Mesh VS Leather Office Chair: Which is Better

When selecting an office chair, it is significant to be careful to make the appropriate decision as a wrong choice might end up causing discomfort or even injuries. A wrong choice leads to years of unease. Some think an office chair is a simple chair and that the material has no bearing on anything. But when it comes to mesh vs leather office chairs there are some noticeable differences. Keekea, a well-known mesh office chair supplier, offers a wide range of mesh and leather office chairs. And this blog from Keekea is discussing the comparison between them and telling how to choose. 

Mesh Office Chair

Flexible Mesh Office Chair 1
Source: Keekea

Mesh isn’t a specific kind of fabric in and of itself. Any fabric with several intertwined fiber strands, giving it the appearance of webbing, is referred to as a mesh. To create a breathable mesh fabric, the individual strands are woven together or otherwise linked. After being stretched out, this fabric is fastened to the chair’s backrest. 

Mesh office chairs, as the name implies, are fashioned of mesh fabric. Most mesh office chairs only have mesh fabric on the backrest. Keekea, a well-known mesh office chair supplier, provides quality mesh office chairs composed of a variety of materials, including metal and heavy-duty plastic. 

The majority of mesh office chairs are formed of synthetic materials like polyethylene, nylon, or polypropylene, while there are some exceptions. The mesh fabric, which is used to produce the backrest of mesh office chairs, is made by connecting the individual fiber strains.


Mesh Office Chair
Source: Keekea

Offers great ventilation

Mesh office chairs allow more air to circulate while someone is seated on them because the material is mostly open. This means that when someone is working, they’ll stay generally cooler. Further, they won’t develop that uncomfortable sweaty patch on the back of their legs or the lower back, especially on warm days. So to answer are mesh chairs comfortable, it can be confidently said that they are.

Low maintenance

Mesh chairs are typically quite lightweight and simplistic, making them simple to clean and maintain. There is no chance of tears because the mesh is made to be extremely sturdy. Simply cleaning them down with a wet towel and letting them dry is sufficient to retain their quality. Similarly, the lightweight nature allows for easy movement of the chairs.


Mesh office chairs will be less expensive than chairs made of other materials. They nonetheless have a professional appearance and could easily be mistaken for expensive office furniture despite the cheaper cost.


Black Mesh Office Chair
Source: Keekea

Level of comfort

The mesh office chair can allow for improved airflow, but it’s not typically the most comfortable option. This chair cannot compete with the comfortable seats that come with upholstered and leather chairs.

Design choices

Finding a design and style that suits one’s preferences will be more challenging because mesh office chairs are big advocates of minimalism. With mesh office chairs, it retains its originality and whatever is seen is given; the only design consideration that is likely available in color.

Level of durability

Because mesh office chairs are often less expensive, durability is not something one can rely on. Hard meshes are uncomfortable, while soft meshes are prone to sagging.

Leather Office Chair

Leather Office Chair
Source: Keekea

Office chairs made of leather are distinguished by their leather construction. They are not totally made of leather. Instead, this natural cloth is solely used to make the seat, backrest, and armrest (if any are present). Usually, the frame and feet are constructed from a more durable material, like metal or sturdy plastic.

Some people believe that cowhide is the only material used to make leather, however, this isn’t always the case. Even though cowhide is usually used to make leather, other kinds of animal skin can also be employed. 

For instance, sheepskin is a well-liked substitute for cowhide. Sheepskin leather is lighter than cowhide and has a finer, less pronounced grain. Regardless, leather is the main component of all leather office chairs in Keekea.

Even those who have never used a leather office chair have probably seen one. Numerous businesses and customers now favor them over all others. There is no way to go wrong with a premium leather office chair, whether the job is done in a home office or a professional setting.


Modern Black Leather Office Chair
Source: Keekea


The durability of leather is one of its major advantages. In theory, durable items are less expensive than those made of less-lasting materials. In comparison to non-durable things, it is simpler to use and maintain. Leather is resistant to several substances and treatments that could harm the cloth.

