Top 20 Bar Stool Manufacturers in The UK

There was a period when bar stools were mostly used in aged bars to provide sitting for patrons, but they are now becoming an important aspect of home décor as well. Creating a beautiful kitchen bar for dining and socializing has virtually become standard practice among homeowners. 

If you’re seeking trendy and modern bar stool wholesale or custom bar stools, then this list of the best bar stool manufacturers in the UK will be able to assist you.

Top 20 Bar Stool Manufacturers in the UK

1. Trent Furniture

Trent Furniture logo
Source: Trent Furniture

Year Established: 1960

Location: Leicester, UK

Industry: Manufacturing

Trent Furniture is one of the UK’s top contract furniture providers. They believe in delivering sturdy, hardwearing industrial furniture at accessible costs, from innovative styles to timeless old classics. Their appreciation of both classic and innovative new designs, as well as their grasp of what it takes to manufacture furniture that is made to last, have given them over 60 years of experience serving the hotel business. 

Everything has been meticulously designed and built with contract use in mind. For practically every setting, they provide a large selection of tables, chairs, and stools. There is truly something for every type of establishment, with various products available in a variety of colors, finishes, forms, and sizes. When you buy from Trent Furniture you’re investing in furniture that will outlast the latest trends.

2. Connections At Home

Connections at home logo
Source: Connections at home

Year Established: 1990

Location: Progress Business Park, Essex, UK

Industry: Distribution

Connections At Home specializes in the most cutting-edge, wacky, and eye-catching contemporary designed furniture, modern lighting, and housewares. They offer speedy shipping from their wide assortment, thanks to their warehouses in the Borough of Southend-on-Sea. They also provide continuing support, advice, and assistance once your system is up and running.

3. Lugo UK

Lugo logo
Source: Lugo UK

Year Established: 1991

Location: West Midlands, UK

Industry: Manufacturing

Lugo is a contract furniture manufacturer based in the United Kingdom. They pride themselves on offering the highest quality furniture for hospitality, specializing in designing, producing, and importing finely constructed contract and customized furniture. They can construct a bespoke piece of furniture for any hospitality location or business throughout the world, from hotels, pubs, and restaurants to cruise ship operators.

Lugo’s customized furniture designers are masters in their area, so you can rest assured that your hospitality furniture fantasies will become a reality.

4. Cube Company

Cube Company logo
Source: Cube Company

Year Established: NA

Location: St Albans, UK

Industry: Manufacturing
Cube Company is one of the top bar stool manufacturers UK that focuses on innovation to stay relevant in the industry. They try to design furniture that stimulates creativity and enhances the productivity of the intended place. They provide a platform for innovation and collaboration in every business.

5. Momentum Contract Furniture

Momentum logo
Source: Momentum Contract Furniture

Year Established: 2005

Location: United Kingdom

Industry: Distribution

For over 16 years, Momentum has been delivering quality contract furniture from their producers as an independent firm. They specialize in meeting the requirements with the best possible results on any project, giving entirely unbiased guidance and the highest technical competence. 

They don’t make or sell knockoffs and don’t favor their own brands. Instead, they encourage and promote the manufacturers who have the finest design and production credentials, as well as those who provide their consumers the most value for money.

6. Alias Design

Alias logo
Source: Alias Design

Year Established: NA

Location: United Kingdom

Industry: Manufacturing

Alias is a furniture manufacturer that was founded on intense research and development by an Italian furniture maker. Alias continues to make products and attract some of the top designers from across the world due to creativity, materials, and innovation. 

The Segesta collection, designed by Zurich-based Alfredo Häberli, features a variety of chairs from office to house that embodies Alias’ unique blend of market research and design. In Alberto Medo’s Frametable, meticulous design approaches employing both metal and glass are exhibited with stunning purity.

7. Eclipse Contract Furniture

Eclipse Furniture logo
Source: Eclipse Furniture

Year Established: 1991

Location: United Kingdom

Industry: Manufacturing

Eclipse Furniture has proven to be a vital component of the supply chain. Eclipse has continuously demonstrated its ability to deliver furniture on schedule despite working under extremely difficult conditions. They provide furniture for a wide range of places, from restaurants to bistro bars. Plus, with assured next-day delivery on all of their products, you’ll have your brand-new stools in no time.

