Leather VS Fabric: Which is the Best Material for Chair 

Chairs are a vital part of every sector and on average any office goer, student or self-employed sit on the chair for a major part of the day for conducting their daily activities. Thus, for optimum productivity one requires a comfortable and durable chair. The chair market is a limitless horizon with numerous options to choose from and one of the most prominent comparisons that frequently arises is between leather vs fabric chair. 

Before stocking up on any of them, businesses must carefully consider all their advantages and disadvantages.

Leather Chair

Leather Home Office Chair 3
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Material Features, Styles, And Material Options

Leather chairs of Keekea are a great option for workplaces and residential areas that need to buy new furniture for their staff and family as they offer several advantages.

A leather chair has firm armrests, flexible armrests, and comfortable surfaces. It is suitable for home décor and a few official settings since it enables temporary relaxation. Additionally, it features cushions so the users may unwind after a difficult day. Additionally, it is available as a luxury-style dining chair.

Well-made leather chairs have a long lifespan and may support any person who sits on them for extended periods of time. The office chairs’ substantial padding provides excellent support for the lower back and seat, which are important areas. Many chairs have movable armrests and seats to accommodate various body types. Leather office chairs provide consumers with plushness and exceptional comfort. 


  • A leather office chair is one of the most significant purchases that any respectable organization would make to improve the look and feel of the workplace environment. A leather office chair may provide a level of style and distinction that no other sort of office chair can, and it’s far richer in both quality and image. 
  • The majority of businesses would view it as a worthwhile investment because it significantly improves the way their company looks, which may appeal to clients or potential customers.
  • If the seats are taken very good care of, real leather office chairs would endure much longer. The price of high-quality leather tends to be higher, but it will last a lot longer. To use the best leather seats for a long time, it is worth spending a little extra money.
  • The leather office chair can be easily cleaned with a moist cloth or even mild soapy water to make it absolutely clean and good if someone who is sweating sits on it. In an office setting, hygiene is crucial, especially when the infrastructure is shared. It becomes quite simple to keep a leather office chair clean and hygienic without putting in a lot of effort.


  • Unlike other office chair options, leather chairs cannot be utilized in a rough manner. They are quite vulnerable to scratching. Being careless while using the leather chair can cause damage to it, therefore using any sharp things should be avoided.
  • In comparison to other office chairs, a leather chair is a more expensive option.

Genuine leather office chairs are incredibly expensive to purchase while being a naturally occurring material with great quality and attractive aesthetics.

  • It is exceedingly challenging to distinguish between fake and real leather. Since there is no assurance that the leather one purchases are genuine, purchasing a leather office chair would be a gamble. Furthermore, there is much debate on whether PU leather or fabric chair is better.

Fabric Chair

Skin friendly Dining Chair 3
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Material Features, Styles, And Material Options

Chairs that have a fabric backrest and seat are known as fabric chairs. Polyester, velvet suede, tweed, cotton, and linen are the fabric types that are most frequently used. There are instances where a combination of mesh is used in the fabric, however, this is less typical.

In conclusion, fabric chairs offered by any fabric chair factory have a wide range of purchasing options and the opportunity to select a chair that will be as cozy, useful, and equipped with functions as required.


  • It is crucial to note that every chair fabric is comfortable in its intended use; many people adore the rich, cozy sensation that fabric chairs provide.
  • Fabric chairs have the advantage of being available in a wide range of colors, patterns, and materials, which can give the decor more character and life. Depending on the choice of upholstery, fabric chairs can create a variety of moods.
  • Typically, fabric chairs cost less than other types of chairs. So, when money is tight, a cloth chair is typically the best option.


  • A fabric chair will, in general, absorb more allergens thus in case of existing allergies, it is suggested to use alternative chair materials.
  • Fabric chairs are notoriously difficult to clean and maintain since they are easily discolored or damaged, so they are generally not the greatest choice for very long-term use.
  • Fabric chairs typically lose their functionality as they get older and tend to wear out after a while.

Leather Or Fabric Chair? 

Skin friendly Dining Chair 2
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They Key distinctions between fabric vs leather chairs have been enlisted below

CharacteristicLeather chairFabric chair
Design optionsAlthough leather chairs are fairly appealing, especially in formal settings, they rarely allow for distinctive designs.Fabric chairs typically come in virtually any color imaginable and offer a variety of design options. Even further, the chair might be re-fabricated with a new design to better meet the requirements of the customers.
MaintenanceAlthough they get stained they are easier to clean. Furthermore, it does not hold on to odors.Fabric can be quite tricky to clean. It easily holds onto odors.
DurabilityLeather seats are renowned for their longevity and all-around toughness. After all, leather actually improves with time.With use, the fabric tends to rip or sustain other damages with time.
BreathabilityLeather provides a warm exterior seat and thus, is not well suited for cramped, hot places.Fabric is more breathable than leather, hence suitable for hot and humid climates.
CostLeather is a costlier material for chairs.Fabrics are relatively cheaper options for making office chairs.

The Conclusion: Based On Customers’ Needs, Applications, And Your Targeted Market Needs

Tan Dining Arm Chair 1
Source: Keekea

The material selected for the seat and backrest of an office chair contributes to its overall quality. Some of the most popular options for these materials include leather and fabric. Office chairs made of leather are renowned to be strong and long-lasting, but they may also be quite pricey and heat-absorbing.

Fabric office chairs, on the other hand, are lighter and more breathable, but they don’t last as long as leather chairs. Of course, when choosing between leather chairs and fabric chairs, everyone has different priorities and tastes. Thus one needs to carefully consider their needs before choosing the chair.

The usage of fabric and leather office chairs is fairly similar. They make excellent choices for workplace seats as well. However, if one had to be chosen among them, the consumer’s preferred material would be the ideal choice. When choosing an office chair, take in mind that leather and fabric have significantly different care requirements, textures, and durability. Choose leather or fabric chairs just based on the specific needs.


Customers must choose between fabric and leather chairs. Asking questions like is leather or fabric better for dining chairs and so on might help reach the conclusion faster. 

Given that both fabric and leather chairs offer advantages and disadvantages, there is no one correct answer as to which is better. And to pick which chair finish is ideal for the users, their family, and the house, it’s essential to consider the advantages of each material rather than relying on personal ideas, suggestions, or experiences. 

Durability, maintenance requirements, beauty, comfort, and price are the most crucial factors. Take enough time making this choice; as it is likely that the chair is used every day for many years. Although a fabric office chair can be visually appealing, leather is typically more sturdy. The decision to purchase a leather product, fabric chair, or any other sort of office chair ultimately rests with the buyer. Get in touch with Keekea for your bulk order, OEM, and ODM services.

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