Simple maintenance

It’s simpler to sustain leather. Depending on how it is cared for, leather furniture can last up to 5 years or more. Instead of absorbing the stain-like cloth material, a simple cloth will remove liquid spills.

No odor problems

Because leather does not absorb as easily as fabric materials, it does not stink. Fabrics like cloth have a tendency to absorb odors readily, which also implies that the material will begin to smell terrible pretty easily. Unlike fabrics, any kind of odor won’t easily stick to the chair. This is true for smokers as well.


Black leather chair
Source: Keekea

Easily damaged

Due to its tanned skin, leather is more likely to split and crack than fabrics. It is more vulnerable to harm from sources such as sharp objects. 

Can cause discomfort

Most people could feel leather to be less pleasant because it is tougher than soft cotton. Due to specific temperature and humidity, the leather may have a tendency to stick to the body. When the weather is warm, it may also be hot on the skin, especially if it is exposed to the sun.

Not budget-friendly

The most crucial element for determining whether to make the purchase or not, for most buyers is the chair’s price. Most people choose non-leather products to meet their budgets because leather is significantly more expensive than other materials.

Leather Or Mesh Office Chair? 

Lying Lifting Boss Leather Office Chair 1
Source: Keekea

The following table can help compare the two and answer the question: are mesh office chairs better than the leather options?

CharacteristicsLeather ChairMesh Chair
Lifespan and durabilityDue to the natural durability of genuine leather, a leather office chair can endure up to 20 years or more with regular care. Mesh chairs have an approximate ten-year lifespan, although, over time, the mesh might sustain damage. Of course, the make and type of the chair itself ultimately determine any durability rating.
ComfortLeather office chairs are quite comfortable, albeit they may lack some of the ergonomic adjustment capabilities that mesh chairs have.In the long term, a mesh back leather seat office chair can be the best choice for good posture as it provides ergonomic adjustment features.
Weight capacityOffice chairs made of leather may support more weight than chairs made of mesh. While many mesh chairs may have a weight limit of 250 pounds or even less, many leather seats easily support 250 pounds or more.Mesh chairs usually support a lower weight than leather chairs.
CoolingLeather can become very warm and thus not suitable for places with no proper cooling system.Being naturally breathable, mesh aids in regulating body temperature while in use for both the chair and the user.
MaintenanceLeather chairs demand additional maintenance and care. Leather is bulky and rigid in contrast to mesh. Leather frequently ages, fades, and gets bleached or scratched. Leather chairs, therefore, require more upkeep and attention, despite being sturdy. Scrubbing the mesh should be avoided as this may cause it to stretch and become damaged

How to Choose: Based On Customers’ Needs And Market Needs:

Leather Swivel Office Chair 2
Source: Keekea

Regardless of whether it is made of leather or mesh, the most important consideration when purchasing an office chair should be comfortable. Mesh chairs are a very practical and affordable solution for quickly and affordably setting up a workplace. 

For conference rooms or other locations that need to look fantastic to impress potential clients and customers, leather office chairs are excellent investments.

Several users are advised to pick a leather office chair only if the work is in an environment with optimum ventilation and they are prepared to cope with the expense, maintenance, and upkeep. If, on the other hand, one does not want to deal with upkeep and costs, mesh chairs are the perfect solution.


Leather Home Office Chair 2
Source: Keekea

Two chair categories have dominated the market for a long time: leather and wire mesh. Chronologically considered, leather comes before its wire mesh counterpart and has virtually iconic status. Leather offers comfort, dependability, and that traditional classy style, whereas wire mesh is a little more understated, has a more breathable surface, and places more emphasis on ergonomics. 

Sales for both of these types of seats are similar, with the mesh-made chair becoming more and more popular as a result of growing awareness of the myriad health problems brought on by extended lengths of time spent sitting at the computer.

Thus both these categories have enough pros and cons to keep buyers guessing over the best choice. Hence, it is advisable to research properly before making any investment. Contact Keekea for the best quality leather and mesh chairs.

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