8. Conran Contracts

Conran Shop logo
Source: Conran

Year Established: 1971

Location: London, UK

Industry: Manufacturing

The Conran Shop is a haven for thoughtful design and well-curated living. For years, its imaginative edit has inspired and enthralled visitors with its unique and exclusive blend of contemporary classics and future collectibles. The Conran Shop has built itself as a brand associated with all aspects of design, with a nearly 50-year history.

9. PS Interiors

PS Interiors logo
Source: PS Interiors

Year Established: 1985

Location: Cheshire, UK

Industry: Manufacturing

PS Interiors, situated in Cheshire, is known for selling high-quality contract furniture and lights to the hospitality industry, culinary, and recreation industries, as well as providing great customer service. Since its inception in 1985, the company has strived to satisfy its customers by supplying the finest furniture and continuously introducing new and interesting contemporary designs and collections.

Because of their passion, experience, and commitment to design and quality, they have much long-standing clientele. Their close relationships with important designers, professionalism, and dogged attention to detail can make a significant difference in the execution of each project, which has allowed them to establish an impressive portfolio of contract customers.

10. Sitraben Furniture

Sitraben logo
Source: Sitraben

Year Established: 2005

Location: Manchester, UK
Industry: Manufacturing

Sitraben is committed to providing you with the highest-quality items, with an emphasis on quality, reliability, and timely delivery. Founded in 2005 by Simon Marples in his Manchester house, has gone a long way since its humble beginnings. Simon’s dream when he first began up was for Sitraben to become one of the most inventive and respected manufacturers in the UK.

Simon’s strong determination, along with his wonderful team, ensured that the company grew into the respected and successful company it is today. In the UK Hospitality & Education Markets, they now produce and provide contract furniture to independent and high street brands in a range of industries. 

11. Swivel UK

Swivel UK logo
Source: Swivel UK

Year Established: 2004

Location: UK

Industry: Manufacturing

Swivel UK was founded in 2004 by a group of designers, engineers, and builders who came together to achieve a shared goal: to make modern classic furniture accessible to all who enjoy it. They believe that while brilliantly designed, visually beautiful furniture can only be manufactured by a select few, it should be available to the general public.

Swivel UK’s products are authentic copies of the original Bauhaus masterpieces. These pieces have lasted the test of time because of their attention to detail. They go to considerable lengths to ensure that every element of the original designs is preserved in their replicas. 

12. Tables And Tops

Tables and Tops logo
Source: Tables And Tops

Year Established: NA

Location: West Yorkshire, UK

Industry: Manufacturing

Tables And Tops is one of the most well-known contract furniture manufacturers, having won numerous accolades and gaining a strong reputation. It is well-known for its products geared toward the modern office, as well as its adaptable office furniture. The company is paving the way for a slew of modular furniture makers who are revolutionizing the industry’s operations and product design.

13. Lakeland Furniture

Lakeland Furniture logo
Source: Lakeland Furniture

Year Established: NA

Location: UK

Industry: Distribution

Lakeland Furniture is a renowned online seller of home furnishings in the United Kingdom, offering fashionable and high-quality designs at cheap costs. Their collections are created to bring your home to life, with a wide variety of modern and contemporary furniture that is ideal for creating an ambiance that both you and your guests will enjoy. 
They take great satisfaction in carrying the most up-to-date styles in bar stools, dining chairs, stackable chairs, outdoor furniture, and more. All of our goods are built to be durable, functional, and most importantly, affordable. Each product is thoroughly tested and built to withstand the test of time.

14. Furnitrend

Furnitrend logo
Source: Furnitrend

Year Established: 2002

Location: Huntingdon, UK

Industry: Manufacturing

Furnitrend is a producer and importer of high-quality contract furniture to be used in bars, restaurants, clubs, hotels, golf courses, and other hospitality establishments. For pubs, restaurants, and clubs, they have a manufacturing business that creates bespoke bench/fixed seating. They can also refinish your current furniture if it is in need of repair. Furnitrend provides all of these services under one roof, including repainting, repolishing, and respraying.

