Coffee Tables & Cafe Tables

The Latest Wholesale Coffee Tables from China

Choose our selection of bulk coffee tables made to accommodate guests in living room spaces or cafes and increase attention to your brand. As over 60,000 pcs are manufactured monthly, we make sure our tables follow market-leading designs that fit any theme for any cafe or room of your customers’ choice.

With MDF, tempered glass, and wood surface for you to choose, our coffee tables are polished and treated to be glossy and easier to clean. To prove their longevity, we test our tables and make sure they have no stains or spots that taint their quality.

Advanced Coffee Table Features

For us, every single detail counts when making quality coffee tables. A strong metal base keeps our tables together and guarantees that they can easily hold multiple items with minimal stress. Crafting and purchasing excellent fiberboard, plastic, or metal legs further improves the long-term stability of our coffee tables and ensures they can serve without requiring constant maintenance.

Coffee Tables & Cafe Tables Catalog

Coffee table in white
  • Durable Table Top and Tempered Glass

    Three layers of primers and two layers of paint increase overall wear and tear resistance.

  • Scratch-Proof Edge Corner

    Designed with a circular arc chamfer to avoid scratches and guarantee safety.

  • Stable Structure

    Safe installation guaranteed as the table top and legs are connected by a strong screw.

  • Adjustable Height

    Table legs can be lifted up or down to adjust table height for convenience.

  • Anti-Scratch Legs

    Table feet come with non-skid glue pads to prevent noise and scratches on the floor.

Flexible and Fashionable

Bespoke Coffee Table Selections

Multiple adjustments, which include various elements such as color, material, and height, can be added to make our coffee tables more versatile. The assorted design options available in our workshops help us mix and match features to make them more eye-catching to the market.

We accept any OEM customization request in order to make our tables suitable for your market and to bring out the best of your brand’s quality. At Keekea’s gallery, we provide regularly updated unique designs for our coffee tables to reach diverse tastes.

Benefits of Meaningful Collaboration with Keekea

Doing business with Keekea entitles you to fast, affordable production and responsive services available 24/7 that precisely address your concerns.

  • Manufacturing Prowess

    Processing MDF, steel tube, and tempered glass ensures that we produce chairs of superior strength and durability while making them easier to polish and modify to suit your design choices.

  • Testing Facilities

    From preventing stains to maintaining table leg stability, we ensure that our tables have been thoroughly tested for defects before delivery.

  • Hassle-free Service

    To help save on costs, you can order at MOQ 100 pcs, receive free samples, and immediately get refund for any damaged products.

A Look At the Application of Our Trending Coffee Tables

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