Top 10 Best Chair Manufacturer in the UK

Chairs compose a very integral part of our routine life. From the office to home study to the library to restaurants to banks to schools, chairs are a pretty common commodity we come to use. But let us not forget that even though common, it is very necessary for us to provide end-users with quality chairs. Hence, it becomes absolutely essential to select a source that ensures you the best quality, reliability, and durability of the product.

Considering that we have so many options available, it becomes a tedious task to choose one out of them. Here is the blog for chair manufacturers in the UK.

List of the Best Chair Manufacturers in the UK

If you are willing to start a new chair business, then take a look at some of the best chair manufacturers in the UK. Select any one from these, and you can source out the best quality chairs for your business.

1. Senator

Senator Logo
Source: Senator

Type of Business: Furniture Manufacturer & Designer

Location (Headquarters): Altham Business Park

Accrington, Lancashire, BB5 5YE 

Year Founded: 1976

Products offered: Work chair, office chair, and other furnishings

Senator is concentrated on creating furniture for formal and office workspaces. It is based on understanding that different workspaces have different styles and statements. To meet the varying requirements, this UK brand combines knowledge of fashion with workplace consultants and analysts.

Senator is one of the best chair makers that the UK has to offer. 

2. The Chairmaker

The Chairmaker Logo
The Chairmaker

Type of Business: Furniture Manufacturer & Interior Design Firm

Location (Headquarters): CVOUK Ltd Chairmaker, Unit 3 Dominion Way, Worthing West Sussex, BN14 8NW

Year Founded

Products offered: Hove Tub Chair, Rottingdean Chair, Fontwell dining Chair, Rusper dining Chair, Ditchling dining Chair, Horley dining Chair

Established in the UK, Chairmaker makes any number of chairs to order, be it a single statement chair for the home, or a hundred quality, classy, fashionable dining chairs for a restaurant or hotel. You can specify the wood, texture, color, upholstery, and build standard. 

Fabrics and leathers are either supplied by you or by the team working behind the scenes. Also, they take the utmost care with the quality of the products, and you can be assured that you’ll receive just the best quality chairs from this manufacturer.

3. Ergochair

Ergochair Logo

Type of Business: Manufacturing and Supplying Industry

Location (Headquarters): Ergochair Ltd, Rainbow Court, Armstrong Way, Yate Bristol BS37 5NG

Year Founded: 2004

Products offered: Adapt series (adapt 500, adapt 600, adapt V600, adapt 200, adapt 700, adaptLift), Zen series (zentoFit, zentoFit SE, zentoSmart, zenkiSit, zenkiDesk), Actyv series (Reactive, Large, Vertical and Portable Lumbar support ), ErgoKids

Ergochair was founded by some of the best ergonomic and health professionals. It is one of the most unique manufacturers in the furniture industry, provided that they customize the chairs for customers using body dimensions – like, body weight, height, mass index, etc to avoid postural problems. 

Ergochair provides a wide range of office chairs, home furniture, or any business-related furniture, for restaurants and cafes too!

Given their 17+ years of craftsmanship and expertise, some very well-known companies – Unilever, MicroLink, FUJITSU, etc. use their products for their staff and themselves.

4.Dining Chair

Dining Chair
Dining Chair Logo

Type of Business: Furniture and Related Product Manufacturing

Location (Headquarters): 4 St. Barnabas Street London SW1W 8PE

Year Founded: 1995

Products offered: Upholstery, dining chairs, dining tables, bar stools, Ottomans, Clubs and bespoke chairs 

The Dining Chair is a one-stop-shop supplier for anyone who’s looking for upholstered dining chairs, ranging from classic to contemporary, from pop to quirky, from loud to sophisticated. They offer an unending range of wood finishes and intricate product detailing

Along with a wide variety of chairs, you will also get stools, bar counter tops and much more to complement their detailed chairs.

5. Lakeland Furniture

Lakeland Furniture
Lakeland Furniture Logo

Type of Business: Furniture Manufacturing

Location (Headquarters): Glebe Street, Shaw, OL2 7SF, UK

Year Founded

Products offered: Household furniture items, dining tables and chairs, kitchen accessories, trollies, garden chairs, and furniture, moveable chairs and tables 

Lakeland Furniture is one of the best chair manufacturers in the UK and chair suppliers in the UK have ever had. Along with durability and reliability, Lakeland Furniture also believes in providing affordability to its customers, and hence, it provides free delivery to UK resident clients. 

Customers are also very happy with the timely sales that are organized by the company, benefitting both the firm and the buyers.



