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Enhancing Your Brand with Impeccable Bespoke Services

Originality is key to standing out among your peers and introducing diversity in your client base. Through our OEM solution, we incorporate the “wow” factor with your chairs & tables catalog for homes, offices, retails, hospitality, and other establishments.


You receive professional consultation on your design, with professional advice backed by years of experience in crafting numerous clients’ chairs & tables. Keekea is committed to finding a solution that fits your goals and budget while ensuring the finished furniture meets your specifications.

4 Hassle-Free Steps in Constructing Your Bespoken Chairs & Table

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01 Design Submission

The design team carefully studies your concept. Experienced members of our design team offer suggestions about the appropriate upholstery materials, stitch patterns, fabric materials, and other details that fit well with the initial sketch.

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02 Quick Sampling

Keekea will create a FREE sample of your furniture or fabric based on the finalized design and send it to you. The sample can help you decide on any changes before proceeding to the last step.

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03 Mass Production

After receiving the down payment, we proceed to manufacture your customized chairs & tables through our automatic production line.

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04 Packaging and Delivery

Your finished orders are properly packed into your custom packaging and shipped to you through trusted logistic companies.

Driving Your Brand with a Robust OEM Service

Worker is prototyping

Free Prototype

Custom orders are entitled to a free prototype, giving you a first-hand preview of your orders.

Raw material warehouse

Rich Material Selection

Our rich selection of high-grade materials, such as iron/steel, MDF, fabric/PU, and wood, available to us at a low cost can open the doors to numerous customization options.

A row of automatic CNC laser cutting machine

Cutting-Edge Equipment & Facilities

Precision and streamlined speed of our factory floor ensure completion of your orders before the deadline.

Chairs and tables solutions

Hundreds of Successful Projects

Numerous clients have been able to complete their goals through our high-grade chairs & tables OEM solutions. Keekea can also manufacture wholesale furniture to service any project regardless of its size.

A series of fabric samples

Enriching Customization Options

From the furniture style to the printed logo, we offer a complete customization service to meet your branding requirements.

R&D team meeting

Experienced Technology Workers

Talented workers with natural skills and extensive experience can create your custom chairs & tables with efficiency and speed.

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