10 Best Dining Table Designs in 2022

Dining tables have so much importance in our lives. Apart from being a piece of furniture meant for meals, they are also a favorite spot for families and friends to meet up and socialize. Since they have so much importance and applications, it’s compulsory that some time and effort is invested into selecting the best out of the best dining tables to grab a bigger share of the market.

In view of this, we’ve taken the time to collate the best 10 dining table designs that are high in looks and functionality. So, you don’t have to settle for just any type of dining table as this post will discuss the best options available to boost your business image.

Extendable Dining Table

Extendable Dining Table
Source: Pinterest

An extendable dining table is designed to have a tabletop that can be pulled apart to increase the usable surface space. To make it work, one person stands at both ends of the table, and pulls it. After it’s pulled apart, a leaf is put to stand in between. An extendable dining table is made with hardwood, which makes it incredibly durable. Also, it’s usually designed in rectangle and square shapes.

This is a great design that is suitable for both small and large spaces. It is very useful in cases where there is limited space to accommodate a large piece of furniture. It also helps in situations where more surface space is needed for extra guests.

Best Extendable Dining Table: Crosley Shelby Dining Table – it’s portable, easy to assemble, and stands out amongst others. Contact Keekea to get a similar table customized to your taste.

Dining Tables for Small Spaces

Small Space Dining Table
Source: Pinterest

These are compact dining tables that are usually designed to accommodate 4 people conveniently without taking up too much space. They can be made with several furniture materials, including rattan furniture. They have a minimalist, beautiful design that gives an appealing touch to wherever they are placed. Despite the fact that they are designed to be small, there is still space for decorative items.

Small dining tables are usually designed to be in square, rectangle, or round shapes. And when they are not in use, the chairs can be easily slided beneath the table, creating more free space for other purposes.

Best Dining Table for Small Spaces: Keekea Small Dining Table – it’s very strong and perfect for a small space. Contact Keekea to get a similar table customized to your taste.

Rustic Dining Table

Rustic Dining Table 2
Source: Pinterest

Beyond the misconception that rustic dining table designs are used in farmhouses, old homes, or bucolic settings, they evoke a cozy atmosphere that makes the dining room extremely beautiful. Many interior designers have realized this fact, and are beginning to recommend it to their clients.

Rustic dining tables get their charm from the beauty and tactility of their surfaces, which are always made with wood. Also, the ease with which vintage designs are mixed with newer designs adds to their allure. Another thing that sets them apart is that they are made with very strong woods that give the feel of nature. Oftentimes, they are made in rectangle or round shapes.

Best Rustic Dining Table: Walker Edison Rustic Dining Table – it’s extremely strong and adds to the beauty of the room. Contact Keekea to get a similar table customized to your taste.

Glass Modern Dining Table

Glass Modern Dining Table
Source: Keekea Dining Table

This is another great dining table design that is highly favored in the modern world. It has an incredible aesthetic design that adds beauty to any room it is placed in. Glass modern dining tables practically blend well with the entire interior theme they are used with, which has made it one of the best dining table designs. They are usually made in numerous styles, including square, rectangle, round, and oval.

Glass dining table pieces are carefully carved and constructed to avoid sharp edges that could cause injury. The glasses that are used are very strong and are guaranteed to last for a long time, so there is no need for fear of quick damage.

Best Glass Modern Dining Table: Keekea Glass Top Dining Table – it’s elegant, eye-catching, and sturdy. Contact Keekea to get a glass modern table customized to your taste.

Luxury Dining Table

Luxury Dining Table
Source: Pinterest

Luxury kitchen tables have stunning designs that change the atmosphere of whichever room they are into an ultra-chic space. This style can be made in oval, square, or rectangle shapes depending on the architecture of the room. Commonly used materials are marble, granite, wood, and glass.

However, the luxury dining table cost is on the high side, so you might have to add to your previous budget. They are more expensive than other dining table designs because of the types of materials used and the manufacturing process.

Best Luxury Kitchen Table: East West Luxury Table – it has a stunning finish that makes your room more sophisticated. Contact Keekea to get a similar table customized to your taste.

