Top 20 Best Dining Chair Manufacturer in the UK

Dining is a part of our lives that we can’t separate from ourselves. Dining tables and chairs are a commodity that is a basic necessity to all of us. Having such a necessity demands some good quality investment, which makes the dining chair businesses grow fast. In this article, we will talk about the twenty best dining chair manufacturers in the UK and how to purchase from them. 

Our area of focus is dining chairs and top-rated manufacturing companies that manufacture dining chairs for the recreational and hospitality industry. So, let’s go and see the best dining chair manufacturers in the UK.


Source: FUZL

Type of Business:  Furniture Manufacturer 

Location (Headquarters): Unit 1.17 Oxo Tower Wharf, Barge House Street, London, SE1 9PH

Year Founded: 2017

Products offered: Lounge seating, dining chairs, rotating side tables, comfortable bedding, dining tables 

Applications: Cafe & Restaurant, Hotel & Hospitality, Home, Shopping Mall

Catering Modern, Minimalist, Japandi, Scandinavian interior design styles of living, FUZL builts made to order furniture that does not require any assembling. Taking in environmental considerations, this company is one of the most sustainable ones in the UK involving practices of recyclable packaging and origami folding and fixing processing.

2. The Chairmaker

The Chairmaker Logo
Source: The Chairmaker

Type of Business:  Furniture Manufacturer & Interior Design Firm

Location (Headquarters): CVOUK Ltd  Chairmaker, Unit 3 Dominion Way, Worthing West Sussex, BN14 8NW

Products offered: Armchair, Banquet chairs, Hove Tub Chair, Rottingdean Chair, Fontwell dining Chair, Rusper dining Chair, Ditchling dining Chair, Horley dining Chair, Metal Chairs

Applications: Cafe & Restaurant, Hotel & Hospitality, Home

Established in the UK, Chairmaker makes any number of chairs to order, be it a single statement chair for the home, or a hundred quality, classy, fashionable dining chairs, or restaurant or hotel chairs. You can specify the wood, texture, color, upholstery, and build standard. Fabrics and leathers are either supplied by you or by the team working behind the scenes.

3. Ergochair

Ergochair Logo
Source: Ergochair

Type of Business:  Manufacturing and Supplying Industry

Location (Headquarters): Ergochair Ltd, Rainbow Court, Armstrong Way, Yate Bristol BS37 5NG

Year Founded: 2004

Products offered: Adapt series (adapt 500, adapt 600, adapt V600, adapt 200, adapt 700, adaptLift), Zen series (zentoFit, zentoFit SE, zentoSmart, zenkiSit, zenkiDesk), Actyv series (Reactive, Large, Vertical and Portable Lumbar support ), ErgoKids, Office chairs 

Applications: Cafe & Restaurant, Hotel & Hospitality, Home, Office, Shopping Malls

Ergochair was founded by some of the best ergonomical and health professionals. It is one of the most unique manufacturers in the furniture industry, provided that they customize the chairs for customers using body dimensions – like, body weight, height, mass index, etc to avoid postural problems. Given their 17+ years of craftsmanship and expertise, some very well-known companies – Unilever, MicroLink, FUJITSU, etc. use their products for their staff and themselves. 

4. Jan Hendzel

Jan Hendzel Logo
Source: Jan Hendzel

Type of Business:  Furniture Manufacturing, Consulting & Designing

Location (Headquarters): Jan Hendzel Studio, TB-01, Unit 8

Harrington Way, London, SE18 5NR

Year Founded: 2015

Products offered: Banquet chairs, Luxury seating, side tables, dining seating, children’s tableware 

Applications: Cafe & Restaurant, Hotel & Hospitality, Home

One of the best sustainability manufacturers, Jan Hendzel focuses on recycling and replenishing resources as much as possible. Believing that design brings beauty and longevity, they have been crafting furniture for their motto “buy less but buy better”.

5. Dining Chair

Dining Chair Logo
Source: Dining Chair

Type of Business:  Furniture and Related Product Manufacturing  

Location (Headquarters): 4 St. Barnabas Street London SW1W 8PE

Year Founded: 1995

Products offered: Upholstery, dining chairs, dining tables, bar stools, Ottomans, Clubs and bespoke chairs 

Applications: Cafe & Restaurant, Hotel & Hospitality, Home
The Dining Chair is one-stop shop for anyone who’s looking for upholstered dining chairs, ranging from classic to contemporary, from pop to quirky, from loud to sophisticated. They offer an unending range of wood finishes and intricate product detailing.


