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Keekea is one of the outstanding office chair manufacturers in China. We aim to provide superior-quality office chairs that are well suited to add elegance to the office and home working areas while being completely comfortable to work. Our aesthetic and ergonomic range of office chairs is economical in price without compromising on quality.

Our advanced technological machinery and elite craftsmanship allow us to furnish a plethora of options in office chair types at a profitable cost for our clients. With our low MOQ of 50 pieces, our clients can have an economical and all-around office chair OEM solution for their start-up or wholesale businesses. We successfully cater fast turn-around to the needs of office chairs wholesalers, brand owners, importers, and various companies. Contact Keekea to get professional consultation and a free quote.

Ergonomic Office Chair Features

Ergonomic office chairs are in high demand, all thanks to the comfort and the increase in productivity that they provide. At Keekea, you can source out the best ergonomic office chairs.

Office Chairs Catalog

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  • Breathable Mesh

    The breathable mesh for the seat and backrest allows ventilation and enhances the comfort while leaning with the anti-skid design providing a pleasing look.

  • Ergonomic Chair Design

    The curve at the back perfectly supports the lumbar spine preventing back pain. It gives comfort while working as pressure is taken away from the lower back and distributed equally.

  • Adjustable Height, Arm, Tilt

    Adjustable height, armrest, and tilt are available in our office chair design, making it suitable for a wider customer base.

  • Sturdy Wheels

    We test the soft yet sturdy wheels to ensure smooth movement and withstanding long-term use.

Office Chairs with Your Custom Logo and Color

Custom Office Chair Designs Benefit Your Business

Our design team constantly researches modern trends and has gained experience over the years serving various companies to elevate their office interior and their employees’ comfort through our office chair designs. Various customization services such as free prototypes, rich material selection, artistic office chair product selection, and others are also dispensed by us.

We offer a wide range of customization opportunities to our clients in terms of fabric, logo, and colors. Guarantee of uncompromising quality standards, competitive prices of products, timely delivery, packaging, shipping, customer care assistance are a few pillars that make us a leading office chair supplier. Contact us now, to get the best customization options and solutions.

Office Chair Manufacturing for Premium Quality

Our team designs and make office chairs on strict quality standards standing by all the parameters of an ergonomic office chair right from breathable mesh back, armrest, sturdy wheels, lumbar back support design to comfortable seat material, height, and size.


Our state-of-art technology for processing wooden, metal, plastic, fabric office chair parts, craftsmanship and strict quality checks assure superior quality goods, short lead time, and delivery of goods before deadlines.

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Make Your Importing Office Chairs from China Easier

Keekea possesses a network of well-built and connected workshops with the advantage of geographical locations which allows ROI and competitive pricing ensuring a promising profit margin for our clients. All our raw materials are sourced from trusted suppliers at a lower cost to maintain a continuous supply of products.


Our products are tested on various parameters and certified for quality. We also extend overseas shipment, soft packaging, printing, marketing support, and after sales support to our clients. Services like free samples and quick customer response make us the leading office chair exporter offering office chairs to:


  • ● Office Chairs Wholesalers
  • ● Furniture Brand Owners
  • ● Office Chairs Importers
  • ● Companies

Office Tables and Chairs Wholesale Solutions

In terms of office furniture, we have gained extensive knowledge over the years in the manufacturing and customization of office chairs and tables. With time, we have worked with multiple firms, wholesalers, and companies converting their ideas of an ideal workspace into reality through our considerable range of office chairs and tables.


We offer a plethora of options in office chairs and tables at a feasible price and various styles. Our customization fields are vast, comprising a choice of fabrics like velvets, leather, rayon, various prints, patterns, colors, material, matching office tables and chairs, and others. We also provide an instructive product training program to help you grow your business.

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Keekea’s Office Chairs Bring You Success

Bring success to your business by choosing Keekea’s office chairs OEM and wholesale services. And below are the reasons why we believe so!

  • Experienced Office Chair Manufacturing

    Over the years, we have gained quite an experience working with different clients worldwide and providing premium office chairs to them. We upgrade technology and equipment from years of office chair production, so that we can provide more customers with high quality, market-leading office chairs.

  • Strict Quality Check System

    To provide reliable office chair solutions, all the products go through certain levels of quality check for ergonomic performance and structural integrity inspection by experts.

  • One-stop Services

    We are a one-stop location for all your OEM office chairs demands, handling injection molding, ironwork, printing, painting, spraying, packaging, and even marketing solutions.

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