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Functional Plastic Chair Manufacturer

Keekea consists of experienced furniture designers who can bring your plastic chair concepts into reality, satisfying the demand within your target market. Each of our plastic chairs has the best possible safety performance as well as comfortable wide-seat features.

We are all set up to be your trusted chair supplier who can elevate your business through our ingenious product designs. You can also replenish your supply or tap into emerging brands with our friendly plastic chair at MOQ of 50 pieces.

Plastic Chairs Wholesale, Factory Direct

We are a leading plastic chair manufacturer offering plastic chair wholesale in a wide range of products representing various styles, details, and applications.

Strong and Flexible Plastic Chairs

Knowing what your target audience requires for their plastic chairs allows us to help you resonate with your target audience thanks to our robust features. Keekea’s team also utilizes a strict QC system throughout the manufacturing process to ensure each chair surpasses your expectations.

Plastic Chairs Catalog

Plastic chair
  • Optimized Strength

    The use of high-grade materials allows for durable plastic chairs with long service life.

  • High Safety Performance

    Each chair has a smooth edge to avoid injuries.

  • Simple & Modern Design

    Stylish chairs that fit most dining rooms, living rooms, offices, or restaurants.

  • Superior Elasticity

    The elastic capabilities of our plastic chairs make them resistant to impact and fall damage.

  • Smooth Surface

    Our plastic chairs feature an easier-to-clean surface.

Bringing Your Vision To Life

Fully Customized Plastic Chair Service

Keekea has extensive OEM services that make it easy for you to fulfill customer requirements or tap into emerging demands in your target market. Our designers can include our valuable market and industry insights into your plastic chair concepts by remaining the top plastic chair maker. Each processing phase and the material used to produce the chairs have a timeless character that reflects the work we do.

Start your project by working with us to guarantee you quality and affordability in our products. We also provide all the services you will need in-house, eliminating the hassle of sourcing for different contractors for various services.

Diverse Options for Custom Plastic Chairs

Custom plastic chairs are beneficial to B2B clients since they are trendy and unique, giving them an edge over their competitors. Also, we provide suggestions on OEM plastic chairs from our skilled designers who understand what your customers need.


The custom plastic chair options we have at Keekea are;

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Plastic Chair Manufacturing in Keekea’s Factory

We have a plastic chair factory equipped with the latest technology for injection molding and plastic chair production. We produce multipurpose chairs applicable in indoor and outdoor settings. Our products are made to withstand harsh environments as they are well-coated to protect from UV rays, water, and dust. 


With our years of experience in plastic chair manufacturing, we deliver outstanding plastic chairs to our clients by selecting quality plastic materials, carrying out sophisticated production, and controlling the quality of each piece. 

Quality Plastic Chairs and Services, Bringing You Success

Taking a step beyond offering quality plastic chairs, Keekea offers high-grade services to ensure all of your needs are taken care of. Keekea ensures a service that brings value to your business, whether this is as simple as answering your product questions within 24 hours or allocating our consultants to provide comprehensive advice.

  • Certified Plastic Chair Factory

    Quality plastic chairs are available throughout the year thanks to our streamlined supply chain of certified materials and our efficient PU furnishing and wood craftsmanship.

  • Strict QC system

    Thorough hardness tests, fatigue tests, and physical appearance inspection, we ensure your orders surpass your target audience’s expectations.

  • Full Services

    Our marketing support backed by years of experience in plastic chair design helps you maximize your brand campaign.

  • Fast Turnaround Time

    Our production is short due to the team of specialists in our plastic chair factory who have vast experience in plastic production and advanced machine handling.

  • Competitive Plastic Chair Wholesale Prices

    We have quality products at competitive prices. It is possible through material sourcing as we are well-positioned to access cheap raw materials that translate to cost-effective production.

  • One-stop Project Follow-up

    We are a one-stop-shop that follows up on projects from initiation to completion. We have specialists that supervise each process to ensure everything is in order and at an affordable price.

Diverse Application of Plastic Chairs

Our plastic chairs are versatile, making them applicable in various situations and settings from outdoor applications, indoor, hospitality, and restaurants. They are built to meet all the needs of our esteemed clients.

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