Source: KONK

Type of Business:  Furniture Manufacturer 

Location (Headquarters): Unit 2, Bristol Vale Center, Hartcliffe Way, Bristol, BS3 5RJ

Year Founded: 2016

Products offered: Bookcases, tables, coffee tables, dining chairs, and tables, breakfast bars, and storage chests. 

Applications: Cafe & Restaurant, Hotel & Hospitality, Home, Shopping Malls

Sustainability leads to longevity is what this dining chair company in the UK believes in. For every order they receive, they plant one tree to ensure that they are not taking more from nature for their commercial purposes. One of the most successful multidisciplinary design studios, KONK makes wooden masterpieces for both – commercial and residential clients.

7. Tom Raffield

Tom Raffield Logo
Source: Tom Raffield

Type of Business: Furniture Manufacturer & Interior Furnishing

Location (Headquarters): F3 Church View, Bickland Water Road, Falmouth, Cornwall

TR11 4FZ, UK

Year Founded: 2008

Products offered: Crib furniture collection, upholstered seating, pouffe, hanging seats, dining seating 

Applications: Cafe & Restaurant, Hotel & Hospitality, Home, Shopping Malls

Named after its founder Tom Raffield, this manufacturing company blends the essence of sustainability with functionality and appealing designs. Tom believes that it’s time consumers and producers both understand the impact of overutilization on nature, and he aims to develop furniture including dining chairs wholesale,  coffee tables, and stools in an environmentally intelligent way.

8. Benchmark

Benchmark Logo
Source: Benchmark

Type of Business: Furniture Manufacturer 

Location (Headquarters): Bath Road, Kintbury, Hungerford, Berkshire, RG17 9SA

Year Founded: 1984

Products offered: Coffee tables, side tables, dining tables, and chairs, extending tables,  sideboards, and cabinets   

Applications: Cafe & Restaurant, Hotel & Hospitality, Shopping Malls

Graduating from Parnham College for furniture makers, co-founder Sean Sutcliffe envisioned setting up his own furniture line. It was after he met Terence Conran that they bonded over the liking of craftsmanship, wood, discussing the importance of sustainability in fashion and luxury today that both of them set Benchmark furniture and started a new journey. 

All the timber products manufactured here are free of toxic chemicals and meet the quality standards of WELL-certified buildings. 

9. Lakeland Furniture

Lakeland Furniture Logo
Source: Lakeland Furniture

Type of Business:  Furniture Manufacturing  

Location (Headquarters): Glebe Street, Shaw, OL2 7SF, UK

Year Founded:  NA 

Products offered: Household furniture items, dining tables, and chairs, kitchen accessories, trollies, garden chairs, and furniture, moveable chairs, and tables   

Applications: Cafe & Restaurant, Hotel & Hospitality, Home, Shopping Malls

Lakeland Furniture is one of the best chair manufacturer UK and chair supplier in the UK have ever had. Along with durability and reliability, Lakeland Furniture also believes in providing affordability to its customers, and hence, it provides free delivery to UK resident clients. 

Customers are also very happy with the timely sales that are organized by the company, benefitting both the firm and the buyers.


Source: GOPAK

Type of Business:  Furniture Manufacturing Industry

Location (Headquarters): 15 Trench Road, New Town Abbey, BT36 4TY, UK

Year Founded: 1984

Products offered: Folding tables, ultralight staging packages, enviro benches

Applications: Hotel & Hospitality, Shopping Malls

GOPAK has been a chair company in the UK for over 60 years, specializing in manufacturing all kinds of folding furniture. Stacking benches, storage trollies, and portable stages have been some of the most demanded products of GOPAK. They not only provide a 5-year guarantee on all their products but are also widely trusted – locally and nationally both.

11. Silent Night

Silent Night Logo
Source: Silent Night

Type of Business: Furniture manufacturer 

Location (Headquarters): Long Ing Business Park, Long Ing Lane, Barnoldswick, Lancashire BB18 6BJ

Year Founded: 1946

Products offered: Divan beds, wooden bed frames, mattresses, kid’s furniture 

Applications: Home

From providing a range of beds and mattresses, to a collection of the various chairs, for kids and for adults, you’ll find things suitable for all the age groups.

