What Makes An Office Chair Ergonomic: A Design Guide

A comfortable office chair improves blood circulation and evenly distributes energy throughout the body. These are possible only if a person maintains good posture while sitting down. A decent chair is therefore required if someone wants to boost their work or productivity by maintaining excellent body posture.

Long periods of poor posture do elevate back pain and muscle spasms to a great extent. It’s important to maintain a good body posture. Therefore, a good chair with a backrest that is solid yet comfortable and a cushion that is the right thickness is desirable. Customers rush to businesses to buy the best chairs. So, what makes an office chair ergonomic?

What Does Ergonomic Chair Mean?

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Ergonomics is a workplace science that helps people better understand their relationship with their surroundings. In other words, one would want their basic requirements to be met in the workplace.

The effectiveness of one’s workplace affects how well their tasks turn out. Employee health and safety must be given first priority in ergonomic products, which is accomplished through meticulous engineering. 

Desks and chairs are the two types of office furniture that can be included in an ergonomic product. Since employees will spend the majority of their working hours sitting down, chairs are a necessity in every workspace.

Office chairs are typically categorized as ergonomic when they offer adjustable lumbar support, seat depth, and seat height. This implies the seat pan allows adjustment so that one can sit comfortably and that the chair’s height should be changeable so that the legs are parallel to the floor. 

Having adequate lower back support ensures that the spine is in the ideal position for excellent posture. This is made possible by having proper lumbar support. An ergonomic chair is more about the enhanced support it offers than it is about the chair itself. 

Why Ergonomic Design Is Important For Office Chairs? 

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The majority of muscle stiffness issues are brought on by the way we sit and move. Lower back pain and various muscular problems a person might eventually result from furniture that doesn’t accommodate their natural alignment. 

People might not recognize it at first, but if they simply switched from a standard office chair to an ergonomic one, they would feel a lot better at work. It would also increase their output.

Ergonomic chair features are made to make it easier for people to work while sitting for extended periods of time. Compared to ordinary office chairs, they are more flexible, allowing users to modify the fit to their body or seating preferences. 

These chairs will decrease the risk of musculoskeletal ailments including back discomfort while also increasing productivity and job satisfaction. By encouraging a sitting position that allows for the optimal alignment of the shoulders, hips, and spine, ergonomic chairs can reduce back pain. 

This lessens abnormal bodily stress and stops hazardous postures like slouching and forward head. Users can achieve a more personalized fit than regular chairs because of the considerable adjustment of ergonomic chairs. 

Numerous musculoskeletal disorders, such as neck, mid-back, and low back pain, can be helped by them. Despite being generally more expensive than regular office seats, ergonomic chairs can significantly increase output and job satisfaction and are the bestoffice chair for scoliosis.

Ergonomic Office Chair Features 

Velvet Office Chair
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Ergonomic office features come with a multitude of features that can be listed as:

Reasonable Seat Dimension

Any user should be able to sit comfortably on the seat if it is wide and deep enough. The width of the seat usually is around 17 to 20 inches. The ergonomic office chair’s seat should be deep enough (from front to back) to allow the user to sit with their backs against the seat and the backs of their knees should be 2 to 4 inches or less apart from the backrest. It should be possible for the seat to lean either forward or backward.

Adjustable Height

Office chairs’ seat heights must be easily adjustable. The simplest way to do this is via a pneumatic adjustment lever, which is also present in most ergonomic seats. For the majority of people, a seat height of between 16 and 21 inches off the ground should be enough. Due to this, the user is able to sit with their feet flat on the floor, their thighs horizontal, and their arms at a desk-height angle.

Adjustable Headrest

A headrest-equipped office chair with an ergonomic design stops users from slouching, tensing their shoulders, and arching their backs. This is due to the fact that they are built to provide the highest level of comfort while safeguarding the back from harm. 

