The 20 Best Table Manufacturers in the USA

Nowadays, furniture and table buyers all over the world are splurging on home décor items and are well-versed in the latest interior design trends and distinctive modish furnishings. Some of the major reasons supporting the growth of the global furniture market are increased brand awareness, high penetration of organized retail, and the international real estate boom. 

The emergence of hipster culture has resulted in greater respect for handcrafted goods and attention to detail in modern society. More and more Americans are looking for things created in the United States that have a long history and have a positive economic impact on their towns.

Finding the best table manufacturing company is not straightforward; there are several aspects to consider. To make things a little easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of the top 20 table manufacturing businesses in the United States.

The 20 Best Table Manufacturers in the USA

1. Ashley Furniture Industries

Ashley Homestore logo

Type of Business:  Furniture manufacturing company

Location (Headquarters): Ashley Furniture Corporation is founded by Carlyle Weinberger as a sales firm with headquarters in Chicago, Illinois.

Year Founded: Around 1941

Products offered: table, sofa sets, dining table

Applications: Cafe & Restaurant, Shopping Mall, Workplace, Hotel & Hospitality, Home

Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc., based in Arcadia, Wisconsin, is a significant American home furnishings manufacturer and retailer. Ashley Furniture Industries Ltd is the parent company for two of its subsidiaries: Ashley Global Retail and Ashley Home Store, ltd. 

Ashley Global Retail is a marketing, sales, and e-commerce organization that primarily focuses on products manufactured by their parent company, while Ashley Home Store, ltd. is a retail chain that handles product supply and distribution globally.

2.  IKEA

Ikea logo

Type of Business: Furniture company

Location (Headquarters): The headquarters of IKEA is in Leiden, the Netherlands.

Year Founded: 1943

Products offered: Every piece of furniture including tables, chairs, and wardrobes

Applications: Cafe & Restaurant, Office, Hotel & Hospitality, Home

Ikea is a furniture and home décor maker, distributor, and retailer. Bedding, decorative materials, flooring, lighting, and mirrors are among the company’s furniture and home décor offerings, which also include outdoor furniture, baby and children’s items, clothing storage, and kitchen cabinets and appliances. 

They distribute their items through 1,002 home furnishing suppliers in 51 countries, as well as company-owned and online storefronts.

3. Steelcase

Steelcase logo

Type of Business: Furniture company

Location (Headquarters): Michigan, United States

Year Founded: 1912

Products offered: tables, chairs, and storage products

Applications: Furniture for office, hospitals, and classrooms

Steelcase is one of the country’s oldest furniture companies, specializing in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of integrated portfolios of furniture settings, interior architectural items, and user-centered technology. The firm is one of the top ten furniture producers in the United States. 

It operates in three product segments: systems and storage, seats, and other products such as work equipment, textiles, and surface materials, architecture, technology, and other uncategorized product lines, as well as services. Steelcase now employs around 11000 people worldwide.

4. Williams Sonoma

William Sonoma Logo
Source: Williams Sonoma

Type of Business: Consumer retailed company dealing home furnishings and kitchen tables

Location (Headquarters): SanFransico, California

Year Founded: 1956

Products offered: Dining tables, rugs, bathroom furniture

Applications: Cafe & Restaurant, Home

Williams-Sonoma is a multi-channel specialty retailer with outlets in the US, Puerto Rico, Canada, Australia, and the UK. In several growing markets, such as the Middle East, the Philippines, and Mexico, the company franchises its brands to third parties. The retail channels of Williams – Sonama include roughly 618 locations in 43 states.

5. Rooms to Go

Rooms to go logo
Source: Rooms to go

Type of Business:  Furniture retailer and manufacturer 

Location (Headquarters): Seffner, Florida.

Year Founded: 1990

Products offered: ottomans, chairs, tables

Applications: Living room, bedroom, and dining room furniture

Rooms To Go is a major furniture store and manufacturer in the United States. Living room sets, sofas, sleepers, leather-bound living room sets, kid’s room furniture, loveseats, chairs, recliners, chaises, table sets, ottomans, and home entertainment goods are all part of the company’s product portfolio as a supplier of home furnishings.

6. TJX

TJX logo
Source: TJX

Type of Business:  Retail and manufacturer of furniture

Location (Headquarters): Framingham, Massachusetts, United States of America

Year Founded: 1987

Products offered: chairs, tables, and lighting

Applications: Cafe & Restaurant, Home

TJX is based in Massachusetts, United States. The firm is a discount clothes and home fashion shop with locations all across North America and the world. The firm has over 3,800 locations worldwide, encompassing nine nations and three continents. Clothing, footwear, bedding furniture, gourmet cuisine, jewelry, cosmetic goods, and housewares are all part of TJX’s product assortment.

7. Herman Miller

Herman miller logo

Type of Business:  Furniture company 

Location (Headquarters): Michigan, USA

Year Founded: 1905

Products offered: Office chair, Eames Lounge Chair, the Equa chair, the Aeron chair, the Noguchi table, the Marshmallow sofa, and the Noguchi table. 