And this manufacturer also provides free delivery.

12. Arlo & Jacob

Arlo Jacob Logo
Source: Arlo & Jacob

Type of Business: Interior design & furniture manufacturer 

Location (Headquarters): 158 Hurlingham Road, London, SW6 3NS

Year Founded: NA

Products offered: Snugglers, armchairs, small chairs, corner, chaise sofas, folding chairs 

Applications: Hotel & Hospitality, Home, Shopping Malls
At the heart of Britain’s upholstery and successfully running dining chairs factory, Arlo & Jacob blends the need to save unnecessary utilization of the environment with necessary luxury and comfort and create masterpieces. They also keep in mind the need to maintain quality checks at each and every step so that the consumer is presented with only high-quality products, that offer comfort and beauty.

13. Fiesta Furniture

Fiesta Furniture Logo
Source: Fiesta Furniture

Type of Business:  Manufacturer & Supplier

Location (Headquarters): 59/63 Bury Mead Road

Hitchin, Hertfordshire, SG5 1RT

Year Founded: 2006

Products offered: Accessories, banqueting tables, chair accessories, banqueting chair, Acrylic chairs 

Applications: Cafe & Restaurant, Hotel & Hospitality
Fiesta Furniture is one of the UK’s largest furniture manufacturers and suppliers, catering to the needs of the events industry, the hospitality industry, the restaurant trade as well as sporting venues, events, and exhibitions. They deal only in furniture which is sourced from high-quality manufacturers and offer a selected collection of contemporary and classic styles.

14. Edward Johnson

Edward Johnson Logo
Source: Edward Johnson

Type of Business: Furniture Manufacturer 

Location (Headquarters): Pea Barn, Old Park Farm, Old Park Lane, Bosham, Chichester

West Sussex, PO18 8EX 

Year Founded: 2009

Products offered:  Cabinets, sideboards, chests, dining tables, drawers, dining chairs

Applications: Cafe & Restaurant, Hotel & Hospitality, Home

Focusing its aim towards providing the best luxury and comfort to its customers, Edward Johnson and his team of skilled craftsmen produce furniture that is functional and fashionable. The materials are sourced, keeping sustainability factors in mind and providing the best of masterpieces to us.

15. Rust Collection

Rust Collection Logo
Source: Rust Collection

Type of Business: Furniture and Related Product Manufacturing 

Location (Headquarters): Rust Collections Limited, Broomhill House Lodge, Stoke Lane, Great Brickhill MK17 9AQ, Buckinghamshire

Year Founded: NA

Products offered: Reclaimed Coffee Tables, Oak side tables, media units, and storage, outdoor dining, and living

Applications: Cafe & Restaurant, Hotel & Hospitality, Home, Shopping Malls

A husband and wife team, Ben and Ruth Adams, Rust Collection merge trends with top-quality workmanship. Ben who is a master craftsman and, Ruth who is an online writer and editor, is deeply influenced by contemporary and classic genres and aims to develop furniture with many kinds of wood and finishes.  

16. Morgan Furniture

Morgan Furniture Logo
Source: Morgan Furniture

Type of Business: Furniture manufacturing

Location (Headquarters): 1 Dallington Street, Clerkenwell, London, EC1V 0BH, UK

Year Founded: NA

Products offered: Dining chairs, office furniture, lounge chairs.

Applications: Cafe & Restaurant, Hotel & Hospitality, Home, OfficeMorgan Furniture is an entirely British, design-oriented business, aimed at blending craftsmanship with industrial creativity. There is a professional team working behind the manufacturing and design aspects of their company. They have received the Design Guide Mark award for products including  Brompton, City, Kyoto, Lima, Manhattan, Miami.

17. Strictly Tables and Chairs

Strictly Tables Chairs Logo
Source: Strictly Tables & Chairs

Type of Business: Furniture Manufacturer 

Location (Headquarters): Strictly Tables and Chairs, 59 (Unit 5) Bury Mead Road, Mead Industrial Estate, Hitchin, Hertfordshire, SG5 1RT

Year Founded: 1916

Products offered: Folding tables, folding and stackable chairs, upholstered furniture, stacking tables, Metal chairs

Applications: Cafe & Restaurant, Hotel & Hospitality, Home, Shopping Malls, Office

Strictly Tables and Chairs are considered to be one of the largest chair manufacturers and chair suppliers in the UK has ever had. There is a wide range of chairs, folding tables, banqueting tables, restaurant chairs, plastic chairs, heavy-duty folding tables, etc for their customers. Along with this, sports, kitchen, and hospital accessories are also available.