The headrest of the best office chairs should provide features such that they can be readily changed to accommodate the user’s height. People want to be able to adjust their chairs so that they can sit comfortably.

Lumbar Support

Big and Tall Office Chair 1
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It’s crucial that an ergonomic chair has lower back support. The lumbar spine naturally curves inward, and prolonged sitting without support for this curvature often results in slouching, which stresses the lower spine’s structures and flattens the natural curve. An ergonomic chair should have lumbar adjustments (height and depth) so that each user can find the perfect fit to support the lower back’s inward curve.

Neck Support

Since it’s not a comfortable position to be in while typing on a keyboard, neck supports are not always necessary. People who frequently want to recline and unwind are the users who would benefit from neck support the most. This feature should be used by those who have neck issues as it relieves pressure on the neck and shoulders and lessens pain.

Adjustable Armrest

When armrests can be fully adjusted to the user’s exact height, width, and length, this is considered to be the ideal ergonomic office chair setup. To keep the shoulders in a neutral position, armrest placement should move just below a neutral elbow position. The best position for maintaining relaxed shoulders is a neutral shoulder stance. 

The upper arm is not flexed away from the user’s torso (known as abduction), nor are the shoulders elevated or depressed. Instead, when they are working, the upper arm is cosy nestled next to their torso. Theoretically, neither would this working position put the user in danger of discomfort or injury, nor will it exacerbate any pain or discomfort brought on by a previous injury.

Adjustable Tilt Tension

Tilt is what allows the user to rock or recline backward up to a certain limit determined by the chair’s mechanism or control plate. Turning a typically big spherical knob placed underneath the seat and towards the front of the chair changes the tilt tension. 

The majority of tilt tension controls are still found at the front, although some chair manufacturers are transferring them to a lever or dial somewhere else on the chair. The tilt tension knob can be used to alter how much energy is required to get the chair to rock or recline backward. The tilt tension knob typically needs to be turned around a few times before the tension is either noticeably loosened or tightened.

Swivel and Wheels

Swivel ergonomic chairs come in a variety of sizes and designs and allow for simple movement while seated. This kind of chair will ease any pressure when a person with lower back discomfort needs to move around while sitting. The wheels help in easy mobility as well.


The seat and back of the office chair should have enough padding to make them comfortable to sit on for long periods of time. The breathable fabric material is preferable over a surface that is tougher. Mesh is regarded as the ideal material by ergonomics experts since it enables aeration (preventing the buildup of unwelcome odor) and fits the body shape.

Keekea Engineers: Your Trusted Team for OEM Ergonomic Office Chairs

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Our team’s capabilities in R&D and designing

Keekea has been a dependable chair and table manufacturer trusted by distributors and other businesses supporting distributors catering to residential, commercial, retail, hospitality, and other clients for a long time. 

Our skilled designers, who can bring your idea to life, are what set us apart. In addition, Keekea has a sizable amount of resources, including a sophisticated production facility and a well-established supply network with dependable partners. Since Keekea can achieve the ideal combination of design, utility, and flexibility without sacrificing quality or speed, we are able to meet the highest standards of operational excellence.

Benefits of working here

The team at Keekea engages in a variety of activities that help us develop strong shared ideas, values, and beliefs. The energy, inventiveness, and coherence of our employees can be improved through team development, which also empowers individuals and fosters a natural relationship between all of our staff members.

Outdoor training, competitions for handicraft production, yearly meetings, seasonal games, etc. are all part of our team-building activities. By encouraging and participating in monthly volunteer activities at nursing and welfare institutions as well as by making charitable donations, Keekea also helps to develop the local communities. So, be our distributor now.


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It is advised to get the most recent chairs with ergonomic designs if one is seeking to make a long-term investment in office chairs. These chairs provide an amazing range of advantages for both physical and mental health. Because the muscles are kept relaxed with ergonomic office chairs, there is less mental stress. It’s also thought that spending money on an ergonomic office chair is a minor price to pay for mental clarity.

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