Top 10 Office Furniture Manufacturers in the USA

Centuries of inspiration and creativity have transformed office furniture from traditional wooden desks and chairs into more comfortable and homely pieces that boost productivity. And today, there are numerous office furniture brands in the USA.

We’ve created a well-researched list of the top office furniture manufacturers in the USA, which will help you in selecting the right manufacturer to buy from. This list was compiled by considering important factors like credibility, quality assurance, customer reviews, product range, durability, and customer service.

List of the Top 10 Office Furniture Manufacturers in USA

The top 10 best office furniture manufacturers in the USA are listed below:

  1. Steelcase
  2. Knoll
  3. HermanMiller
  4. Haworth
  5. Kimball
  6. Humanscale
  7. HNI
  8. 9to5 Seating
  9. Global Furniture Group
  10. Autonomous

1. Steelcase

Steelcase logo
Source: Steelcase

Type of business: Office, education, and healthcare furniture manufacturer

Headquarters: USA

Year Founded: 1912

Steelcase is one of the top office furniture manufacturers in the USA, perhaps even the best of all. The company, which has served for over 100 years, prides itself on creating spaces that help people work, learn, and heal. They offer a wide range of architectural and technological products that aid productivity.

Steelcase is also the only captive finance company in the office furniture manufacturing industry. Furthermore, their variety of financing options sets them apart from the competition. So, you get durable office furniture made with top-quality materials, as well as a financial option suitable to your needs. 

Of all the office chair manufacturers in the USA, Steelcase remains unbeaten in quality, furniture options and integrity. Some of the company’s loyals, in fact, describe the brand’s products as the best money can buy. 

Products Offered include:

2. Knoll Inc

knoll logo
Source: HermanMiller

Type of Business: Design and furniture manufacturing company 

Headquarters: USA

Year Founded: 1938

Talk about a company that helps you create workspaces that people actually love. Knoll focuses on providing modern furniture designs for offices and homes. They have classic furniture and accessories for commercial, educational, healthcare, and governmental organizations. Knoll prides itself on creating furniture that inspires, evolves, and endures. As such, their furniture is elegant, versatile, and durable. 

Knoll creates environment-friendly modern furniture that compliments, without competing with, your architectural design. 

If you’re looking to get home office furniture made in the USA that can adapt and evolve to changes, Knoll is the perfect furniture brand for you. 

Products Offered Include: 

  • Tables and desks
  • Chairs
  • Desk screens
  • Office accessories and work tools
  • Storage benches
  • Workstation
  • Interior decor textiles

3. Herman Miller

Herman Miller logo
Source: HermanMiller

Type of Business: Office furniture manufacturer

Headquarters: USA

Year Founded: 1905

HermanMiller is one of the top office manufacturers in the USA that makes statement pieces of minimalist, lightweight furniture. The company’s office chairs are durable, comfortable, and multifunctional.

Since its inception in 1905, HermanMiller has focused on using its furniture to inspire customers and employees. So, their products are both durable and inspiring.  In fact, Herman Miller was named as a beneficiary of Fast Company’s Annual List of the World’s Most Innovative Companies in 2021.

Products Offered Include:

  • Seating furniture
  • Desks and workspaces
  • Gaming furniture
  • Tables
  • Furniture accessories

4. Haworth

Haworth Logo
Source: Haworth

Type of Business: Office Furniture Manufacturer

Headquarters: USA

Year Founded: 1948

Haworth, though an office furniture manufacturer in the US, is more than a furniture brand. Haworth is a knowledge partner that researches the latest workplace trends. As a company, they take pride in helping brands create inspiring workspaces.

Harworth is family-owned. And, as a company, they support community building with furniture pieces specifically designed to suit the cultures and preferences of their recipients.

Products Offered Include: 

  • Chairs
  • Desks and tables
  • Office space partitions 
  • Storage benches
  • Accessories and lightning

5. Kimball Furniture Group

Kimball Logo
Source: Kimball

Type of Business: Design and furniture manufacturing company

Headquarters: Indiana, USA

Year Founded: 1857

Kimball is an award-winning office furniture company that stands on two pillars: design and sustainability.

Kimball furniture designs are thoughtful, simple yet classy, and designed to last. The brand believes that while trends may come and go, quality design and craftsmanship will stand strong. Thus, rather than focusing on staying trendy, Kimball has focused on staying relevant. And they’ve been successful, as they are still a top office furniture brand a century later.