18. Puji

Puji Logo
Source: Puji

Type of Business: Furniture Manufacturer

Location (Headquarters): Ballynahinch, Northern Ireland

Year Founded: 2002

Products offered: Dining seating, bookcases, chair tops, console tables, side tables, coffee tables, and wardrobes

Applications: Cafe & Restaurant, Hotel & Hospitality, Home, Shopping Malls

Using reclaimed timbers as their main raw material since it requires no new trees, making them an environmentally friendly option, Puji believes to acquire inspiration of building simple and elegant furniture from the recycled materials from the far-eastern part of the globe. It is just a few products that make use of Jmango, pine, oak, and teak wood.

19. Style Seating

Style Seating Logo
Source: Style Seating

Type of Business: Customized-furniture maker and cross-channel retailer

Location (Headquarters): Nunbrook Mills, Mirfield, West Yorkshire, WF14 0EH, United Kingdom

Year Founded: 1916

Products offered: Melamine table, flock-top tables, high-density stacking chairs, arm chairs

Applications: Cafe & Restaurant, Hotel & Hospitality, Home, Shopping Malls
Style Seating is one of the UK’s top 10 furniture manufacturers with 30+ years of expertise and experience. Initially, they started to make tables and chairs for banqueting and restaurant and primarily, the hospitality sector. But in recent years, there has been a gradual shift to the more inclusive furniture industry.

20. Lowry London

Lowry London Logo
Source: Lowry London

Type of Business: Furniture Manufacturer

Location (Headquarters): Unit 8, Station Passage, Queen’s Road Peckham, London SE15, 2JR, United Kingdom

Year Founded: NA

Products offered: Storage, shelves, dining seating, tables, stools  

Applications: Cafe & Restaurant, Hotel & Hospitality, Home

Lowry London is yet another sustainable furniture brand in the UK focusing on elements of simplicity and longevity, without harming the environment unnecessarily. The quality checks are extended to each and every raw material they use to ensure sustainability at every step. They also grow a tree for every product they manufacture, no matter how big or small it is.

Keeka: The Best Chinese Alternative

Keekea logo
Source: Keekea

Type of Business: Chair Manufacturer, Exporter, and Distributor

Location (Headquarters): No. 69 Xinkai Road, Bazhou, Langfang City, Hebei Province, P.R.China

Year Founded: 1995

Products offered: Chair, tables, stools, and all kinds of furniture parts

Applications: Cafe & Restaurant, Hotel & Hospitality, Home, Shopping Malls, Office

Keeka was first established in 1995 and has, since, managed to earn a reputation of being one of the top-rated Chinese table and chair manufacturers. It not only caters to needs at the residential fronts but also in different sectors including, commercial, retail, hospitality fronts. 

Some of their primary customers include some real top-notch companies like Costco, Hay, P&H, Noble House, OverStock, Homepro, We-Work, and JYSK. Keeka is turning up the game in the manufacturing industry by being a guide into the world of furniture manufacturing and supplying, giving tips and tricks to make the wisest decisions as a customer and to enroll in more intelligent fashion in a way that does not burden our pocket.

One of the best manufacturers providing dining chairs wholesale services, Keekea and the team at the backend are navigating their way through customer perspectives and continuously trying to serve the best out there. The envisioned reality and exponentially increasing creativity are setting them apart from the rest of the market. 

Products and Services Offered:


We saw in this article how the UK has given rise to some of the most sustainable dining chair manufacturers in recent times. The development has been in alignment with the conservation of resources. We talked about the top 20 dining chair manufacturers in the United Kingdom and saw how we can reach out to them. Out of all these, we hope you find the manufacturing company which suits you the best and gives you first-hand experience of luxury and comfort. 

And, if the location is not a major factor for you, you can also consider the trusted and renowned dining chair manufacturer: Keekea, and contact the team for all your queries and orders.

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