Metal Chairs

Manufacturing Widely-Available Wholesale Metal Chairs

Choose our line of metal chairs made with resilient metals and protected with the latest electroplating, acid washing, and other treatments. Efficient production lines help us produce metal chairs in bulk at consistent monthly volumes while helping you save on costs.

With thorough EN12520 testing, we ensure the strength, durability, and safety of our metal chairs and maximize their ability to provide customers with a high level of comfort. Before packaging, we check our chairs for defects and rust to ensure they perform optimally.

Refined Metal Chair Features

High-quality cutting, welding, deburring, surface treatment, and other processes ensure a longer service life of our chairs. Superior powder coating improves paint adhesion and helps in derusting, making our metal chairs stand out for their strong resistance and excellent polished surfaces.

Metal Chairs Catalog

Red iron chair
  • Well-Constructed Metal Legs

    Strong metal legs maintain stability through prolonged use.

  • Bespoke Design

    Spraying our chairs with gold powder gives them an overall shiny finish and makes them more fashionable.

  • Superior Metal Material

    Our selection of superior metal materials increases the overall strength of our chairs.

  • Precision Electroplating Welding Process

    Along with a fine luster, our chairs come with long-lasting rust prevention.

  • Smooth Welding

    The corner joints are well welded to ensure the durability of chair frames.

An Inspiring Process

Bespoke Metal Chairs to Last for Years

With their ability to retain beauty over the years of use, our metal chairs can withstand the elements thanks to the innate durability of our metals and superb welding workmanship. We deliver new products on a regular basis and we also update our catalog to meet specific requirements.

Study your options with our experts and we will make chairs that reflect your dedication to helping your customers find the right chairs for decorating their rooms and offices. If you have concerns over any of our processes, you can contact us to be updated on the progress right away to ease your worries and ensure a faster production.

Making Every Order Count

From longer warranties to affordable custom options, we’re here to meet your requirements and help you in every step of production so that you receive just the right chairs that fit your needs.

  • Attentive Manufacturing

    As we prepare metallic materials and transform them into bars and parts, we capture your desired shape through our metal workmanship while maintaining the durability of materials.

  • Strict Testing in Every Step

    Checking our metal materials and the welding quality of various parts helps make our production more efficient while ensuring our chairs are made more stable.

  • Wide Range of Services

    Along with our attentive design work, we offer technical support, customization options, and easy shipment of your orders that can start at MOQ of 100 pcs.

Metal Chair Applications in Any Setting

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