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Enhancing Brands Through Diverse Customization Services

Creating a custom chair & table set that satisfies your target market demands requires a wide range of materials. At Keekea, you have 12 raw materials shown below to incorporate into your personalized furniture. Whether is a contemporary office chair or a restaurant table, we can turn your concept into reality.


Choose from our selection of durable, luxurious, and stylish leather materials that come in several color options and stunning contrasting levels.


Achieve a specific look of your chairs by picking one of several available rayons that are available in a diverse range of colors, patterns, and textures.Download our catalog to see more custom options.


From deep buttoned to a smooth horizontal fluted surface, you have numerous upholstery options that suit residential, commercial, retail, and various other settings.

MDF Surface

You have the option to customize your table by choosing from our rich selection of wood grain paper, giving your project that trendy look.


Keekea offers several colors that have a diverse range of tones and shades. You can also choose a bespoke color to add a unique touch to your furniture.


Through four 130-meter printing lines, we can incorporate your logo onto the custom chair or table, sewing fabric label, and carton packaging.

Heat Transfer

We use heat transfer to transfer decoration onto our chairs and tables. Through heating sublimation, heat transfer can wrap a substrate with wood grain paper seamlessly, creating custom patterns on the surface within a short amount of time.

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