15. Nova Interiors

Nova Interiors logo
Source: Nova Interiors

Year Established: 1991

Location: Chesterfield, UK

Industry: Manufacturing

Nova Interiors specializes in custom furnishings for the hotel industry. Stools, chairs, sofas, banquette seats, tabletop, and bedroom furniture are all supplied to new construction and refurbishment projects across the UK. Their family-owned firm has been creating and supplying one-of-a-kind, high-quality furniture for both indoor and outdoor environments for over 30 years.

Their expert in-house product designers, artisans, and sewing machine operators will work with you to create designs that will turn your desired space into a useful yet elegant place.

16. Spiro Designs

Spiro Designs logo
Source: Spiro Designs

Year Established: 1981

Location: Staffordshire, UK

Industry: Manufacturing

Spiro Designs Limited was founded to provide customers with a one-stop outlet for industrial furniture suitable for every segment of the leisure industry. With over 40 years of experience in the furniture industry and a reputation for supplying quality goods and helpful, quality service, Spiro Designs Limited was founded to provide customers with commercial furniture suitable for every sector of the leisure industry.

They have the industry knowledge, connections, know-how, and expertise to make sure that you obtain the best solution for all of your contract furniture needs.

17. CFUK Contract Furniture UK Ltd.

CFUK contract furniture logo
Source: CFUK Contract Furniture

Year Established: NA

Location: Warrington UK

Industry: Manufacturing
CFUK is one of the most well-known makers of office furniture in the world. Their product line includes acoustics, desks, chairs, storage, and tables, with the bulk of them being configurable and modular to promote privacy and focused on creating a company space suitable for everyone in today’s modern office.

18. The Dining Chair Company

dining chair logo
Source: Dining Chair

Year Established: NA

Location: London, UK

Industry: Manufacturing
The Dining Chair Company is a one-stop-shop for someone looking for high-quality upholstered dining chairs in a variety of styles and finishes, from conventional to contemporary, whimsical to classy. They take great satisfaction in our dedication to quality and attention to detail, and they provide a variety of wood treatments and finishing features, such as piping, nailing, and metal trims, in both conventional and contemporary styles.

19. Chair Plan

Chairplan logo
Source: Chairplan

Year Established: 1996

Location: UK

Industry: Manufacturing

Chairplan, founded in 1996, is a family-owned and operated company that specializes in the design, production, and distribution of chairs, seats, and soft furnishings.

Chairplan integrates form with function, creativity with manufacture, and elegance with substance. Their goal is to deliver the greatest seating solution for your investment, based on our experience developing and producing chairs and seating.

20. DeFrae Contract Furniture

DeFrae logo
Source: DeFrae Contract Furniture

Year Established: 2011

Location: London UK

Industry: Manufacturing

DeFrae Contract Furniture Ltd is a professional furniture provider to restaurants, casinos, bars, resorts, offices, salons, and coffee shops. They’ve progressed from strength to strength since our humble beginnings in 2011. They are now working with some of the UK’s most prominent and independent cafes, bars, hotels, and coffee houses.

You can be assured that they provide inspiring, design-led contract furniture to the UK leisure and hospitality industry to fit all surroundings and budgets.

Top Bar Stool Manufacturer in China

Keekea logo
Source: Keekea

Keekea has been a respected bar stool manufacturer since 1995. They serve domestic, commercial, retail, hotel, and other customers. Keekea is the go-to place for seating and table selections as well as product knowledge for many businesses across the world.

Their expert designers can transform your concept into reality, which is what sets them apart. Keekea also has a strong set of resources, including a well-established supply chain with reliable partners and a high-end manufacturing facility. Because Keekea can achieve the appropriate combination of design, utility, and flexibility without sacrificing quality or speed, they are capable of meeting the highest standards in operational excellence.

Products offered: Plastic Chairs, Dining Chairs, Dining Tables, Arm Chairs, Restaurant Chair, Stackable Chairs, Stools, Office Chairs, Furniture Parts

Applications: Cafe & Restaurant, Shopping Mall, Workplace, Hotel & Hospitality, Home


Modular designs and customized bar stools appear to be in demand, according to the latest trends. If you want your place to stand out with classic and stylish bar stools, then approach a top bar stool manufacturer like Keeka today. 

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