Modern Designs Backed by Experience and Market Trends

Keekea made its name among distributors around the world with its fresh, dynamic, and contemporary designs. These designs come from our commitment to researching and following market trends as well as attending major events such as the Milan Furniture Fair to find unique styles that your target audience desire.

Dedication to comfort, health, safety, and functionality comes from years of completing our clients’ projects, elevating their brands with modernizing chairs & table designs.

Curiosity     Courage     Creative

Craftsmanship Born from Experience and Skills

A woman is looking at the sketch of chair on the computer

We work closely with you through professional consultation in choosing the right material, form, and upholstery. Keekea’s designers also optimize your vision and make it marketable for your target audience with the performance, style, and durability that they want. Starting as a simple sketch on paper, each finely crafted chair or table is forged to bring your vision to life. With our help, we can find a design that accomplishes your goals while staying within your budget.

Engaging Customization Services

2 designers are looking at the draft of chair

Keekea experts guide you through every step, from optimizing your concept to the construction of your chairs & tables according to your design. Professional insights and recommendations are provided regarding all aspects of your idea, eliminating possible flaws in your design. Your preferred style, fabric, material, chair height, backrest, waist support, armrest, and color style are all considered and discussed as we go through your concept. By the end of the process, we can present you with a refined design that accomplishes your goals.

Accurate Depiction of Your Designs

Welding iron chairs

Several state-of-the-art pieces of equipment in our workshops ensure your custom chairs & tables are produced to your specifications. Keekea workshops have 8 CNC laser cutting machines, 20 punching machines, 15 bending machines, 2 fabric cutters, 20 automatic laser welding robots, and much more.

The production team has the tools required to assist you with expanding your chairs & tables catalog. Alongside the service we provide, we help you break boundaries and reach new markets while staying within your budget.

Unique Designs to Drive Your Brand


Simple and Elegant

More is less with our armless chairs that provide comfort and beauty in a minimalistic way.


Sturdy and Comfortable

With an ergonomic shape for the backrest and armrest, our chairs offer a better seating experience for prolonged periods.


Uncomplicated Form

Chairs with a stylish oval shape and sleek metal legs embody a “white atmosphere” that makes them blend with any interior design.


Functional Style

Incorporating high-grade materials such as velvet fabric, rebound sponge, and thickened iron pipe provides our chairs with superior load support and an elegant design.


Exquisite Space Saver

Combining a compact design with reinforced legs and velvet lining fabric, we craft luxurious chairs that allow for comfortable seating.


Quiet and Powerful

The simple and silent design of our chairs with soft leather cushions and wood tapered legs can blend with luxurious interiors.

img chair3


Luxurious Beauty

We create chairs that enhance various interior spaces with their modernized backrest and tubular leg design.


​Modernized Form

Portable and elegant. We can design chairs for periodic usage in various settings while incorporating a stylish design that suits stylish interiors.

img chair2

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