worker is cutting the metal stool leg

Precise and Safe

Refined Manual Deburring Process

Hand deburring makes use of an array of tools possessing great accuracy to finish any furniture part and ensure stability for long-term use. Through our detailed deburring process and strict inspections, we remove unwanted edges and deliver clean, safe furniture products that perform consistently.

Meet the Craftsmen

Welding for a Happy Customer

Mr. Gao, Welder

For 22 years, Mr. Gao has worked as an ordinary welder in a factory and has now joined us in Keekea. Participating in many competitions, Mr. Gao has won numerous medals while winning the hearts of many foreign customers. Through his determination, Mr. Gao grows together with our team to satisfy global markets.

A welder is holding a red helmet
A welder is in the workshop

Passionate Welding

Mr. Li, Deburring Worker

Mr. Li is a master welder who believes that the key to success is the right mindset about work. Finding inspiration in nature, he nurtures the art of welding in every arc he makes. Improving on the persistence of the older generation of welders, Mr. Li continues to contribute love to the welding profession as he presents extraordinary craftsmanship.

An Artist of Life

Mr. Yang, Carpenter

With youthful vigor, Mr. Yang has been professionally making plate stickers for more than 10 years, understanding how to craft the most comfortable chairs and tables. Having mastered all carpentry skills at a young age, he knows the right materials to use for new and traditional furniture that is made to last. Thanks to his extraordinary skills, we continually receive requests from returning customers to have their furniture made by Mr. Yang’s talented hands.

A carpenter is holding a wooden plate and paint brush

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