Hotel Table and Chair Manufacturer in China

Keekea, a custom hotel furniture supplier, has been committed to offering a wide range of hotel space solutions and has managed to win the broad market of the hospitality industry at home as well as the international hotels’ investment trust. In the cutting edge of furniture fashion, Keekea designs chairs, tables, and stools that invite guests to experience great luxury and comfort. Experienced in collaborating with the hospitality industry, we use advanced software to map out how our furniture will effectively utilize hotel floor space.

Choose from a variety of classic and modern styles for vibrant decor that caters to the needs of various hotels, motels, and other hospitality organizations. Keekea can customize its furniture to meet your needs, whether you want compact seating tables or unique seats to provide more space. 

Hotel Furniture Customization Solutions

All of the furniture that we manufacture for hotel fit-outs and setups is custom-made and constructed from hospitality-grade resources, with sharper finishing touches, strengthened joinery methods, and more robust quality control inspections for fabric abrasion and frame durability.


While our designers meticulously prepare all working drawings, engineers in the furniture manufacturing section produce high-quality goods in accordance with the specifics established at all coordination meetings.


We are firm believers in helping our clients in making the best decision possible for modern hotel furniture design.

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Various Options for Custom Made Hotel Furniture

As a top custom hotel chair manufacturer in China, Keekea adheres to a strict process from proposal through delivery. Our expert team is assigned to meet the custom design for various applications, styles, and details, within the specified time frame and work tirelessly to ensure that the furniture goods are excellent. Keekea offers several custom options to choose from such as:

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Your Trusted Hotel Furniture Factory in China

Keekea works on the below three principles making it a trusted hotel furniture factory in China.

Quality Manufacturing of Hotel Room Furnishings

Keekea not only aims to provide standard high-quality products for hotel rooms but also wishes to surpass its clients’ expectations regarding quality and comfort.

Short Lead Time

The main advantage that Keekea offers is a short lead time of 40 days for bulk orders. This fast turnaround time is a result of our well-controlled supply chain and global shipment solutions.

Reasonable Wholesale Prices

Keekea understands the importance of return on investment and therefore offers high-quality hotel furnishings at the best wholesale prices.

Wide Applications of Our Hotel Furniture

Keekea hotel furniture finds good use for various applications because of its sturdiness and durability.

Budget Hotel Furniture

Budget Hotel Furniture

Luxury Hotel Furniture

Luxury Hotel Furniture

Hotel Outdoor Furniture 1

Hotel Outdoor Furniture

Hotel Room Furniture

Hotel Room Furniture

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