Folding Dining Table

Folding Dining Table
Source: Pinterest

This is another spectacular dining table design that is suitable for both small and large spaces. Folding dining tables are usually preferred by small homeowners as they can be folded and kept in a designated area, while the rest of the house is used for other purposes.

They are multi-purpose and versatile tables that can be folded and enlarged depending on the need at a present time. This type of dining table can be collapsed to be used by a single person and it can also be expanded to accommodate the whole family. Folding dining tables are usually made of plywood.

Best Folding Dining Table: KOTPOP Folding Dining Table – it features exquisite craftsmanship and is easy to assemble. Contact Keekea to have a similar table customized to your taste.

Plywood Dining Table Design

Plywood Dining Table
Source: Pinterest

This is the most common dining table design that’s used in all places, be it homes, restaurants, outdoor events, etc. Plywood dining table designs are most popular because they are made with easy to get materials – plywood. It could be hardwood, softwood, or composite wood. They are designed to be strong and durable. After production, they are usually polished to make the finishing smooth and beautiful.

They can be styled in numerous shapes, such as round, oval, square, rectangle, etc. Also, the plywood dining table cost is on the low side; it is very affordable for all classes of people (poor and wealthy).

Best Plywood Dining Table: Keekea Plywood Table – it is made with quality and durable wood. Contact Keekea to get more wooden dining tables customized to your market needs.

Pedestal Rectangular Dining Table

Pedestal Rectangular Dining Table
Source: Pinterest

This design places more emphasis on the base and tabletop of the dining table. Rather than having a conventional 4-leg base as support to the tabletop, this kind of dining table stands on pedestals (single or double). With this kind of base style, dining tables always come out beautiful because pedestals are more luxurious than the normal legs used for tables.

They are mostly made with wood and glass. Because of the rectangular tabletop, they are preferably used in large gatherings. Also, there are more spaces for chairs since pedestals don’t have a large dimension, which means more people can be accommodated at a table.

Best Pedestal Rectangular Dining Table: Keekea Pedestal Round Dining Table – it radiates beauty and luxury. Contact Keekea to get more styles of dining tables and sets.

Plastic Dining Table Design

Plastic Dining Table 2
Source: Pinterest

This is another dining table design that’s favored amongst people who don’t have a lot of money to spend, people who want a simple design, and people who want a lightweight design that will be easy to carry about.

Plastic is a long-lasting, lightweight, weather-resistant material, and recyclable material, but it is fragile. So, it’s advisable to choose molded plastic that’s made to withstand heavy loads in order to guarantee the longevity of the dining table. Plastic dining tables can be constructed to virtually any shape, be it rectangle, square, round, oval, etc. Also, some are designed to be detachable. They can be detached after use, and stored in a small designated space.

Best Plastic Dining Table: Keekea Plastic Dining Table – it’s lightweight and easy to clean. Click to view more Keekea dining table items.

Round Dining Table Design

Round Modern Dining Table
Source: Pinterest

Just like square tables, they help to conserve space. They are very suitable for individuals who have a small room and are worried about the space that the dining table will occupy. Usually, they don’t have too many furniture pieces attached to their legs, so there will be enough room underneath the table. They are very much preferable in settings where there’s no hierarchy; everyone sits round the table, making them equal.

Round dining tables can be made with all forms of materials, like wood, glass, etc. They can also be designed as extendable tables, whereby they would be extended on occasions where a large number of guests are expected.

Best Round Dining Table Design: Keekea Round Dining Table – it facilitates family and friends’ socialization. Contact Keekea to get more dining table designs for your brand.


There are several types of dining table designs and anyone chosen will determine the aesthetic of the home, restaurant, or wherever they are placed. In this post, we’ve discussed the best dining tables to look out for, what makes them the best, and their favorite applications.

These designs can be used as a reference to get your custom-made dining tables from Keekea, a dining table supplier. We supply dining tables wholesale that are of premium quality, reasonable pricing, and suit customers’ tastes. Feel free to reach out to us for the best dining table designs.

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