Arm Chairs

Manufacturing Bulk Arm Chairs for Your Market

Your trusted arm chair supplier, Keekea, delivers chairs that come in various colors and finishes that evoke durability and stability. Offering fast production with careful attention to detail, our craftsmen employ advanced machinery to upholster our chairs in any fabric or covering.

From detecting spots and rust to testing color differences and moisture on the material, our quality control makes every effort to ensure that our arm chairs are functional in the long term. Acclaimed for our eco-friendly standards, we use green materials and create customized arm chairs that meet industry challenges and match your market’s needs.

Wholesale Armchair Selection

As the leading armchair supplier, we provide a range of versatile armchair wholesale with various custom options, styles, details, and for any applications.

Protection and Comfort in One Product

With thorough preparation of steel tubes and meticulous woodworking, we make sure every arm chair is designed to carry weight and maintain its properties over many years of use. Comfortable seating and stable leg structures make our arm chairs excellent for classrooms, meeting rooms, and other settings.

Arm Chairs Catalog

Arm chair in grey
  • Bottom of Chairs

    A rubber mat is placed on the chair feet, protecting the chair, as well as floor, from wear and tear.

  • Metal Legs

    Thanks to the quality steel used, our chair legs provide stability.

  • Thick Padded Seat

    High-density sponge on seats provides a high level of comfort.

  • Imported Velvet

    With good air permeability, high-quality velvet provides our chairs with an additional layer of comfort.

  • Simple and Round Armrest

    With its flexible design, the armrest appeases the user sitting in a chair while offering a light feel.

Art in Furniture

The Latest Bespoke Arm Chair Design and Selections

Combining attractive visual appearance with comfort, our experts shape our arm chairs to give your customers proper seating and invite quick relaxation that draws them to your brand’s appeal. Keekea’s workshop specializes in manufacturing chairs that enable you to freely express your vision. We take the time to listen to your armchair design ideas and bring them to life with the latest technology and attentive craftsmanship.

Some of the custom options we have are;
● Different material choices: Metal (iron, steel, and aluminum), wood (oak, pine, elm, beech, etc), and plastic (PP, PC, PET).
● Various styles: Scandinavian, classic, modern, etc.
● Fabric options: velvet, leather, etc.
● Wide color selection.

manufacturing painting 1

Armchair Production in Keekea’s Factory

Since 1995, Keekea has been a dependable chair and table manufacturer trusted by distributors, wholesalers, and other partners. You can rely on Keekea’s well-managed production of wooden, plastic, and metal armchairs to gain your customer’s trust.


With our lean production and strict quality control, you are guaranteed to launch and supply reliable and durable armchairs at reasonable prices.

Doing Business with Keekea

Our experience in producing unique chairs for varied applications has enabled us to deliver more value-added services and offer market-leading consultations to many brands.

  • Factory Strengths

    Due to our machinery and specialized workshops, we are able to ensure a short lead time and deliver bulk orders on time during peak season.

  • Strict Quality Attained

    Following REACH, SGS, and other standards, we conduct tests on our sourced materials and manufactured chairs to ensure their durability and long-term value.

  • Efficient Services

    As we make efforts to reduce your hassles, we offer design consultation, fast prototyping, and other services that will help your project proceed faster.

  • Fast Turnaround Time

    Our engineers and designers have the expertise to handle projects in the shortest time possible with the assistance of our automated machinery able to handle mass production.

  • Well-controlled Armchair Cost

    The production cost at Keekea is cost-effective since we have access to affordable raw materials which results in high-quality products but at competitive prices.

  • Flexible Armchair Solutions

    Our versatile team is good at handling all customer needs and supports our esteemed customers with flexible solutions. We can manage OEM projects with the highest precision and deliver the armchairs on time.

Flexible Applications for Our Arm Chairs

Our versatile team is good at handling all customer needs and supports our esteemed customers with flexible solutions. We can manage OEM projects with the highest precision and deliver the armchairs on time.

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