Applications: Cafe & Restaurant, Office, Hotel & Hospitality, Home

Herman Miller is a 100-year-old American brand that develops, manufactures, and distributes a wide range of office furniture systems, seating goods, textiles, and related services in the United States and across the world. Third-party retail distributors offer the company modern design furniture and accessories.

8. HNI

HNI logo

Type of Business: Office furniture manufacturer

Location (Headquarters): Lowa, USA

Year Founded: 1944

Products offered: chairs, tables, and other office furniture

Applications: Cafe & Restaurant, Office, Hotel & Hospitality

HNI is based in Iowa, United States. HTI Hungary LLC, Holga Inc, The HON Company, HNI International Inc, HNI Asia LLC, HFM Partners, and HNI Services LLC are among the company’s subsidiaries.

9. Okamura

Okamura logo
Source: Okamura

Type of Business:  Furniture, manufacturer

Location (Headquarters): Tokyo, Japan

Year Founded: 1946

Products offered: Lounge furniture and tables

Applications: Cafe & Restaurant, Office, Hotel & Hospitality

Okamura is a Japanese industrial manufacturing firm that manufactures and distributes steel furniture and general industrial gear, including plastic chairs, workstations, tables, and accessories, among other things.

10.  Best Home Furnishings

Best home furnishings logo

Type of Business:  Furnishing company

Location (Headquarters): Ferdinand

Year Founded: 1952

Products offered: Sofa, recliner, office chairs and tables

Applications: Cafe & Restaurant, Office, Hotel & Hospitality, Home

Best Chairs, a division of Best Home Furnishings, was founded in 1952 by two individuals who combined their knowledge of chair design. Today, that small enterprise has grown into Best Home Furnishings, a firm that employs over 1,000 people and manufactures furniture in the United States. The Best Home Furnishings firm produces customized living room furniture such as tables, accent chairs, recliners, sofas, sectionals, and loveseats for less money than most big US-based manufacturers.

11. LA-Z-BOY

La z boy logo

Type of Business:  Furniture manufacturer

Location (Headquarters): Michigan, USA

Year Founded: 1927

Products offered: Sofas, tables, and recliners

Applications: Cafe & Restaurant, Office, Hotel & Hospitality, Home

In a garage in 1927, cousins Edwin Shoemaker and Edward Knabusch invented the reclining wood-slat chair that would ultimately become La-Z-Boy. La-Z-Boy is dedicated to producing goods that meet or exceed industry quality and safety requirements. While most people associate La-Z-Boy with recliners (and with good reason), the company also produces tables, bedrooms, living room, kitchen, home accessories, and dining furniture. Outdoor furniture is also available from La-Z-Boy.

12. Craftmaster Furniture


Type of Business:  Furniture company

Location (Headquarters): Hiddenite, USA

Year Founded: 1972

Products offered: Tables, chairs, and office furniture

Applications: Office, Hotel & Hospitality, Home

Craftmaster creates goods that are also ecologically beneficial. All of our facilities are “EFEC” certified for the most environmentally friendly production procedures, and all of the materials we use have “Earthcare Inside” to decrease our carbon footprint. Craftmaster makes tables, sofas, recliners, accent chairs, ottomans and stools, and sectionals for the living room. 

The company is ideal for those wishing to purchase unique made-in-the-USA components at a somewhat lower cost than other American businesses.

13. England Furniture

England furniture co.

Type of Business:  American manufacturer of upholstered furniture

Location (Headquarters): Tennessee, USA

Year Founded: 1964

Products offered: High end and trendy chairs, and tables,

Applications: Restaurant, Office, Hospitality, Home

The England brothers, Charles, Eugene, and Dwight, co-founded the company with the purpose of being known for the finest quality and fastest build cycle in the industry. England Furniture manufactures sofas, high-end tables, loveseats, sectionals, and accent chairs, allowing you to entirely design your living room furnishings. You may construct a matching living room set or mix and match patterns and colors to create your own unique appearance with England Furniture.

14. Vaughan Basset

Vaughan Bassett logo

Type of Business:  Furniture company

Location (Headquarters): Galax, Virginia

Year Founded: 1919

Products offered: Bedroom furniture and wood furniture

Applications: Cafe & Restaurant, Hotel & Hospitality, Home

The Vaughan-Bassett firm produces and sells 100% of its furniture in the United States. Woodworking solids and veneers collected near their facilities are used to make manufactured furniture. Vaughan-Bassett uses lumber obtained within 200 miles of their facilities for 99 percent of their bedrooms. Vaughan Bassett reduces their carbon footprint by sourcing lumber locally.