Products Offered Include:

  • Tables
  • Acoustics and space dividers
  • Furniture accessories
  • Desks + workstations
  • Modular caseworks

6. Humanscale

Humanscale logo
Source: Humanscale

Type of Business: Ergonomic office Furniture manufacturer

Headquarters: New York, USA

Year Founded: 1983

Humanscale is a top USA furniture brand that focuses on creating ergonomic office furniture. The company concentrates on health and comfort, and their products attest to this.

As the premier designer of sustainable, ergonomic office furniture, they have seamlessly combined comfort, style, and functionality over the years. Humanscale believes that good design is minimalist in nature and runs by the “more is less” motto.

Their furniture is simple, functional, and durable. And, the right Humanscale office chair doesn’t just enhance your productivity, it can also save you from a visit to the chiropractor.

Products Offered Include:

  • Chairs and stools
  • Sit/stand solutions
  • Monitors arms
  • Integrated docks
  • Separation panels
  • Foot rockers 
  • Laptop holders
  • Keyboard systems

7. HNI

HNI logo
Source: HNI

Type of Business: Home and office furniture manufacturer

Headquarters: Iowa, United States

Year Founded: 1944

HNI is a leading home and office furniture manufacturer with its headquarters in Iowa, United States. In over 75 years of existence, the company has served a wide range of organizations.

At HNI, the belief is that who you are is as important as what you do. Thus, integrity, respect, and quality of character are held as core values. This rubs off on their products, which come out as durable and industry-leading.

Products Offered Include:

  • Office task chairs
  • Cafe chairs
  • Panels
  • Adjustable desks

8. 9to5 Seating

9to5 Seating logo
Source: 9to5Seating

Type of Business: Lounge and office furniture manufacturer

Headquarters: California, United States.

Year Founded: 1982

9to5 Seating, founded in 1982, runs with the vision of manufacturing the best lounge and office chairs ever conceived. As a brand, 9to5 Seating does not only employ quality materials in its production process, but it also sees to it that every detail is right. 

For 9to5 seating, the beauty is all in the detail. Since its inception in 1982, 9to5 Seating has retained its reputation as a forward-thinking company, always prepared to deliver the best office chairs.

Products Offered Include:

  • Nesting
  • Work chairs
  • Lounge seating
  • Stools
  • Side chairs

9. Global Furniture Group

Global Furniture Group Logo
Source: Global Furniture Group 

Type of Business: Office furniture manufacturer

Headquarters: Marlton, New Jersey, United States 

Year Founded: 1966

Think of exquisite reception areas and modern offices. Global Furniture Group is a USA office furniture brand that combines minimalism with style in ways you’d have otherwise thought impossible.

Products Offered Include:

  • Benches
  • Storage cabinets
  • Stools
  • Industrial seating
  • Office chairs
  • Meeting tables
  • Veneer dealing
  • Nesting tables

10. Autonomous

Autonomous logo
Source: Autonomous

Type of Business: Home office furniture manufacturer

Headquarters: New York, United States 

Year Founded: 2014

Autonomous prides itself on being the top furniture brand for remote jobs. The brand offers stylish, ergonomic offices that help transform your home space into a productive space you want to be in.

Autonomous goes beyond offering quality office furniture. It attempts to help you create your dream setups with one-of-a-kind functional designs.

Products Offered Include: 

  • Standing desks
  • Ergonomic chairs
  • Compact desks
  • Gaming desks 
  • ErgoStools

Top Office Furniture Manufacturer in China – Keekea

Although you can get reliable office chair manufacturers in the USA, you can also consider some other trusted options across the world. Topping this category is Keekea, a China based office chair manufacturing company.

Keekea logo
Image Source: Keekea

This is a world reputable professional chair and table manufacturer that uses OEM customization to create exquisite and practical furniture. Since 1995, Keekea’s experienced designers have turned the dreams of numerous clients into reality through their customization services.

Being the top office furniture brand in china, Keekea does not only serve the local market in china, but also deliver OEM office chairs to all parts of the world, exporting overseas. 

Keekea manufactures chairs, tables, stools and other furniture parts in a wide variety of model, material, style and color. And, its  world-class OEM furniture customs have been delivered to Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Denmark, England and France to mention but a few. Whether you’re looking to get acrylic chairs, banquet chairs or ottomans, you are covered. 

Other Services: 


The search for the best office furniture manufacturer in the USA can be daunting. After all, there are so many brands to choose from, each claiming to be the best. But thanks to the list above, you will be able to make an informed choice.If you need a professional office chair manufacturer for your wholesale and customization needs, contact Keekea’s team; they will help you with the best turnkey solution.

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