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We help you bring more vibrancy to any dining room, kitchen, and restaurant with our line of quality tables, designed to match any theme or setting. Producing 720,000 pcs monthly, our factory hosts numerous production lines and workshops to craft our tables within short lead times.

Making tables from plastic, MDF board, and tempered glass, we utilize high-quality finishes and polishes to create bespoke table selections. See how our craftsmen boast meticulous craftsmanship to bring out every desired detail to show off the quality of our tables.

Attractive Points with Our Tables

For the customization of our tables, we acquire durable materials, such as hot-pressed MDF, wooden or metal legs, as well as precisely shaped glass and marble table tops.

Dining Tables Catalog

Dinning table made by wood
  • Metal Frame

    Ensures stability and prevents deterioration of both the floor and the chair legs.

  • High-Strength Materials

    Using quality-certified materials ensures long-term durability.

  • Protective Film

    Table base is protected by high-quality paint to prevent corrosion.

  • Easy to Install

    User-friendly installation for convenient placement in any venue.

Adding More Life to Any Room

Designing Bespoke Tables for Kitchens and Dining

As tables are one of the pivotal elements in any room, we provide you with numerous options for materials, sizes, colors, and other specifications. Bespoke dining tables can draw in guests while defining their impressions of room decoration and garnering appeal to your brand.

Whether you aim for traditional or modern designs, we construct any table according to your preferences and ensure they match any room or restaurant space. Be inspired by our growing selection of dining tables beautifully designed at our workshops and let us know what you would like us to customize.

Options For Modern and More Styles of Custom Dining Tables

Our modern custom dining tables are available in various custom options to cater to different OEM project needs. With state-of-art manufacturing techniques, strict quality checks, and quick customer support, we are trusted by millions of dining table suppliers worldwide. Our custom options involve:
Dining TablesRestaurant Tables TDN120001 1
manufacturing wood tables

Dining Table Fabrication in Keekea’s Factory

Combining technological advancements with craftsmanship, and strict quality checks, we fabricate tables in materials like marble, glass, wood, metal, MDF, and plastic. Services like injection molding, ironwork, woodworking, printing, and upholstery are all provided in one place making us the leading dining table manufacturer in China.


Refined technical operations, product test, ability to respect deadlines are some of the pillars which makes us the first choice of business partners worldwide.

Dining Tables and Chairs Wholesale Solutions

We are capable of furnishing an outstanding range of dining tables and chairs for outdoor and indoor settings fulfilling every single requirement and specification. A plethora of customization opportunities in terms of dining table and chair matching, styles, materials, the inclusion of a logo, etc. is also provided.


With multiple chairs and dining tables designs, our wholesale dining tables price is economical which ensures lucrative profit margins for our clients. We provide not only customized dining tables and chairs but also customized packaging solutions, marketing support, shipping, and aftersales customer services to ensure healthy growth on both ends.

Metal chairs in restaurant scene

Our Beneficial Partnership

Collaborate with us as we offer meticulous, quality-tested craftsmanship and free services that improve the pace of your project.

  • Top-of-the-line Manufacturing

    With precise machinery, our expert craftsmen pay attention to every detail in woodwork and metal furniture manufacturing, constructing well-designed tables that appease diverse needs.

  • Strict Quality Control

    We conduct a multitude of tests and regular inspections on our tables to guarantee excellent performance and durability under various conditions.

  • Responsive Customer Support

    From providing refunds for defective products to free samples, we take any measure to lighten costs on your end. Available at MOQ 50 pcs.

Quality Tables for Kitchens, Restaurants and More

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