15. Winesburg

Planets by winesburg logo

Type of Business:  Furniture manufacturer

Location (Headquarters): Dundee, United States

Year Founded: 2001

Products offered: Dining tables and chairs

Applications: Cafe & Restaurant, Hotel & Hospitality, Home

Winesburg has a three-generation American history dating back to the Winesburg Lumber Mill. From seedling to finished product, every lumber from Winesburg goods is produced and harvested locally, just as it was in the past. Winesburg specializes in the dining room and bedroom furniture. Each component is made using a combination of traditional production techniques and cutting-edge technology to give you the best of both worlds.

16. Daniels Amish

Daniels Amish Logo

Type of Business:  Handcrafted furniture company

Location (Headquarters): Ohio, USA

Year Founded: 2007

Products offered: Beds, chairs, tables

Applications: Cafe & Restaurant, Office, Hotel & Hospitality, Home

Daniels Amish furniture is made by hand in the United States. The largest Amish community today is in Holmes County, Ohio, where generations of furniture manufacturers have passed down their knowledge to today’s expert woodworkers. Heirloom furniture is made of durable North American hardwoods and is designed to last a lifetime. Daniels Amish is so confident in the quality of their products that they provide a limited lifetime warranty on key components.

Daniel’s Amish offers bespoke furniture in an almost infinite variety of styles, woods, finishes, hardware, and sizes.

17. Sherrill Furniture

Sherrill furniture logo

Type of Business:  Furniture company

Location (Headquarters): North Carolina, USA

Year Founded: 1944

Products offered: Luxury furniture, chairs, tables 

Applications: Restaurant, Office, Hotel, Home

Sherrill Furnishings Company and its branches have been supplying bespoke home furniture to Major Furniture Stores across the US and Canada since 1944. All of the factories are based in Hickory, North Carolina. Sherrill employs a team of trained specialists that handcraft each piece of furniture for your house using time-honored production processes and the highest quality materials.

18. Smith Brothers of Berne

Smith Brothers logo
Source: gallery home

Type of Business:  Home furnishing company

Location (Headquarters): Berne

Year Founded: 1926

Products offered: beds, mattress, chairs, tables

Applications: Cafe & Restaurant, Office, Hotel & Hospitality, Bedroom

Smith Brothers have been crafting furniture since 1926, and their brand is known for producing high-quality, well-built pieces. Smith Brothers Products are made right here in lovely Berne, Indiana, by a team of over 500 people who create high-quality bespoke furniture. Smith Brothers’ customization doesn’t get much more detailed than that. The customer is in charge of the details, and there are a lot of them with Smith Brothers.

19. Stickley

Stickley logo

Type of Business:  Furniture manufacturer 

Location (Headquarters): NewYork

Year Founded: 1900

Products offered: chairs, tables

Applications: Bedroom and living room furniture

Stickley’s motto is “to the best of my ability,” which is derived from an old Flemish craftsman’s expression. Since 1900, Stickley has been producing furniture with this phrase. Gustav Stickley used the term to ensure customers that his furniture was of the highest quality and that each piece was constructed with dignity, integrity, and pride. Stickley is a brand that sprang from the Arts & Crafts movement, which occurred immediately after the Industrial Revolution. Gustav and others aimed to create furniture that would last a lifetime and could be passed down from generation to generation.

20. Basset

Furniture roots logo

Type of Business:  Furniture company

Location (Headquarters): Virginia

Year Founded: 1902

Products offered: chairs, tables

Applications: Bedroom and living room furniture

In the United States and Puerto Rico, Bassett has roughly 100 dedicated retail outlets. They are dedicated to creating fashionable and innovative home goods at an affordable price while also offering superior customer service. With a number of options like upholstery, mattresses, dining, home storage, and home entertainment, the custom furniture programs make it simple to express your distinct sense of style.

KEEKEA: A Great Alternative

Keekea logo

Keekea is your one-stop solution to all your requirements for trendy-chic and modern tables. This table company has been a trusted choice for chair and table manufacturers by distributors and other businesses since 1995, supplying distributors who serve residential, commercial, retail, hospitality, and other clients. 

Costco, Hay, P&H, Noble House, OverStock, Homepro, We-Work, JYSK, and other global brands were among our primary customers over the years. 

Keekea is the go-to place for seating and table selections as well as product knowledge for many businesses across the world. What sets them apart is their team of talented designers who can transform your ideas into reality. 

Keekea also boasts a strong set of resources, including a well-established supply chain with reliable partners and a high-end manufacturing facility. Because Keekea can strike the perfect combination of design, functionality, and flexibility without sacrificing quality or speed, they are capable of meeting the highest standards in operational excellence.

Products offered: Plastic Chairs, Dining Chairs, Dining Tables, Arm Chairs, Restaurant Chair, Stackable Chairs, Stools, Office Chairs, Furniture Parts

Applications: Cafe & Restaurant, Shopping Mall, Workplace, Hotel & Hospitality, Home


We’ve made it easy for you to find the best table manufacturers in the USA after completing extensive research and analysis. We’ve compiled a list of the top 20 table manufacturing firms in the United States that can match your needs.

For more options, you can visit to get customized, creative, and trendy tables within your budget. 

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