Children Desks & Chairs Set

Educational Children’s Desk & Chair Sets

Taking into account the learning capabilities of the youth, we design our children’s desk & chair sets to provide comfortable seating, storage space, and adjustable desktop. These tables’ and chairs’ heights can also be adjusted, allowing the set to be used throughout a child’s teenage years. An approachable MOQ of only 100 pieces allows you to test the market with minimum inventory pressure.

With our strict screening process and QC system, we ensure that your wholesale orders of our children’s desk & chair sets meet your expectations in terms of durability. You can also ask for a third-party company to conduct tests on our pieces of furniture to guarantee their quality.

Professionally Made Children’s Desk & Chair Sets

Using branded materials that are sourced from reliable suppliers, Keekea is a children's desk & chair set manufacturer that can help children and teenagers in their pursuit of educational goals.

Children Desks & Chairs Set Catalog

Children's desk and chair
  • Adjustable Desktop

    Each desk can be adjusted to have a 0°-60°angle.

  • Height Adjustment

    This makes the desk usable from childhood to adulthood.

  • Large Storage Space

    A large storage compartment below the desk saves space.

  • Ergonomic Chair Design

    The chair in this set provides a comfortable setting that prevents fatigue, among other things.

  • Foot Support

    A tilted foot support beneath the desk provides a comfortable footrest.

Bringing More Clients to Your Door

Specially Designed Children’s Desk & Chair Sets for Target Market

Children’s desks and chairs we offer come in a rich variety of materials, sizes, colors, and shapes through our OEM/ODM solutions. You can bring in distributors looking for specific furniture, such as, for example, desks with storage spaces for art students or ones with wider surface areas.

Keekea can also break the traditional children’s desk & chair set design through its extensive customization service. The creative designers within our design department can bring your concept to life, allowing you to target niche markets.

Building Your Business through Quality Furniture and Services

By working with us, you get a team of dedicated artisans and experienced workers who offer quality children’s desk & chair sets and business-building services. No matter your business goals, Keekea will help you achieve them. Some of such goals may include providing youth with education-enriching furniture or increasing a home’s interior aesthetics with a stylish study desk.

  • Strong Production Capabilities

    Through our use of precise CNC equipment as well as metalworking, woodworking, and fabric/PU process, we produce children’s desk & chair sets that are within your specifications.

  • QC System Based on International Standards

    All of our children’s desks & chairs are ready to go through appearance inspection, thickness measurement, and other tests to ensure they are within your expectations.

  • Client-Focused Services

    We offer an extensive after-sales service for all orders of our children’s desk & chair sets.  We also provide warranty coverage on each piece of furniture.

Application of Children Desks & Chairs Set

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