Type of Business: Furniture Manufacturing Industry

Location (Headquarters): 15 Trench Road, New Town Abbey, BT36 4TY, UK

Year Founded: 1984

Products offered: Folding tables, ultralight staging packages, enviro benches

GOPAK has been a chair company in the UK for over 60 years, specialising in manufacturing all kinds of folding furniture. Stacking benches, storage trollies, and portable stages have been some of the most demanded products of GOPAK. They not only provide a 5-year guarantee on all their products but are also widely trusted – locally and nationally both.

This manufacturer also specialises in furniture for educational institutes, and hence, many schools prefer the bright and vibrant seating solutions that GOPAK has to offer.

7. Fiesta Furniture

Fiesta Furniture Logo

Type of Business: Manufacturer & Supplier

Location (Headquarters): 59/63 Bury Mead Road

Hitchin, Hertfordshire, SG5 1RT

Year Founded: 2006

Products offered: Accessories, banqueting tables, chair accessories, banqueting chair 

Fiesta Furniture is one of the UK’s largest furniture manufacturers and suppliers, catering to the needs of the events industry, the hospitality industry, the restaurant trade as well as sporting venues, events, and exhibitions. They deal only in furniture which is sourced from high-quality manufacturers and offer a selected collection of contemporary and classic styles.

The chairs that they provide include folding chairs, plastic chairs, metal chairs, banquet chairs, and much more.

8. Morgan Furniture

Morgan Furniture
Morgan Furniture Logo

Type of Business: Furniture manufacturing

Location (Headquarters): 1 Dallington Street, Clerkenwell, London, EC1V 0BH, UK

Year Founded

Products offered: Dining chairs, office furniture, lounge chairs.

Morgan Furniture is an entirely British, design-oriented business, aimed at blending craftsmanship with industrial creativity. There is a professional team working behind the manufacturing and design aspects of their company. They have received Design Guide Mark awards for products including Brompton, City, Kyoto, Lima, Manhattan, Miami.

9. Strictly Tables and Chairs

Strictly Tables & Chairs
Strictly Tables & Chairs Logo

Type of Business: Furniture Manufacturer 

Location (Headquarters): Strictly Tables and Chairs, 59 (Unit 5) Bury Mead Road, Mead Industrial Estate, Hitchin, Hertfordshire, SG5 1RT

Year Founded: 1916

Products offered: Folding tables, folding chairs, upholstered furniture, stacking tables

Strictly Tables and Chairs are considered to be one of the largest chair manufacturers and chair suppliers in the UK have ever had. There is a wide range of chairs, folding tables, banqueting tables, restaurant chairs, plastic chairs, heavy-duty folding tables, etc for their customers. Along with this, sports, kitchen, and hospital accessories are also available.

10. Style Seating

Style Seating
Style Seating Logo

Type of Business: Customized-furniture maker and cross-channel retailer

Location (Headquarters): Nunbrook Mills, Mirfield, West Yorkshire, WF14 0EH, United Kingdom

Year Founded: 1916

Products offered: Melamine table, flock-top tables, high-density stacking chairs

Style Seating is one of the UK’s top 10 furniture manufacturers with 30+ years of expertise and experience. Initially, they started to make tables and chairs for banqueting and restaurants and primarily, the hospitality sector. But in recent years, there has been a gradual shift to more inclusive furniture industry.

Keekea: The Best Chinese Alternative

Keekea’s Logo
Source: Keekea

If you are in search of a company that phenomenally rules in the chair manufacturing market in China, Keekea is your go-to place. There is a wide range of products that will blow your minds out and give you a rich variety to choose from.

Type of Business: Chair Manufacturer, Exporter, and Distributor

Location (Headquarters): No. 69 Xinkai Road, Bazhou, Langfang City, Hebei Province, P.R.China

Year Founded: 1995

Products offered: Chair, tables, stools, and all kinds of formal seating

Keeka, established in 1995 has earned a reputation of being one of the top-rated chair manufacturing companies. Successfully catering to the needs of residential, commercial, retail, hospitality fronts, it has satisfied customers like Costco, Hay, P&H, Noble House, OverStock, Homepro, We-Work, and JYSK. Keeka is considered know-how and the ultimate guide to best chair manufacturing. 

Here, the designers convert customers’ dreams into an envisioned reality and enable them to live through luxury as comfortably as possible. 

Products and Services Offered:


Taking a detailed review of 10 top-rated manufacturing companies in the UK, we have jotted down some of the best sources for you to choose your next purchase from. However, there is no substitute for the best. If you want to blend creativity, innovation, and science, make sure to visit the best chairs manufacturer:, and get first-hand experience of luxury, comfort, and beauty. 

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